Shops Update!

Ya! ok so i have brought stuff to Devil May Wear on 21st at Main. Its fab!!! All local designers! Super cool clothes! Lots of jewelry to choose from (but of course youre going to buy my stuff right ;) hehe its like the ground floor suite of a building thats
on 21st+Main. i like. super chill atmosphere and lots of wearable stuff!

Coming soon: Virgin Mary's on Commercial Drive!! Ya!
Im going to start making items today. I dont want it to take as long as I have been taking in the past to get itemized items together :S

So the items in New York are in shop now, and I do hope they are well received!

I was having a bit of anxiety with pricing. So to get totally over that the identical few pieces that I have online and in a shop, if the one online sells i wont relist it anymore and just have it as a shop piece. hmm. Also im trying to make it so that I have different pieces in each shop. i dont think that will be a problem .. after i make a piece like if i dont put it down at one point ill keep working on it till its totally different :D so crazy, i can go through 3 designs before i figure 'i should start another' what a waste ;>

Ok very excited now!
I have been over pimping my etsy listings and i think im thoroughly disgusted with myself enough that i dont want to list anything anymore haha im such a dork. k.

hmm. The Front, I should try too coz this girl at fair said it would be a positive yes, but not after i go to virgin mary's. its a 60/40 at both these places, so i think a few more expensie elabo pieces go there.

new items

edited! click on pics to see listings
amazonite owls- sold out temporarily...

chubby birds.. sold out online too but there might be a pair at briers...

the lady and the key

japanese linen pouch. super cute and still in shop:

porcelain blue heart! the print goes all around '-'/ sweet gift!

pink heart '-'/ last one:

brown heart :D last one:

owls and chuby birds on smokey quartz- sold out.. but i have new more lovely smoky quartz so ill be making more :D

medievial pheasant piece- sold out but may get more of the lovely settings...

lucky clover- sold out, but look out for new clovers with green rhinestones..

pheasantly surprized! in shop:

green vanity necklace- vintage glass cameo:

serenes garden

yay! ok so theres lots of new items in my shop. i havent been updating my other online shops and should, too.
click on pics later when i edit in all the links!!! meanwhile go to shop!
eta: ok! i forgot to edit these and now some have sold out!!

Filigree wrapped intaglio necklaces

click on pics to go to listings
first up we have my favorite! Sailing the high seas :D

next is this one.. sooo lovely. its a favorite of mine too.
i repainted the intaglio with shimmery blue and black..

now this piece i named after my favorite lady dancer on so you think you can dance. i know, dorky right. its called anya's garden, named after anya garnis!
*warning*reality tv whine ahead* but i swear to god she deserves to be in the top 10 over sucktastic mug face lauren (hurl). anya should be dancing with pasha on the tour damnit! anyway heres a pic i made of them for those that dont know what she looks like:

and here is the necklace i think suits her style:

this last one is another fave of mine.. its of this nude lady playing an open harp. she has a boob, and an ear, and of course her harp. i used these super amazing sparkle heat treated quartz as a dangle. its gorgeous...


the fair was great!! till it rained. i had to move under a buildings awning. awww. which sucked. i did manage to sell quite a bit in the beginning and was by myself most times, so i was kind of stressing out when at times, id have people swarmed all around the table.. people were coming from the back too coz i was on the street. very disconcerting. my only worry of theft stems from the fact that i do believe a lot of people dont comprehend that i made all the stuff on my table. i do think a lot think i bought it all and am reselling. hmm. i should have a big fat 'i made this all by hand so dont steal anything coz it'll suck for me' sign. but i dont think, and totally hope that nothing was taken... i made a crap load! and didnt keep track. also my camera. its dead. totally dead!! i can only use it at home. the zoom is completely broke and i have to literally pull out the view finder when it turns on otherwise it just makes this tic-tic-tic noise. ugh. anyway, i hope you like the filigree pieces. esp. the anya one! if you watch the show and have some thoughts.. please leave a comment and lets discuss.


