my birthday

so many myspace friends now from etsy! yeah kind of feel bad ive blown simon out of the water (we were having a friend race) didnt mean to add that many and lots have asked me... dont know how to keep up with them (ie comments and such) ...
got this cool blog thing from emmie...

Your Birthdate: May 1

You are a natural born leader, even if those leadership talents haven't been developed yet.
You have the power and self confidence to succeed in life, and your power grows daily.
Besides power, you also have a great deal of creativity that enables you to innovate instead of fail.
You are a visionary, seeing the big picture instead of all of the trivial little details.

Your strength: Your supreme genius (MWAHAHAHA!)

Your weakness: Your inappropriate sensitivity ( OH )

Your power color: Gold

Your power symbol: Star

Your power month: January

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