craft fairs this summer!


simon prompted me to go find the commercial drive fest.
and i did! and i hope to join the july 22 date. it was SO RAD last year with poppy and christie... im going to ask poppy again!

and does anyone remember the latin drive fest i did at the begining of this blog, the one where that crack-o scammed me $50? haha! ok i hope to do that one again too! its on aug. 20. i know far away, but i forgot to to find earlier ones this year :D

facebook. my brother was like, hey ate you should post an item in the marketplace. so i finally do (i posted the modern sea necklace in brass) and i get 5 replies in like one minute. i kid not! it was such a rush :D
so that was really cool.

re: wholesale. ok. i have been freaking out on all the wholesale requests and i feel badly coz i know i could do better but have like a gagillion other things i need to get sorted before i totally commit to more wholesale. i was thinking i could have a 'wholesale' line of items i sell only wholesale. mm? i dont know...

ok back to doing all that i was doing.

mood: ecstatic


  1. I saw this dress at amazon and thought of you, it has a rose and skull thingamajig on it:

  2. Oh, great! You'll be at the next Commercial Drive thingymabob. I bought a couple of kanzashi things last year and I *need* a couple more bracelets (if you got, of course). The beady-knitted flower-y bracelets are terrific 'cause they're interesting to see but also really lightweight. I can work without having the constant 'clang-clang-clang' of my silver charm bracelets making me go crazy :-)

    I was looking for you, actually, on Sunday. I hope the next one will have lots of fun crafty people around and some sun and perhaps another major Brazilian soccer game victory to spill out on the street again?

    OK. Maybe that's asking a bit too much... .

  3. Oh my! I missed so much!
    Good to see you keeping busy.
    I got some catching up with my blogreading to do!