Modern Sea Necklaces

Saturday Night Specials
im doing the SNS tonight!! free shipping on everything plus an additional $5 off if you buy two or more items.. doesnt matter what they are!!

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new modern sea necklace colors added today!
lets see.. there is chalcedony and aqua quartz colored glass, and rose and smoky quartz gemstone briolettes with gold plated vintage seahorse charm accentuated with the feminine creamy japanese vintage rose..

ok i fixed the links (again! all are in stock!)! go click on pics to see the listings :D
pink quartz

smoky quartz

aqua quartz (glass)

chalcedony glass

atlach-nacha :

this. i love this one. a friend of christie asked me if i could make her a jezebels garden piece and but i temporarily ran out of the smaller creamy roses.. so i ended up coming up with a new design! wow! its stunning. i love it. its got a new color flower cameo center- this time brown instead of the cream, and i replaced the cream rose with a cluster of tiny glass picasso beads. so gorgeous and cute. there are the little specks of brown on the beads and the flower cameo pick up the color wonderfully. i added a leaf charm and made the piece longer with no clasp-can be modified for you.. its just gorgeous! EDIT: modified version with gold plated seahorse available in shop- made to order (bout 4 days)


  1. Oh they are sooo soft and sweet : ) Just like you : )

  2. aww thanks. thats so funny gina you corn baller you..