omg check it out!!!
my internet video stardom launch :D
a teen found me annoying! im touched. i did want to edit that last bit out but simes didnt say anything so we left it. haha!!!

check it out: HERE


Fab Fair!

oooh its coming up!

FAB FAIR'S Bags & Bling
Summer Sale is coming......Saturday June 2nd

11am to 6pm


3102 Main St at 15th Ave.

45 fabulous jewellery and accessory designers will come together for one day only to display their eclectic mix of jewellery, hats, belts and bags.


admission $2
Kids Free

yup yup! come check out my latest designs!
here are a few cameos i custom colored:

and one is a gorgeous necklace. if it doesnt sell at the fair ill list it on etsy.

video tutorial! make your own charm necklace:

edit: im changing this to the threadbangers one :D

yay! its for Pauline of

i tried like 2 years ago or something to put up this m.i.a. concert and couldnt do it and gave up....but now with a little push from the lovely pauline i finally got that video up. pretty excited now to try to make the pouch tute. with maybe simon or christie on the cam. im just using the camera's video so theres no zoom :P
hope you like it!
you hear my voice :D


ok so i bought these small white metal casted jewelry charms. they are so cute. little unicorns. and i got it in my head to tha i need them plated. they look like they were in the process of being plated but never got that far. they are vintage and so cute. yay.
i called country beads, coz i bought a gold plated leaf from them, and asked if they do plating services, and the lady suggested acme plating.
so i look online and i find them!
ACME Plating & Silver Shop. 1530 W. 6th. Vancouver, BC. V6J 1R2. Phone: (604) 733 - 3317. Fax: (604) 733 - 0702
so they dont know how much it will cost but im going to go check some time this or next week :P and see. if it costs more than a hundred dollars im not going to do it. but can you imagine i could get some of my designs made into silver. oooo. i know a lot of ladies would love that :D

meanwhile ive been making stuff and stressing around, you know the usual. its getting sunnier and my pilates tape is getting played.

ive been getting super blah about listing new items and anyway there is a fair on the second. i guess i kind of want to take an etsy break! im working on my new site. im going to have a website! ooooh.

also if i take an etsy break it will give me time to work on all the put off projects for myself. like clothes making and getting new and improved organizational units for my jewelry and sewing areas.

sew along?

omgosh i totally forgot about doing my sewalong project :s
i have been erm, collecting jersey and ribbed knits for a bit a really should learn how to sew them now that its warmer and it might get me more aware of my actual body which i tend to neglect. tops. i want bottoms. things i was supposed to buy with my sudden wealths that end up disappearing into stagnant payment pools:
-dress form or bodice thing. you know, that thing. a vintage one would be too unreal. an adjustable vintage one would be sublime.
-organizational units and my dream of tina in ikea.
-shoe inserts for my flatness in the feet area.
-get my wicked boots heels changed so i dont sound like a horse while walking.
that was fun. how bout heres a list of stuff i really need to get like for seriously:
-nice soap dish for bathroom and kitchen
-new sink rim in bathroom.
gross 'vintage' bacteria infested germ molds of death not cool and is traumatizing me.
-new broom and dustpan
-bucket for mop. gross.
damnit this could turn into one of those never ending lists that will change my life. or at least my surroundings. which will in turn change my life.
-brush scrubbie for mop attachment thing for walls. hmm. or maybe just brush thing. handheld one. pink. i have these beads that are pink and i dunno kind of weird. they look like they have crap on em. like pus balls. with wax. ew. gross. i did try and used them to make a necklace and its in the bathroom where i left it after wearing it for like 2 minutes. heh.
ok so my list is done. for cleaning! ugh.

new stuff instead.

i went to this crazy bead show downtown in some hotel the other week. it was great and i wished i had more money at the time coz omg i totally spent like everything i had on these beads that look like candy. gah :P these are all vintage german glass from talisman beads. they are online too and have a pretty good inventory online but nothing like coming across a heuge mound of vintage glass beads! i guess they came all the way from maryland?? there were lots of crazy vendors from the states :D

i found country beads there! (they are on west 4th) and they had these delightful roses. this necklace features a real rose encased in glass like resin. so crazy good. the charm is vintage. i had fun watching peoples expressions as they read the phrase in french and made confused faces.

