new items that rock my world

ive finally listed a bunch of new stuff!
i made this gorgeous bracelet. it took me 2 or 3 days of fiddling. its at a special price coz i need $ but if it doesnt sell by thursday im upping the price to $44, which is what i thought it should be.
just lovely. topaz pink luster renaissance glass, a heuge sparkling vintage swarovski, layered oxidized brass filigree, vintage brass heart locket with NOS handcarved ivory.. sooo dreamy.

sparkle pears. my fave swarovski color, or one of my faves ;D crystal golden shadow..

i bought smoky quartz, real gemstones :D
the skully quartz earrings also come in silver.

amazonite! its so pretty and soothing. these also come in silver.

this. i love this one very much. a gorgeous crystal intaglio of buddha. in gold. so small.. the cameo is 12 x10mm ? i set into a new gold plated setting. a tiny swarovski crystal dangles below. its really pretty!

i love these as well...picasso green czech flowers, filigree, sparrows, so pretty in a lovely oxidized brass color...

save the best for last? :D ya! i looove this one.. these crystals are so fab. so fab. the ab is so light, from green to pink... its huge, and soo unique. they dont make them this size in this cut anymore.. the poodle medallion is from a vintage mold! shes got a ribbon on..gorgeous kitch yet chic and elegant :D

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  1. That top bracelet is GORGEOUS!!! If I had the dough, I would totally buy it.