Tutorial for Japanese Style Quilted Drawstring Pouch

this is the drawn tute i was asked to write for the drawsring pouch!
so lovely.... a traditional Japanese drawstring pouch thats been changed a bit...
japanese site of traditional pouch tutorial
here is the link to the japanese d.i.y. links on craftster
i can not read japanese i just followed the wonderful detailed pictures. i tried to draw my own but ended up copying the flower drawings.. and im really sorry i have a hard time simplifying instructions!
anyway heres my english version lost in translation:
click image for full page view-no squinting! ahhh...
first page

second page

third page

fourth page


  1. Been wanting to make drawstring pouches for my three little nieces (has to be by hand until I get my sewing machine) and have the cutie material already - very helpful and easy to understand tute, thanks!

  2. youre welcome jessica ;) am glad i finally made a tute that somebody understands hehe

  3. adorable pouch! I sent you an email about what you commented about on my blog and a photo of the knit flower... and the undies didn't fit, btw, couldn't get them past my knees! Can I give them back? I didn't wear them, promise :)

  4. whoops, just realized I don't have your email! And craftster is down for maintenance, or i could have sent you a pm!

    Well the flower pin is on my beige jeacket on flickr... just click on the badge on my blog to scroll through my knit stuff!

    and of course I want to collabo on mucho stuff! Maybe I can get a kickback if you sell any of it ;)


  5. here is the link!


    emms (shiny happy person)

  6. Hey dudettte... i just saw Allan and Jill on your blog finally... how funny that its such a small world!

    Also, do you still have this purse: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/1859/1225/1600/greenbag.jpg

    Its so gorgeous! Can we do some kind of trade for it??? I heart your work so much! Gorgeous!!!

  7. we must be doing this at the same time!!!
    i just went thru your blog and commented on the flower! i saw you wearing it- its lovley...

    can you find me on flickr? i kind of just started. ha obviously i join the handbag group, and the vancraftster group! nico-tiro. are you lovebugcutie? god this sounds mad loves it!

  8. no! i sold it to some teen at a fair for 10 bucks!

  9. AWESOME. Thank you. I was having ridiculous trouble wrapping my idiotic brain around the whole drawstring tunnel thing, and the pictures you posted made a big difference. Thank you!!!