some stuff for the student sale and happy birthday lola

i ran out of stuffing...and this is my first try at a polar bear.
im going to make a series of endangerd/habitat endangered species. also i'm calling the panda series "Of Pandas and People" as a comment about evolution and 'intelligent design'. see this blog(aug.3, o5):

here is a neat-o bike themed belt sack which i gave to simon coz i promised. boo

and heres the back part of the pouch. the belt loops suck coz i just eyeball everything all the time. pure luck reaps perfectly aligned anything.

my woo submition

im going to submit this piece of 'fiction from fact' to woo magazine (emily carr student mag- congratulations to the 'new group' that took over this year! right on they are my buddies. this would be my first submition) i wrote about angkatan and buka, the 2 children of namwaran, who are the people mentioned in The Laguna Copper Plate Inscription. this could be part of my new philippine artifacts show as well. I am open to revisions!!! would love it if you could add/correct the story! just email, or comment!!!!!

The Laguna Copperplate Inscription

Upon waking on the third day of the waning moon Angkatan was feeling much better. She had heard from a scribe last night that pardon had been granted and that the chief had many plates prepared for inscription.

(How wonderful that all their sacrifices were not in vain.
When they had escaped from Dewata it had almost cost them their lives.)

Angkatan slowly dressed in her best most colorful baro and saya. She rummaged through her clothesbasket for her grandmothers cloth from Dewata and used it as a tapis. Then she changed outfits four more times. She carefully chose her most ornate gold jewelry and kissed each piece before wearing it.
Buka arrived at the house and ran right into Angkatan who was dancing towards the cooking area.

(Did you hear the news we are free dear sister! All our children to be and their children to be!
You are a Datu now! Today is the best day of our lives! We must start preparations!
Have you told anybody yet? Should we keep it a secret? All our sacrifices were not in vain!)

Angkatan is jumping with joy.

(That’s exactly what I was thinking this morning! THANK YOU BATHALA!
I heard from scribe last night, Buka you can apply for a position by the end of this month! Father would be so happy!)

They start making their tea and talk for most of the morning. Come noontime their friend Atangan comes with a basket of food wrapped in leaves: fish, rice, bananas and a promise of roasted pig for dinner. With a twinkle in his eye he presents them their lunch.

(I knew you two would be up to as much. Why it looks like you’re still having your morning tea! We can’t let you go hungry now that you’re both respectable again.
I suppose I can effectively collect all my winnings from our hunting bets Buka?)

They all laugh for quite some time and as the happy energies calm, hunger sets in and Angkatan and Buka start eating. Realizing that the news had already changed Angkatan and Bukas’ reality they talk excitedly planning their day. It is their first free day in a long time.

(What do you want to do today?
Lets go fishing and fruit picking!
Ugh, no, we can just ask for those things now. Let’s go hunting instead.
Hunting? Are you mad? The last time we went hunting you almost fell down the hillside when HAHAHAHA
HAHAHAHAHAAAAWait! I have a better idea let’s go to the hot springs and spend all day chewing betel and relaxing.
OOOH chewing betel in the hot springs. I like that idea.
How do you plan on joining us Angkatan? HAHAHAHAAHAHA

The three continue their day with preparations for the next day laughing, singing, reminiscing and talking of now possible futures.


Lumbang River, Laguna de Ba’y, 1989. A local man sells sand as a raw material to make concrete and occasionally digs up ancient artifacts, which he sells to collectors. While he was dredging sand he found a scrap of metal and upon unrolling the blackened metal he realizes it is copper. The size of a regular sheet of paper with unfamiliar writing on it, the man tried to sell it to collectors he knew but none recognized it and would not take it. His last resort, the last resort to many treasure hunters, was the Philippine National Museum, which bought the plate for 2,000 pesos. The copperplate stayed in the museum untried and undeciphered until 1990 when a Dutch expert on Philippine script Antoon Postma successfully translated it. It is the most important find in regards to the ancient Philippine culture, and is the oldest artifact of pre-colonial writing dating as far back as 900 CE. The Laguna Copperplate Inscription is a mixture of old Sanskrit, old Javanese, old Malay and old Tagalog.


Long Live! Year of Siyaka 822, month of Waisaka, according to astronomy. The fourth day of the waning moon, Monday. On this occasion, Lady Angkatan, and her brother whose name is Buka, the children of the Honourable Namwaran, were awarded a document of complete pardon from the Commander in Chief of Tundun, represented by the Lord Minister of Pailah, Jayadewa.
By this order, through the scribe, the Honourable Namwaran has been forgiven of all and is released from his debts and arrears of 1 kati and 8 suwarna before the Honourable Lord Minister of Puliran, Ka Sumuran by the authority of the Lord Minister of Pailah.
Because of his faithful service as a subject of the Chief, the Honourable and widely renowned Lord Minister of Binwangan recognized all the living relatives of Namwaran who were claimed by the Chief of Dewata, represented by the Chief of Medang.
Yes, therefore the living descendants of the Honourable Namwaran are forgiven, indeed, of any and all debts of the Honourable Namwaran to the Chief of Dewata.
This, in any case, shall declare to whomever henceforth that on some future day should there be a man who claims that no release from the debt of the Honourable...

