and here is the first bag i made using the blue bunnies. also simon came home so now im not scared anymore!
ill take better sun light pics tomorrow (as if the sun will shine) and post it in my shop. i love it! i added bells. i got the cotton aqua cord in a mix trim bag... insane coz with it came a melon/pink cotton rope- the exact color of the pink bunnies fabric!

edit: new daytime pics

scuse the flabby arm

here is the Musicians of Bremen tote i made while robbers were trying to get in. How ironic! I must really intuitive or something. this a link to the story.


holy crap last night at around 2-3 am i was still sewing in the studio SOMEONES HEAD popped up from the window!!!! THEY WERE LOOKING INSIDE!!!!! were on the ground floor and we already had problems in the beginning -people coming RIGHT UP to our window to TALK TO US while were hanging out in our LIVING ROOM perfect scumy strangers think that if your on the ground floor with your curtains open its an open invite to come up
i called the police last night but i dont think they saw THE PLATFORM the bums had erected outside the studio window (our studio is on the side, which is quite high from the ground)

i got so effin scared. they have probably been scoping our place. we have sheer green curtains in the front for maximum light during the day but at night we are like a latern.

pics of the new cute bag i was sewing while i saw that guy later. gotta do the dishes now then leave!

meanwhile go to shop!

Secret New Year Surprize

. Find out if their trims go on Sale after New Year. Get a bunch.
Found a fabric shop its a secret.
Im so excited. I sold two things & sent and used the money for more fabric that no one has ever seen before.
New Year Secret Surprize... shh...

modern rockabilly

eep! its sooo cute. i bought the bike chain handle at the dollar store yesterday. its nice when things happen so fast. this is the same denim from the top i reconstructed. edit: i sent it to the Kapisanan center in Kensington Market (Toronto)!

I just finished making this set. i cut up a denim sleevless top i got new and paired it with the cutest vintage fish trim. gosh this trim is cute! the fish are 60's-ish stylized and are blowing bubbles! red and blue. oh.
the denim is distressed! The pouch turned out really well. gosh those corners were really bulky tho-ugh. like it? its at the Kapisanan Center in Toronto with other Its Your Life creations! click on an image
edit:i took better pics today- and i linined the main bag! its even nicer now.

ITS HERE! the first Bunnies in Forest creation

what do you think about the bead trim? im not that committed to using it again in this style but i love it! isnt it lovely?

cant wait!

i made an insane bag! o my gosh its super cute! i dont want to take pics now coz its night time and this bag is way to good to rush pics! i do have some pics of the ugly bags i made two nights ago. ugh! actually the floral one is not bad it just needs to be finished. i put in a large zippered pocket in it pa naman. sayang if i dont finish it! dont laugh at the leather one ok?! haha!!
here are the terribles:


i bought more interfacing (whew) and orange nylon straps and beaded trims..shhh. more secret supplies for the best bags ever...they will be coming soon! the trims at fabric warehouse are a bit cheaper but there isnt as many. i tried to take pics but even tho there werent that many it was still a lot! these were some of them that caught my eye:

okinawa bingata and fabric from my mom scarf

i just made this! its a neck piece/ scarf thing. i could also use it like a cummerbund/ belt thing! i used the xmas present from kumi- the okinawa bingata fabric and some fabric my got from the phil...added bright blue crisp 100% linen ties and isnt it lovely?

crocheted stuff and where it went

i decided to take the crocheted stuff out of my etsy shop before its all gone because then i wont have any samples for custom or wholesale orders. so i still have the stuff its just not on the shop yet. i only sold one thing from etsy since all these were listed and the rest were sold to people around me.
somebody wanted to trade and i feel so lame because i didnt notice she wanted to trade 2 things and i took it back! oh dear. really, nico. sometimes i spazz...tho it did help me to figure out what to do with all the trade offers i get for the crocheted/etsy shop...i will just post trade items here! im too sensitive and get too caught up in what the other person wants/expects! yikes! i think thats ok to some extent in personal life but now im starting a bussiness! cool yet scary. i need to focus and stop going back and forth changing my mind on things!

new bags

here are some bags i made before christmas. i dont know what to do with them yet i think they will just be in my stock pile for sales and future craft shows in upcoming 2006.

update: heres a pic of the awsome bathroom stuff liz gave us for christmas- yummy!...
were back home now o my gosh... forgot some of the presents we have for liz here at home!!!!!

