got craft to fab fair

ok woah! the got craft fair was stellar!! woohoo!!! it was totally awesome and rockin table neighbors!!!
of course i am a space cadet to maximum. i thought it started at 11! so the first day i was like almost an hour late. drat!!!! i had donated all these wicked prizes for the fisrt 25 people too :P what a looser! lol. ah, luckily andrea and rob are like the coolest people on earth! and didnt freak out on my like i did to myself ! heh. also of course i forgot the effin camera, again, both days!
i sold quite a bit of stuff...but this fair i had all the pieces priced (which i usually dont) and i was wondering if that made people hesitate on going off just picking things up and saying 'ill take it' i love those words :D
i have another fair coming up in a couple weeks. the fab fair at the heritage hall. EDIT: its on June 2 ! one day only!
lots of new designs in shop too! go go go check it out wicked and wild child style!

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  1. great stuff! thanks for the fab fair reminder! i hope to make it there!