ok so right now i have this pit for a stomach and its coz i read something i shouldnt have and even did some googling but no avail. gee um, psycho much?

im getting paranoid too coz im not even started with my stuffed scape coz am having such a hard time concentrating my idea into something i can make. also i cant make rent or tuition and now only 14 bux to my name. simon covered me again.

another immidiacy is the daniel dingel water car documentary video i need to get dvd copies of. i need to get copies back home for air play. something. david suzuki too. yeah he'll love it.

heard of earth 2012?

isnt that the date the mayans predict the end of the world? hopefully its just the end of the world as we know it and a new world, an ecologically fit world comes into play. that or some major catastrophe? yikes. im getting the copies made.

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