this one features an oxidized brass mesh rose and super sparkle swarovski crystal and a leaf and flower branch :D

this. i love this one. a friend of christie asked me if i could make her a jezebels garden piece and but i temporarily ran out of the smaller creamy roses.. so i ended up coming up with a new design! wow! its stunning. i love it. its got a new color flower cameo center- this time brown instead of the cream, and i replaced the cream rose with a cluster of tiny glass picasso beads. so gorgeous and cute. there are the little specks of brown on the beads and the flower cameo pick up the color wonderfully. i added a leaf charm and made the pice longer with no clasp. its just gorgeous! EDIT: modified version with gold plated seahorse available in shop! click on pics:

then this crazy deal... well ok i need to retake pics coz ideally i have another style with a skull..but this is the classic anchor and compass design! i love it. the compass works perfectly and it rocks! if you like this and want to see the other one before i change the pics let me know and ill move my ass faster.

this simple yet very cool design.. also available in dark olivine green. so cool!

got craft to fab fair

ok woah! the got craft fair was stellar!! woohoo!!! it was totally awesome and rockin table neighbors!!!
of course i am a space cadet to maximum. i thought it started at 11! so the first day i was like almost an hour late. drat!!!! i had donated all these wicked prizes for the fisrt 25 people too :P what a looser! lol. ah, luckily andrea and rob are like the coolest people on earth! and didnt freak out on my like i did to myself ! heh. also of course i forgot the effin camera, again, both days!
i sold quite a bit of stuff...but this fair i had all the pieces priced (which i usually dont) and i was wondering if that made people hesitate on going off just picking things up and saying 'ill take it' i love those words :D
i have another fair coming up in a couple weeks. the fab fair at the heritage hall. EDIT: its on June 2 ! one day only!
lots of new designs in shop too! go go go check it out wicked and wild child style!





i am. got craft craft fair at the western front this coming weekend!! 2 days. wholesale orders and special requests up to me ears. not complaining but stressing out!
i made these two amazing necklaces the other day :D ahhh...

i love this one and will make one for can wear it at least 5 different ways :D

this one is stellar! the beads are just gorgeous...and it can be worn in two differnt ways :D

click on images to go to listings.

what about this squirrel necklace? eep!
i loooove it :D
only 2 available...ok so i sold one and this is the last one!

Holly Hobbie Key to my Heart

the sweetest design ;)

a vintage green glass heart and key with a pearlized clear cab featurig holly hobbie and her doll :D
so cute!
click on pic to go to listing '-'/

Free Shipping till May 15th!

the cake was so good. mango strawberry mousse with the most amazing light and not too sweet outer creamy icing my gawd with a light delight angelfood bottom layer. the only actual cake part. ooohh... from annas cakehouse on broadway. yum.....

yay! sewalong with ismoyo is on and will have some pics in a couple days :D

i made this a few days ago and got around to listing it. love it!
its a locket / brass envelope and i added a micro mini porcelain rose. beats me how they make these roses so tiny! they are only around 3 mm wide!

and this. so simple and chic! on etsy ive been seeing people use glass and calling it gemstone. i mean, yeah they make glass colored to look like gemstone, but its fuggin glass yo.
like this awesome piece: no lie. its gorgeous glass!

free shipping offer till may 15th! that is, free shipping on all jewelry purchases. pls. write 'happy birthday' in your notes to seller when checking out and i will send you a new invoice or refund. happy birthday is the word k.

let them eat cake

new beads to go with cake? yes please!

all purchases from my etsy shop today are free shipping us and canada! everywhere else $2! type 'happy birthday' in notes and wait for my revised invoice otherwise ill refund your shipping in your paypal account '-'/
*click on cake to go to shop*

mushroom squirrel and little red

yeah! all these pouches are now in paper ya on granville island. go check em out while the pickins prime! not that any are less cute then the next.. but you know what i mean.

i have extras for my etsy shop :D

mushroom squirrel pouch (in shop now! click on image):

and little red riding hood pouches for listing later.
EDIT: in shop now!!~~ click on image. seriously for reals. i listed it earlier today (may2) and its got 72 views and 3 hearts already (scratches head as to why no ones picked it up yet)

its my fuggin birthday today.
i am 28. 28! thats almost 30.