etymology of the word marijuana (iyl ver.1)

ok so you guys know about my calendar idea right. i know it ridiculous but i really want to work on my art production. and even if its a scene im completely not involved with i really like what they are about.
so the ideas changed like a gazillion times. im not involved enough to get any view, a clearer grasp, my own stance. so i was thinking..since i know all these artists more than i know these women activists, i was thinking of changing the main image of the calendar to be an illustration depicting their vision of a marijuana goddess. I was thinking of the word marijuana and its from mexico. now mexico was colonized by spain. so christian motifs in their lore and language has seeped in. "Mary Jane" sounds like a bad american translation of mary joana. now mary traditionally mary is the mother of christ. and john baptised christ, but also its from latin meaning graced by yaweh. or graced by god. with this logic anything given this name is a conduit of the grace of god. wouldnt you say? now i think yaweh is ja and ja comes from el ? so my train of thought is lost but it included some political stuff on israel and how they are supposed to fight their enemies but actually they are fighting themselves because their enemy should be america not palestine because they live in palestine lol shit where you eat ey? i love eating on the toilet. sorry ive been reading all the wrong things. meanwhile i have to get crackin on my day and im going gto figure out how to properly upload items onto my shopcastr shop cos they are giving away an ipad and i really want one even though i just got a new old pc laptop. why not.

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