Holly Hobbie Vintage Cameos

Ahhh its 2018 and I found my Holly Hobbie cameo collection from the 1960's.

Do you remember these cute necklaces I used to make?

i found this old pic from my blog...
 they are so cute and nice.
havent made a holly hobbie cameo necklace in years!! i was obsessed with these things.

going through my blog pictures regretting not posting all my old designs. they are all archived in my etsy shop and picture folders on my computer.... what should I make? I cant seem to find my old Holly Hobbie charm necklace designs...

Crazy Dinner

I made this huuuge dinner last night
it was good

buckwheat noodles and creamy chicken gravy with rosemary
bay leaf chicken with garlic and pepper
herbs de provence roasted yam
steamed broccoli

i died, it was so satisfying.

ugh. there are so many supplies that i dont want anymore. came up with a new idea for jewelry but i need to sell some supplies first for capital. havent even posted any destash on etsy or dawanda yet, im already discouraged and weary of all the work!! yikes. how did i manage to do it before...
found out today my friend mich is staying for a week after her show! we are going to have a week long slumber party. i hope it works out. i just moved and i havent made any money plus one week of having a guest in the room where im working .... i just hope it works out and i dont die all over again. cannot handle any more traumatic things or uncomfortable things.
the thing about how i was treated growing up made me form these maladaptive behaviours where no one knows im offended, hurt, or uncomfortable because i learned that if i showed weakness to my parents they would keep abusing me but if i pretended it didnt hurt they would get bored and do something else. so i was trained to pretend everything is great even though it isnt.
hope to group and price these destash items properly and quickly. lost the memory of what they cost and am just guessing.
oh another group to post in is the toronto etsy street team group.
ok didnt put paypal links on the destash post. one person looked at the post. one. and the internet was dead the whole night.

Craft Supplies Destash - DIY Jewelry - Charms, Pendants, Findings, Settings, Lockets, Resin Pendants

Some destash items posted on some facebook destash groups! Bookmark this post as I add more items to it!

Will add paypal links soon or better yet, ask me for my paypal email and pay me the total from your account.

Prices in Canadian Dollars.

Accepted payments: Paypal and email money transfer

Shipping Fees:
free shipping within Canada just say you found it on my blog.
$5.50 flat rate shipping to U.S.
$8 flat rate shipping International

Steampunk Pendants and Pin $7

$15 Huge Mixed Lot - charms, 25x18mm settings, pins, filigree, earwires 

Resin Pendants $15 (handmade by me)

Ceramic Asian Pendants $6 (made from plates)

Owl Pendant Locket $7 

Mixed Pendant Lot $5 - miniature lockets and a resin image of a peacock feather

Romantic Key and Roses pendants set $5

 Pegasus and Mermaid resin image and handmade glass charms $6

Vintage silver plated cast bird pins with 18x13mm settings $6 for both (these are great)

cast metal settings for 10x14mm settings $4 for all settings pictured (i have rhinestones for the peacock feather setting, if you want some let me know i will add them to your order as gratis)

Oh yeah MICH DULCE is in town!! shes doing a residency on the island and has to take the ferry and has not much food with her!!! We saw death valley girls yesterday and caught up a bit. I didnt take any pics but she did! with the record lable mascot and my hair looks stupid, as usual. sheesh.

here is the picture! i found it on michs insta
oh. making the paypal buttons is really tedious.
so forget about making paypal buttons for things on etsy or dawanda (getting my stuff up on dawanda again!)
and will list the already made items on the blog. there are many classic its your life designs that have been stashed away this whole time. they need new homes. and i need lunch.

made herbs de provence sprouted mung beans with dried tomato and caramalized onion last night. i eat it with this fig balsamic glaze and virgin olive oil. yum. on top of rice with rosemary powder, a hint of garlic (granules) and sea salt.(recipe below)
i was trying to go back on an alkaline diet cleanse but its been difficult to remain disciplined without all the necessary ingredients stock piled. im still eating white rice and drinking coffee.

yup, getting back into the costume jewelry is a little daunting and lots of trial and error, what to plug my time into.... its all much better than spazzing and going through bouts of unproductive anxiety all day though for sure.
but i also wanted to post up my now closed aromatherapy studio pictures and also use this blog to post my aromatherapy research. i am on twitter @aromatherapyTO been working on skin care concepts and essential oil blends to revive my sense of smell and body awareness. so im not so disassociating all the time. im an old lady now and i cant be spacing out all the time, need to save that time for when im much older ;D
so on we go...

mung bean dish
1.5 c mung beans, sprouted
.5 onion
1.5 tsp herbs de provence
2 tbsp dried tomato
1 tbsp kale powder
what i did was sprout the beans, then caramalize the onion in olive oil, added half the tomato (soaked and saved water) , added the mung beans, sauteed for a bit, added half the herbs, added the kale powder, sauteed, added tomato water, satueed, added water, sauteed, added the rest of the herbs, added the rest of the tomato (unsoaked) added pepper, sauteed, then it was done, maybe about 15 mins of sautee-ing. not liquidy. brown bits. drizzled with virgin olive oil and the fig balsamic glaze.
the rice i had was leftover, so i used a small dot of olive oil to reheat the rice, added some rosemary powder, some garlic grains, some sea salt. but freshly cooked plain rice was better.
i also made a cabbage salad: finely chopped green cabbage (i like the red one better though) and a vinegar dressing made of apple cider vinegar, honey, pepper, and water, soaked the finely chopped cabbage in this for about 15 mis and served alongside the mung and rice. 

Handmade Cameos - Forest Creatures, Kitsch, Kids, Girls Jewelry Components

Handmade cameos by Its Your Life Handmade
These might be the last for another long while because I think the images are in Manila... woops. 
Hey did you hear Holly Hobbie is going to be a live action TV series? Its on the family channel in Canada expected to air this fall! Pretty sweet huh. Its filming in Toronto right now ;D
I still have my Holly Hobbie vintage cameo collection and will make some sweet pieces to put up.

12 Handmade Cabochons - Animal, Bird, and Flower Cameos 25 x 18 mm 
For free shipping in Canada, use FREESHIPS on etsy, or this Paypal button:

 Handmade Blue Tit Bird cameos
4 Blue Tit Cameos 25 mm round on etsy
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 Handmade Squirrel Cameos 25x18mm on shiny black (one is coated with matte varnish)
$10 on etsy
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 Handmade Squirrel Cameos on turquoise/aqua blue
$10 on etsy
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 Handmade Bird Cameos - a wren on a holly branch and another bird that I have forgotten the species on a pine branch
$16 on etsy
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 Handmade Fox Cameos
$20 on etsy
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 Handmade Deer Cameos
$11 on etsy
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 Handmade Vintage Floral Cameos - Roses, Daisies, Leaves on vintage swirl turquoise plastic cameos 12x17 mm for your designs
$15 on etsy
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 Handmade Bunny Cameos
$10 on etsy 
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as always, contact me for any requests and custom orders, shipping specifications and discounts.