In Vancouver BC?? Bored on Sunday??
Its on all day, today June 22!
The whole streets closed off! Its gonna be rad!
Music, entertainment, food and of course, ME!!!! other vendors too!! :D
Starts at 12, ends at 6.
Come on down to the drive for a full day of fun!
Lots of new designs and pouches YAY!

People Who Have Called Me on the Phone

damnit christie or crissy i lost your number. the one who wanted the silver octopus necklace!!! please call me back or email me!!!!
so stupid. so dumb. so i listen to my messages and hear hers, and quickly write her number down using my favorite pink sign pen then delete the message. ok. its on a sheet of paper on the coffee table. of course i dont call her right away coz i hadnt ordered a silver octopus yet.
fast forward to a few nights later.
i find a silver octopus on etsy and buy it.
the next day.
i go check the pile of papers that have accumulated on the coffee table.
i find the paper with her number on it but! (of course) ITS GOTTEN WET and all there is a large pink smudge. OH NO! so there are a few numbers that are unaffected and i try to call some 'educated guesses' to no avail. then i think oh! gosh i can check my phone bill! so i go look around for my phone bill and find them all in the drawer where i keep my bills EXCEPT for the last bill. i finally spot the bill on the table (its a full table)
guess what ok there is a large square section torn off the corner and that is possibly where i can see her number and it is completely lost!!! yargh! i think i did it and made some kind of grocery list or something.
its the word of god telling me to be more organized sheesh!!!

and erin? i think i remember hearing a message from you on your friends b-day you wanted to get her charms, and i heard it too late, and i forgot to call you back and now your message is gone and i dont know your number. i just wanted to say hi.


stores update

oh my gad. i cant believe its already the middle of july! talk about slow (me, not the month).

so i called mintage and im picking up a check, but dont think they can take my stuff again,
so i might take the rest that is left (coz i might forget about it) to
devil may wear which i still havent made an itemized items and an inventory for. ugh. i will do that
after i ship these pieces to new york! gad finally. see these in feel design in beacon as i am shipped them today.

see the mama mary one i wore in the pouch tute video! i looove it so. its reversible with a glass cameo on the back.
click on this pic for directions to feel design in beacon new york:

and my little red riding hood wallets!! to all you in EUROPE and the UK yah! faster, and closer shipping:

IYL little red riding hood wallets at

that last part was confusing to code but click the screen shot and you directly to that page!
their shop is totally jam packed full of goodies!

meanwhile i have an interview for my permanent residency. its like, next week.. aii! neeed tooo payy 490 $ !!! before i see them. and bring 2 pictures.
yikes aand yaaay!

vynil zipper pouch tutorial video

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

meeeehhh! (sheep bler) ok so this is the tute i made for instructables. theres another one with cute fabric, promise :D of a card wallet like the ones at paperya and in my shop. i didnt and couldnt really go find better vynil so i got this stuff which i thought could look good and if you sew the whole thing with a prefered fabric over it it will be super cool.
its supposed to have fit the category special needs coz i do notice 1. old people, 2. special needs 3. drunklike/kind of messed up but has a medicalbuspass or something 4. kids 5. if your hip, on your hip, you could make it rock busspass users. i dont buy one coz its expensie i have a bike and dont bus as much. so when i was going to upload it i checked the other tutes (which are awesome) there already was a belt pouch in there ;; nye. kapikon nevermind na talaga. padah, thanks simes for videoing and edits on quicktime coz im such a ditz, ill figure it out one day!
i got a wide plastic basin for the bathroom and cleaning. so ive taken to putting it under the leak in the shower faucet.. and it fills up really quickly with so sometimes i use the water but most times it just keeps overflowing. it never gets fixed properly and its the hot water tap. when theres no music playing, or even if the fan isnt on or whatever (like right now) its in the background noise all. the. time. i think i might go insane. luckily simon just got back :D


hello fellow blog readers!! I am getting more alarmed as the days pass! Its almost the 15th! I really really am begging for your help. It will only take a couple minutes... If you live in America, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,
PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES RIGHT AWAY and urge them to support the Internet Equality Act. Go to to find the phone numbers of your Senators and Representative.
IM BEGGIN' YOU DEARS, also IF YOU CALL and want to buy my stuff, you get a fat discount when you write 'i called ______(senators name) for the Internet Equality Act'... $5 off, depending on your story! if you got more friends to call then you know, i might have to give you free shipping as well. no lying and cheating please, coz that would be like, um the lamest thing ever.



