canada day block party

should i do it???
its $200 for one day tho.
NYE! its so expensive...for me.. id have to sell $200 worth of items just to pay for the table.
i dont know...
its a 10x10 space tho... but still... 4,000 people, from 3rd on main to quebec is gonna be blocked off from cars and there are 2 stages...
its on july 1.

should i???

its $200 bucks tho!

the guy told me if i find another person that wants to do it, he'll give me a deal ie. 2 spaces for 300.


  1. Wow, that is kind of a lot. Get a couple of yoru friends to go in with you on your one table! Don't tell the guy!

  2. Hi Nicole,
    Have you found someone to share tables with at the Canada Day block party?

    I make handmade natural beauty products, and I think it would be worth it for each of us at $150. It's coming up soon, so please get back to me today, if you can.