and here is the first bag i made using the blue bunnies. also simon came home so now im not scared anymore!
ill take better sun light pics tomorrow (as if the sun will shine) and post it in my shop. i love it! i added bells. i got the cotton aqua cord in a mix trim bag... insane coz with it came a melon/pink cotton rope- the exact color of the pink bunnies fabric!

edit: new daytime pics

scuse the flabby arm

here is the Musicians of Bremen tote i made while robbers were trying to get in. How ironic! I must really intuitive or something. this a link to the story.


  1. Hey, Nicole.
    Love what you did with my fabrics!!
    You're so talented, sweetie!

  2. thanks kumi! the fabric made itself into a bag really! it wasnt me! hehe

  3. good lord is everything you make adorable??? hope you're doing good!

  4. sandra haha! thanks, yes i try to make everything nice...but you'll see some uglies too! how are you? ive been good!