Time and options are running out for Internet Radio. Late this afternoon, the court DENIED the emergency stay sought on behalf of webcasters, millions of listeners and the artists and music they support.

UNLESS CONGRESS ACTS BY JULY 15th, the new ruinous royalty rates will be going into effect on Sunday, threatening the future of all internet radio.

We are appealing to the millions of Internet radio listeners out there, the webcasters they support and the artists and labels we treasure to rise up and make your voices heard again before this vibrant medium is silenced. Even if you have already called, we need you to call again.

The situation is grave, but that makes the message all the simpler and more serious.

PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES RIGHT AWAY and urge them to support the Internet Equality Act. Go to to find the phone numbers of your Senators and Representative.

If they've already co-sponsored, thank them and tell them to fight to bring the bill to the floor for an immediate vote. If the line is busy, please call back. Call until you know your voice has been heard.

Your voices are what have gotten us this far - Congress has listened. Now, they are our only hope.

We are outmatched by lobbying power and money but we are NOT outmatched by facts and passion and the power of our voices.

Again, please go to to find the necessary phone numbers and make the call today.

Thank you,

The SaveNetRadio Campaign

and now a word from our sponsor:
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Modern Sea Necklaces

Saturday Night Specials
im doing the SNS tonight!! free shipping on everything plus an additional $5 off if you buy two or more items.. doesnt matter what they are!!

go go gadget check out my shop!
new modern sea necklace colors added today!
lets see.. there is chalcedony and aqua quartz colored glass, and rose and smoky quartz gemstone briolettes with gold plated vintage seahorse charm accentuated with the feminine creamy japanese vintage rose..

ok i fixed the links (again! all are in stock!)! go click on pics to see the listings :D
pink quartz

smoky quartz

aqua quartz (glass)

chalcedony glass

atlach-nacha :

this. i love this one. a friend of christie asked me if i could make her a jezebels garden piece and but i temporarily ran out of the smaller creamy roses.. so i ended up coming up with a new design! wow! its stunning. i love it. its got a new color flower cameo center- this time brown instead of the cream, and i replaced the cream rose with a cluster of tiny glass picasso beads. so gorgeous and cute. there are the little specks of brown on the beads and the flower cameo pick up the color wonderfully. i added a leaf charm and made the piece longer with no clasp-can be modified for you.. its just gorgeous! EDIT: modified version with gold plated seahorse available in shop- made to order (bout 4 days)

Well Ill be Locked and Loaded


i love this! took me forever to design. maybe thats why! :D heh.

and this cutie pie piece mixing metals, crystal and enamel with a marine theme dream!
the anchor dog tag was too good for me to pass up and i paired it with a cruise ship charm i found locally. my newish unrequited love with the color idicolite might have born its first child:

Geneve - Limoges Cameo Necklace

just lovely.. a mint limoges porcelain cameo.. a dream.. available in shop..
click on pics..
first style still available:

this second pic links to the new style: (its nice!!! and features flowers and leaves)

Devil May Wear - Its Your Life New Location

im bringing a bunch of my designs to the Devil May Wear boutique on #198 E. 21st. sometime next week...
ill update with pics of what i brought.. if you are in vancouver, go check it out (after i bring stuff!)

oh yes, and new large, chunky absolutely fan-frikin-tabulous new items coming to feel design in new york by the end of July!

Brand spankin new

i love this one. um, i really do. simply pretty.

new holly hobbie piece! just lovely :D

vintage increasing love necklace- subtle, chic and sex friendly

squirrel necklace with acorn! i got two acorn charms :D so only 2 of this design available

click on images to go to listings! yay :D


Paper Ya Pouches!

all these cute japanese fabric card wallet / pouches are now available at paper ya in the new loft, on granville island! go get em now while the pickins prime!!