MIA concert purse thing i made her

We saw MIA last night at the commodore and it was so good I was going off the whole concert! simes took some video and we have 5 mins of pure gold.
i made her a kalabaw keychain with MIA in Alibata! i hope i did right! im not sure how it would sound.
also added a some crap on the purse to spice it up. i dunno. it was sooooo awsome they had a really really short set so of course everyone was going off stomping and stuff...and we hadnt thrown the package yet!!! ahhh?! but simon went over by the time they came out to do a few more songs? simes had trown it right in front of her some audience person handed it to her and she took it and tossed it over to the dj booth! eeeep! woah and before the set alfa was on stage! we wasnt sure but it was! i even asked him if it was a good idea to throw it on stage....um good thing they came back on! oh MIA.

i also made some sarimanoks for the new philippine artifacts. im so insane coz i did it super grabe elaborate so now im dreading doing the whole body and wings and legs like that too. oh wel. good thing i got that mia video simes made to watch when im on break haha. im such a nerd i even brought a sharpie just in case....

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