​my hair is falling out again. I don’t know what to do about it. Also I haven’t gotten the sewing machine fixed yet. So I can’t start on the new quilt even though I have all the fabric well almost all. That’s my update don’t wear it thin. Wish i could say the same about my hair.

new quilt from quilt.farm on twitter

Here is the copy of the pattern i got from quilt.farm on twitter 

This is the pattern (below) from marcia holn i think i got her name wrong she is quilt.farm on twitter its got two blocks that are traditional patterns. One is from the 1800’s (the x ) and the windmill one is from the 1934 according to the useful info pages by a lady named marcia i think and a bunch of quilting ladies

Not too well versed on quilt.farm (please see https://www.quilterscache.com/TermsPage.html )    but please have a look for them because theyre easy to get hooked looking through just make sure to save each one cos once theyre gone theyre gone!!!!

So im going to be using the new fabrics i got the blue part is going to have to be pandas? the windmill and last leg of the x will be medium grey with the middle of the x being the constellations fabric the most expensive one. Well maybe ill buy a plain blue like shown. Its so cute i love the colours. I wonder if i can find that blue…

Finished quilt!

​the quilt is totally finished! All the edges are all sewn up the cotton trim is adorable!! I need to go wash it now and see how it stands up to the test of the commercial washer down the street ohhh i cant wait to smell it all soft and fresh !!! This is hands down the best thing i made for myself. All the clothes i made were stolen, bags i dont use anymore, little pouches yeah, but this… this is enormous! Oh yeah theres that cute coat i made but its too small for me go figure i make something too small. Actually this quilt is a bit small for a full or twin sized mattress, the edges just make it. If i was to be sharing there would be blanket snatching during the night the quilt would have to go sideways no?? Its so great but now that its all grown up i want another baby…to sell! What a challenge. Also i fucked up and i think this is the last day of the fabricland sale…..i didnt buy anything else when i bought the duvet cos it was 50 bucks and i was being conservative. I should go, there was some super cute fabric to get but without a pattern, how willi know how much fabric to buy? I supposed i could buy fabric for these blocks and make a similar quilt carefully not recreating the one i just made cos this one is mostly copyrighted patterns from the etsy book i bought to learn. I also wanted to buy some quilting books on thriftbooks but i didnt because im trying to figure out how to maximize my time effort and money. Like now for sure i want to get the sewing machine fixed, i didnt before because i was going to hand-sew and now that its done i want the machine again to piece more blocks. Actually some of the blocks are patterns i came up with but im still not sure what hercopyright is… will have to reread it… i should send her a picture of the quilt! Yup i got a new hobby.ithink of  Simons mum a lot cos she is a fabulous quilter and has scores of completed quilts at home just piling up from what i remember.

I left the back part just plain. Basically its a blanket it sewed all around the edges. Think itll be ok but i might tack it on from the top. I dunno if i need to though cos the static and the surface nature of the two fabrics the duvet and the front of the polyester sheet stick together, so the back is this kind of slippery feel. Its a blanket from a shelter i had and it fit perfectly. Go figure. Same shelter that stole my mail which was a package of cubic zirconia diamonds. Fuckin shelter system you know they really fucked up and just tormented and targeted women during the emtire covid i hated all the african staff they treated the women so badly what the fuck. They claimed their lives mattered more than the shelter participants and would kick women out on the street for no reason whatsoever.


Yipee i just got back from fabricland and i totally took advantage of the sale. Got a bumch of fabric for my next quilt project, my two feather pillow covers project, and a bunch of sequin appliqués i want to put on a quilted bag project. 

Then after fabricland i walked in the rain to wilson to go to my local vape store but they didnt have the pods i wanted nor did they have the vape juice i wamted so i bought two disposable vapes for 11 something bucks as they were on sale. 

Then i got back and bought bbq from the filipino bbq on the corner of wilson and bathurst the filipino side. Honestly their chicken is better than the pork. 

So now im all full and what a turn out of a day. I totally invested my cash and treated myself. Heres the fabric stack and a sequin applique shot 

I thought the day was done for when i fell into remembering how the shelters would kick me out over and over again for no reason whatsoever. I cant even right now. Yeah so i salvaged the day and hope i wont remind myself how badly i was treated by other women who really had no business being the decision maker in weather or not a woman would have to spend the night outside during winter when the shelters were not even full. So yeah i was really lucky i thought of fabric land. Oh yeah also i walked to value buds on dufferin and bought a new cart thc 90% cbg 10% from spinach and it smells great actually. Then the budtender who i totally appreciated gave me a discount business card for the shroom dispensary downtown!! Im stoked to go!! Yeah so PTSD is a real vibe kill and it can really bring you down til you cant move no more. You gotta find something better to do…. Well weed helps. Lol. Obviously

finishing the quilt

​im doing the edges now… cool thing is that i totally forgot about this huge amount of  eyelet cotton trim i found eons ago so i get to use it for the binding… 

Remade a perfume!

Yeah going to have to change the bottle because this cap doesnt stay on very well. It sucks not being near the dollar store. Or any store for that matter. If i add the honey essence from IFF to this it becomes a completely different perfume. So i guess ill keep some of this as is and make the honey perfume with the rest.

quilt top is finished!


The quilt top is done! I just need to get some batting and backing. I was going to use a blanket i have so i might just get batting. Unfortunately the pics wont upload on my measly data might have to try when im on wifi. 

my quilt pic on twitter