i ♥ shop cocoon

here are the 2$ key rings at shop cocoon, i redid them coz i got awsome colored chain:

baskets from daiso...now the ONLY reason we went to daiso again was to find a display for the key chains! ended up getting baskets and a cute little stand. um i wasnt sure if i did a good display job? took out the vintage obi and brought our aranzi friend saru

here at the till area is the flower center. the awsome rack is from brenda? im not sure, it looks splendid. today a girl reached out to touch an earring i was wearing (kept my faves :) because she noticed they were like the ones on display and said they were cute how cool.

simons paintins from india in the shop now too *^_^* he redid the frames white and they are smashing!

theres me in the back

monday tuesday are shop cocoons closed days and its time to make more stuff. dressew semi acomplished still wasnt able to find suitable linings for the japanese florals in circles. is nico doomed to go a solid color? we will have to see.

what i really have to do is take pics of the cloth box and make a tute (and a bunch) coz that is what i want the earrings for helmet(?) to come in.

make medium to large bag patterns for the round handles and wooden handles from tita mitit!

finish all the materials ive somehow acquired.

on the not sewing tip:
a summer project like "We Are The Raft" is a brewing, so should start thinking of the whole aesthetics of the parade/performance and all the elements that go in it.... yes this reminds me too of the flickr group invite for an art process group which i thought was pretty fab.. dont have any "We Are The Raft" pics on this blog because was not yet a blogger. gawd.
so ive been thinking of posting pics of it. it might inspire me to see the pics again. there is the video documentation too might be able to compress for online viewing. it was a public performance, a travelling raft parade. cant say whats happening with the 2006 project. just that it will be more comical and capitalist (ie the premise is to make money).

doctors appoint. tomorrow!

edit wee hours woops i should sleep soon...my poor mucky eyes i made something sew special i cant stop petting it. shh.
and i found this pretty good ey cept the last two
In a Past Life...

You Were: A Happy Go Lucky Belly Dancer.

Where You Lived: Siberia.

How You Died: Decapitation.


  1. Wow, very cool pictures. Wish I could you see you better in that one photo! Can't wait to hear more about your upcoming work, have a good doc visit!

  2. thanks gina :) hehe yeah im small in that pic ... oh i should sleep... grrr cant say what it is, but it was inspired by kumi and um...dont know what to say but i hope you like it cant wait to ride to the post later!

  3. Decapitation?! Ow. At least you had an interesting life before that. ;-)

    Very cool shop!

  4. nico - you have something over at my place, come and get it!

  5. haha thanks gina! um,,, it might take me a while to get there! ps what is it?

  6. Oh, let me clarify, come over to my blog : )