tsumami pin in etsy and the cloth box from liz

this elegant tsumami pin is listed in my shop for 14$ SOLD! thanks '-'

and here is the beautiful color changing cloth box liz made as an example...isnt it rad?

squishy pins

edit: better pics

im bringing all these lil pins to the etsy extravaganza. everything in my shop except supplies are coming with me! the things that dont sell go back up for sale online. just sew you know...
click me im bigger

the glue gun is my friend. you know ive always been against glue gun for my stuff. im a bit anal and have these idealist thoughts that center on a perfect world.no cars, no money, no glue guns. but the other day at the dollar store i got a glue gun. its so good! woah, who knew. it makes the backs so hard and stiff. and it really fuses to felt to fabric i love the glue gun:

they are listed now in my etsy shop for 5$ shipping included :)
brown with a pink kittySOLD thanks!
red watermelon onePIF'ed
pink apple one with the red skull
yellow cherry
green with strawberry and skullPIF'd
aqua with white flower and blue skull

the apple ones are done and one is in etsy!SOLD! to theblackapple, thanks!

round handle apple purse

monday and tuesday were a bust for making things :P made a pair of earrings. and two unfinished charms.
i did tho organize my sewing area! its still a bit unfinished and i already messed it up again coz i made a pattern and a purse! yyipee its easier than how i did it before:
click to go to pattern drafting set on flickr
i forgot how to post the pic to go to the flickr set!

im so happy i came up with the pattern na gawd that took me forever!
i added an apple applique and listed it for 25$

im adding two squishy flowers to the first one on etsy... like these: i used the OMGWTF patches from steve cooley on etsy

i ♥ shop cocoon

here are the 2$ key rings at shop cocoon, i redid them coz i got awsome colored chain:

baskets from daiso...now the ONLY reason we went to daiso again was to find a display for the key chains! ended up getting baskets and a cute little stand. um i wasnt sure if i did a good display job? took out the vintage obi and brought our aranzi friend saru

here at the till area is the flower center. the awsome rack is from brenda? im not sure, it looks splendid. today a girl reached out to touch an earring i was wearing (kept my faves :) because she noticed they were like the ones on display and said they were cute how cool.

simons paintins from india in the shop now too *^_^* he redid the frames white and they are smashing!

theres me in the back

monday tuesday are shop cocoons closed days and its time to make more stuff. dressew semi acomplished still wasnt able to find suitable linings for the japanese florals in circles. is nico doomed to go a solid color? we will have to see.

what i really have to do is take pics of the cloth box and make a tute (and a bunch) coz that is what i want the earrings for helmet(?) to come in.

make medium to large bag patterns for the round handles and wooden handles from tita mitit!

finish all the materials ive somehow acquired.

on the not sewing tip:
a summer project like "We Are The Raft" is a brewing, so should start thinking of the whole aesthetics of the parade/performance and all the elements that go in it.... yes this reminds me too of the flickr group invite for an art process group which i thought was pretty fab.. dont have any "We Are The Raft" pics on this blog because was not yet a blogger. gawd.
so ive been thinking of posting pics of it. it might inspire me to see the pics again. there is the video documentation too might be able to compress for online viewing. it was a public performance, a travelling raft parade. cant say whats happening with the 2006 project. just that it will be more comical and capitalist (ie the premise is to make money).

doctors appoint. tomorrow!

edit wee hours woops i should sleep soon...my poor mucky eyes i made something sew special i cant stop petting it. shh.
and i found this pretty good ey cept the last two
In a Past Life...

You Were: A Happy Go Lucky Belly Dancer.

Where You Lived: Siberia.

How You Died: Decapitation.
hey guess what we forgot the camera... oooh too bad coz tys house is getting more insane and i mean beautiful and diy.
next time, coz beautiful and diy its not exactly beautiful its um, cool is what it is fresh wicked awsome astig malupit sobrang ibang klase...

ive listed the beach tote! here it is for 25holla
added a white snap and theres pics of the lining :)

on schedule

for lisa:

the peace beach tote:

what dya thinking? not about my wide arm i hope haha i like it, forgot to get a pic of the linings, will put a white snap on it.
i wanted it to have the top like those regular cheapy totes- i used the metal plate on the sewing machine as a guide for my second straight line :P also added two layers of interface along the top so the strap wouldnt show too much thru the front fabric and structure for the snap. it also keeps the top in place better. its only lined with a layer of gauze but is serged so it will be ok in the washing machine.

pic less post

ugh i have to sleep my eyes are getting all weirdy. tomorrow is dressew day. i need more round end zippers and lining fabric for the rose and black lady clutches for shop cocoon. as usual im not sticking to the program *flashes of an old post* i still havent made patterns for the round handles and the wooden handles i have. that would be lovely. made a peace sign beach tote with pink and yellow gingham and fray appliques on the front and house trim and red nylon straps. ooooh chief rockas playing... boom shakalaka. .
yeah so heres my list of what and when tomorrow:
- tat clutch for lisa coz its her birthday at tys house red and orange fave colors. to make before 2.
i. must. bring. camera. to. party.
- dressew in the afternoon and get
.brown and black round end zips
.lining fabrics

vintage cards

these vintage playing cards make me really think about how the vintage cards ive used were a really good idea...and that they are so worth it. thats 1.99 us. each with shipping at like 5.75 its expensie for one card...but gosh the selection...the blueberry muffin box cards are so yummy

my birthday

so many myspace friends now from etsy! yeah kind of feel bad ive blown simon out of the water (we were having a friend race) didnt mean to add that many and lots have asked me... dont know how to keep up with them (ie comments and such) ...
got this cool blog thing from emmie...

