on schedule

for lisa:

the peace beach tote:

what dya thinking? not about my wide arm i hope haha i like it, forgot to get a pic of the linings, will put a white snap on it.
i wanted it to have the top like those regular cheapy totes- i used the metal plate on the sewing machine as a guide for my second straight line :P also added two layers of interface along the top so the strap wouldnt show too much thru the front fabric and structure for the snap. it also keeps the top in place better. its only lined with a layer of gauze but is serged so it will be ok in the washing machine.


  1. Wowie! So sweet! And your arm looks thin too.

  2. Wonderful bags! I am a seamstress also, and have been making dozens of canvas totes to sell. Don't have a website yet... but hope to soon!

  3. The peace tote arrived today and I am so in love with it nico! Thank you so much. It's now my favorite thing!