new philippine artifacts

ive changed my idea im making artifacts. its too bad there not that much stuff on cultutre pre hispanic or its very hard to find. i imagine myself thru all the readings ive done so far on lost cultures and ways of life, the migrations, trade routes, journeys, rivers sea faring boat travelling inter culture mixing, im finding it easier to relate to my actual present life/lifestyle! so. stuffed. im reclaiming all the plundered, sold, lost, and disintegrated. next now are betel nut mortars the hard part is not the bowl but how do i make the figurine holding up the bowl?
my favorite is how people would write love letters and notes to each other and would just leave the note in a bamboo container along the roadside. this is where the people around you come in by carring along the note as far as they could bring it along the notes journey- it has the placename and name of reciepient written on the outside. how sweetly ingenious.

might make a :death mask.

heres the water buffalo/ kalabaw:

edit: made a bowl and it looks pretty good as a kalabaw bowl sculpture. its a very dark brown which kinda is the color of the burnt wood igorot sculptures from the mountain province. the ornate vessel in a lots of cultures is for everything from betel nuts to dead relatives.

i want to get some fimo.
and recreate the laguna copperplate. i failed alibata in PWU! they taught the spanish variation with the crosses to cancel out the vowel sound.looking at the site tho um, theres a one year degree in social work?sounds pretty interesting.

heres some betel nut containers/pounders
from the Philippines. most are on auction sites.


around India

Papua New Guinea

Wotam Village??

just to get off topic heres an awsome site of musical instruments and what province they are from with pictures of people playing them. very cool! with map!
another betel nut inspired thing-o.
this is what your gear would look like yeah i love it sans betel stained teeth... i think id go for the rocks in the can. man that was nice kind of like chewing on insense pieces. Dante Bosch and Lemuria days.

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