it was a lovely christmas. thank you so much to the redekops!

on the nicer side:
merry christmas! i spent all day making goodies for simons family!!! i hope they like the stuff i made. were going over to langley in a bit to spend christmas there (were sleeping over). liz (simons mom) has been working 16 hour shifts and will be tonight coz they are short (she is a nurse!). crazy no?
ill post pics later!

the best thing happened today! first i got some awsome suppies- beautiful trims - i even found the same pattern of trim from the stuff my mom sent me! but in different colors- not as nice. also more snaps, lots of cute and cool fabric scarps for 10cents, nylon strapping, small bells, pins-i need some, sewing machine needles, tassels and rope to match all for 22 $! cool. then when i got home, my order of fabric from kumi arrived! oh my gosh she even gave me this extra beautiful fabric from okinawa! eep! the best xmas present!
heres all the stuff with some other fabric combinations i put together- im so excited its all going to be sooooo nice!

heres the bunny fabric from kumi with trims from dressew and some linen

the cowboy fabric i got at dressew the red riding hood from kumi- im not going to sew the two together but i thought it was such a contrast!

here this cute hotair ballon i got and am going to pair with linen fabric in same colors and rope ! im also going to add a tassel and bells.

and to top it all off- simon got the BEST CHOCOLATE today. out of all the free chocolate he got this season for being a good recycler, this one is hands down orgasmic i feel like i am in love chocolate:

watch this

world on fire
this is what christmas should be- or i mean this is where christmas should go
found this on eduardos site friends not food.
i actually saw her in school at the student sale but i dared not to take a pic.

saw this video on japanese sushi-ya etiquette in puccimaikos blog:
omg its too funny.
here are the pics! simon made a card for his site its so funny!
the christmas lights were in VanDuesens gardens. 8$ to get in! the place was covered with lights and at some point they seemed to be all in tune with the music (which was cool but i cant say im into classical stuff blasting). the best part was sitting down on a bench with simes while taking pics drinking hot chocolate and eating the heuge bag of kettle corn while it was still warm. the lights were ok. i cant say i was jaw dropped impressed coz we took the bus and paid 8 bux each and while growing up in manila every christmas time there would be mad insane whole houses in my subdivision all covered with lights while meralco (the power company) in ortigas would always have like the ginormous display with 2kazillion lights. and it all was for free looks. but i guess its not like all clean and stuff. whatever . it was awsome tho i do feel a bit guilty for spending that money for that.

near the face cut out wood painted things there was santa with too many kids crowding around him we had no chance for a pic hahaand this mini house with lights inside was gettin pretty trippy

simes havin fun in a chris cunningham video:

heres us as how we really are:

i told him to get in there- he said it was muddy and wet coz he had to kneel to get under the lights and i think his foot squished in some mud. isnt it a great pic!

cxmas lightx

weee simon asked me if i wanted to go see the christmas lights up (wherever they are)

how exciting. something to do with christmas! we didnt decorate or anything. super bah humbug to do we really want to support this capitalist turned gesture of generosity of spirit? haha. just being bitter there no lechon for me to eat.

last night we rearranged the whole house and it looks much bigger! i also fixed my side of the studio. it looks better.
im really glad my etsy shop started off well.
now all i need is some feedback and more customres for my shop. haha im soooo lame.
but really, i do hope the people i sent items to will recieve soon. i mean i know its christmas and all. but i think thats all i want right now.

i almost or did? purchase a scale. it came to 70 $ with an adaptor. i hope i didnt get ripped off there. im sketched coz im not sure if the paypal transaction came thru and while i was going back and forth checking i noticed one new window for paypal's login was the fraudulent site and not the legit real paypal site i hope i noticed that at the right moment and not before! i would hate to get scammed!

Edit: TRADED!!! Camo Barbeque messenger with matching pouch

the bag!
i made it a matching pouch!

also i messed up the first magnetic snap i put, i kept fussing with it and it broke. it also didnt have a backing which i thought was strange but the ladies at dressew didnt seem to think so.
so i put in a gold clasp kind of snap? i dont know how to describe it and if i decide to put this on etsy thats when you will see it. another detail i shouldnt forget to mention is the piping i made to match the lining. whew! piping is cool. especially if it is custom piping! it wasnt that hard!

this bag and pouch are up for trade or sale!