holy crap i just found someone selling REAL dead dried up seahorses in jars on etsy.
so not cool. so not classy. so not something i ever want to see.


  1. hey, nicole! i found out that 2 of my peeps at work know you: christopher torres and trish pineda. good thing it's the cool kids or else i'd have no choice but to disown you. HAR!

    i showed trish yer blog and she LOVES it. but of course!

    keep up the loovly, brilliant work, baby.


    P.S. dead seahorses in jars aint cool! hear! hear!

  2. trish baluyut pala! she met you via alaexandra peeps: leslie and jay bueno, nash & martel benitez kids, and the late billy.

    that's all, eggplant!

  3. omg eduardo youre always blastin from the pastin me...say hi to chris!!! tell him he is a baaaastard for old times sake! hah!
    trish hi trish?! i can only remember jay and martel and leslie.. and um....gonna have to remind me more...