Morrow, Paul. “The Laguna Copperplate Inscription” in The Laguna Copperplate Inscription at Canada, 1998.

sarimanok completed and crit

here it is by our window.... damn fall!

here are the other artifacts i came up with. im really not into what happened to anito. i made him into a tingkil ifugao armband, but hes not lookin too hot. and a bark cloth beater.

you can see sam standing behind the sarimanok with his hands behind his back. in the grey sweater vest thing. white tee skinny jeans mishmatch shoes...see him? here are his musical bikes. (the pics are soooo much bigger when you click on them. i swear (((((bigger))))))


im trying to make it look like capiz inlay from mindanao:

listed this one in my etsy shop:

MIA concert purse thing i made her

We saw MIA last night at the commodore and it was so good I was going off the whole concert! simes took some video and we have 5 mins of pure gold.
i made her a kalabaw keychain with MIA in Alibata! i hope i did right! im not sure how it would sound.
also added a some crap on the purse to spice it up. i dunno. it was sooooo awsome they had a really really short set so of course everyone was going off stomping and stuff...and we hadnt thrown the package yet!!! ahhh?! but simon went over by the time they came out to do a few more songs? simes had trown it right in front of her some audience person handed it to her and she took it and tossed it over to the dj booth! eeeep! woah and before the set alfa was on stage! we wasnt sure but it was! i even asked him if it was a good idea to throw it on good thing they came back on! oh MIA.

i also made some sarimanoks for the new philippine artifacts. im so insane coz i did it super grabe elaborate so now im dreading doing the whole body and wings and legs like that too. oh wel. good thing i got that mia video simes made to watch when im on break haha. im such a nerd i even brought a sharpie just in case....

new philippine artifacts

ive changed my idea im making artifacts. its too bad there not that much stuff on cultutre pre hispanic or its very hard to find. i imagine myself thru all the readings ive done so far on lost cultures and ways of life, the migrations, trade routes, journeys, rivers sea faring boat travelling inter culture mixing, im finding it easier to relate to my actual present life/lifestyle! so. stuffed. im reclaiming all the plundered, sold, lost, and disintegrated. next now are betel nut mortars the hard part is not the bowl but how do i make the figurine holding up the bowl?
my favorite is how people would write love letters and notes to each other and would just leave the note in a bamboo container along the roadside. this is where the people around you come in by carring along the note as far as they could bring it along the notes journey- it has the placename and name of reciepient written on the outside. how sweetly ingenious.

might make a :death mask.

heres the water buffalo/ kalabaw:

edit: made a bowl and it looks pretty good as a kalabaw bowl sculpture. its a very dark brown which kinda is the color of the burnt wood igorot sculptures from the mountain province. the ornate vessel in a lots of cultures is for everything from betel nuts to dead relatives.

i want to get some fimo.
and recreate the laguna copperplate. i failed alibata in PWU! they taught the spanish variation with the crosses to cancel out the vowel sound.looking at the site tho um, theres a one year degree in social work?sounds pretty interesting.

heres some betel nut containers/pounders
from the Philippines. most are on auction sites.


around India

Papua New Guinea

Wotam Village??

just to get off topic heres an awsome site of musical instruments and what province they are from with pictures of people playing them. very cool! with map!
another betel nut inspired thing-o.
this is what your gear would look like yeah i love it sans betel stained teeth... i think id go for the rocks in the can. man that was nice kind of like chewing on insense pieces. Dante Bosch and Lemuria days.


ok so right now i have this pit for a stomach and its coz i read something i shouldnt have and even did some googling but no avail. gee um, psycho much?

im getting paranoid too coz im not even started with my stuffed scape coz am having such a hard time concentrating my idea into something i can make. also i cant make rent or tuition and now only 14 bux to my name. simon covered me again.

another immidiacy is the daniel dingel water car documentary video i need to get dvd copies of. i need to get copies back home for air play. something. david suzuki too. yeah he'll love it.

heard of earth 2012?

isnt that the date the mayans predict the end of the world? hopefully its just the end of the world as we know it and a new world, an ecologically fit world comes into play. that or some major catastrophe? yikes. im getting the copies made.

gumboot and past pics

simon and i went to gibsons for mikes opening at gumboot cafe. we forgot to take pics of mikes stuff. oops. theres mike jaret and bartek.

also i met francis mich's friend from manila last week or two here are the pics- homeslice! notice my not perfect and perfect facial posture.

here are the dogs again

here they are on simons sculpture in progress. they look like theyre havin fun (woof! lets meet on top of the hill woof!)

and the whole owl family. the only one left is the one with the biggest nose. can you tell which one it is? heehee