ok so i bought these small white metal casted jewelry charms. they are so cute. little unicorns. and i got it in my head to tha i need them plated. they look like they were in the process of being plated but never got that far. they are vintage and so cute. yay.
i called country beads, coz i bought a gold plated leaf from them, and asked if they do plating services, and the lady suggested acme plating.
so i look online and i find them!
ACME Plating & Silver Shop. 1530 W. 6th. Vancouver, BC. V6J 1R2. Phone: (604) 733 - 3317. Fax: (604) 733 - 0702
so they dont know how much it will cost but im going to go check some time this or next week :P and see. if it costs more than a hundred dollars im not going to do it. but can you imagine i could get some of my designs made into silver. oooo. i know a lot of ladies would love that :D

meanwhile ive been making stuff and stressing around, you know the usual. its getting sunnier and my pilates tape is getting played.

ive been getting super blah about listing new items and anyway there is a fair on the second. i guess i kind of want to take an etsy break! im working on my new site. im going to have a website! ooooh.

also if i take an etsy break it will give me time to work on all the put off projects for myself. like clothes making and getting new and improved organizational units for my jewelry and sewing areas.