fabric stash cleaning! and vhs tapes

im cleaning out my fabric cabinet!

some fabric pieces for sale can be found in supplies section in etsy!

right now im working on sewing custom orders.

busy, but not stressing.

theres a dollar type shop in the mall near my house, they sell only books and movies tho, like they bought a closed movie rental place or something. anyway they have like 2 walls of $1 vhs tapes. out dvd player broke recently so it soooo perfect.
like seriously ive bought 11 movies and all the ones ive watched are super good! except the bogus witch project with pauly shore. we had to turn that off. ok lang, it was just a dollar!
last night i saw 'longtime companion' its like the 1st movie in reacton to the 'gay cancer' article 1st published in the ny times or something... its like from the 80's or something. crap it was freakin good. i cried. and felt just as hopefull as them in the end.
crap if you ever come across a $$ store or some type of discount shop where they sell older films buy as many as you can that are recommened by critics. like, seriosly! they are all good.
here are the other titles i saw recently that really surprized me:
living out loud (so funny and touching :P)
full frontal (simon loved it)
bussiness of strangers (ok)
twin falls idaho (so cool)
sugar town (very entertaining)
ghost ship (holy scare tactics)

there are more but i havent seen em yet.

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  1. aaah damn! i'm heading over there now to check it out!