Your Birthdate: May 1

You are a natural born leader, even if those leadership talents haven't been developed yet.
You have the power and self confidence to succeed in life, and your power grows daily.
Besides power, you also have a great deal of creativity that enables you to innovate instead of fail.
You are a visionary, seeing the big picture instead of all of the trivial little details.

Your strength: Your supreme genius (MWAHAHAHA!)

Your weakness: Your inappropriate sensitivity ( OH )

Your power color: Gold

Your power symbol: Star

Your power month: January

bead works classes in vancouver!

Learn How To Bead with Angela Adair!

tatoo wristlets for shop cocoon in vancouver

spent an hour or so trying to learn ms excel! omygosh my brain is drained and i didnt learn how to do it :( computer programs scare me! so ill have to do my inventory manually till i learn ay caramba!

made things today for shop cocoon in vancouver- check it out ! its your life on cambie and 17th...japanese fabric purses, pouches, kanzashis and pins discounted for the spring sale!
here are the newbies:
2005 Henry Alexander print of way cool old school tats, the linings are 100% linen (orange and purple)

the last of the french vintage print pouches...well, i kept the one with the bear on it. the voyage pouch with the cute lil blond kid waving with his little sac is a wristlet with a perfect strap :P and on etsy! added a nice handsewn flower pull and listed the darling for 14$ in my shopSOLD thanks!
ive listed two more of these pouches in my shop- check em out !

now its american idol time... going downstairs to watch it with bead friend angela yipee

earrings and key rings

oh- em- gee
how can i want to sell these babies. i want to keep all of them, specially the gold ones!

edited me old list of button zipper pulls- ive changed them into proper charms! god knows what i was thinking then listing 11...get your new and improved lucky charm

stupid us marines part 2

read it and cry tears forever
why not just put them all in jail

: hey you in virginia> why do you come here so often? id like to know.

leaf earrings

way! i made earrings :)

the gold leaf cascade in shop

here are the others in the shop: (click underline to go to listing)
wire wrapped ones in pink and purple
here are the single leaf ones

went to helmet today to pick up the purses then met angela at her work...she works at beadworks on granville island and is my neighbor too. she is obsessed with beads! she taught me how to wire wrap the other day, lent me some tools and lots of colored wire...when i went to beadworks today it was to buy some jump rings and ear hooks on her employee discount :)

yeah! etsy shop update!

click here to go to shop
all new! all cute and nice and neat! EDIT
okok..lowered the price of my favorite pouch :P heard some ladies outright laugh at the price at shop cocoon which hurt me feelins whimper..
all in the shop cept the pink clutch, the magic show coin purse and the japanese french vintage pouch, and squirrel pin with tree (sold, thanks!)
what a great day for making things. maybe coz its so sunny today *^_^*
*simon says: 'good thing you didnt wake up when it was cloudy'


etsy update

super legit stiff interfaced and a layer of gauze..in my shop for 15$

SOLD! thanks
this is beautiful and i love it i love it. the lining is a freebie from an order. its of faires in some enchanted kingdom.
right now after making these two wristlet/clutches im thinking maybe i could make another pink one for shop cocoon... ill be updating my etsy shop tomorrow with these two and more that i make tomorrow. anybody have suggestions what to make bring em on. darn! forgot to take cloth box pics again

here are some lovely buttons i got the last trip to the shop...

for the last of the squirrel fabric...

and these two...expect only nice things


oh my i love it


finished the alchemy request for jessica ;)

hey i keep forgetting to post a pic of that awsome cloth box liz gave me...plus the pattern with instructions evrerybody, how exciting ill do it soon....

went to shop cocoon today to leave the new items. slightly different cat and dog magic show wristlet and two more french vintage print pouches/wristlets..
the nice tatoo fabric and peace sign fabric ive ordered has arrived and will make really lovely bags...

new for shop cocoon

whew i have to make tags too... made this aaa! eep! cuuuute! pouch with a mini pocket and a little frayed applique...

made another cat trim magic show bag...the two zippers are cool coz one is a blue zip with red fabric the other is a red zip with blue fabric...added leaf bead charms to the two tree coin purses!

new stuff for shop cocoon

tea dye

the new fabric and the cat trim... the problem was that i hate cream and white! as you can see below the original trim is very white. had already sewn it on the bag because i thought maybe the cuteness would outshine the fact that cream and white looks just plain wrong. was wrong, it looked dumb! then remembered tea dying! of course at first i just went ahead and dabbed the tea bag on the strap and ironed it- perfect i thought at the time. eventually (2 hours) the OCD got the better of me and i just couldnt leave it like that half-ass so i took the strap out and just put it in the dye bath with more trim i will use.

as you can see im still not following instructions. it looks like weird soup.

here is how to dye fabric for an antique look wih tea:

edit way later:
it worked! its a lovely and even dye!

my cousins are making a feature film!!


french vintage

heres the lovely iron from liz doing a marvelous job fusing interface onto the lining.

oooooh cuties they are multiplying... the best part is i have 7 more different ones cut yip!yip!

i made the first one for listing on etsy and not much later someone bought the messenger owl bag.. cool... after i make all the french vintage pouches ill list more in etsy in a couple days...meanwhile these two others for shop cocoon :)

ive also made a pretty vintage obi purse...dont have a good pic right now and still have to sew the button on but its lovely and following brendas tip to making 'more lady-ish' things for shop cocoons typical walk-in customers :)