Aranzi Aronzo

yehey! my craft book arrived!!! with it came some nice creamy floral cotton print ♥ thanks lee!

♥♥♥ i love it ♥♥♥ this is the very first japanese craft book that i really really wanted. i love aranzi aronzo!

there is only one pattern with any sort of english. while stuffing the monkey he seems to get overwhelmed. hahaha

new studio- of course my side is already messy and still not organized :P


recent interview found in m.i.a. forums

feb 2 is simons birthday! were going to see african bombada? fun! sew sew sew today...2 drawstring pouches for davins chess board and pieces! a panda messenger bag order for angelas friend! more belt pouches! and a secret gift for simes!

its really brutal out there. overcast dark cold windy wet ♥ yeah i just learned that

got this from Jason daSilva the other day on my email:

Dear fellow Canadiana,

My short film A Song For Daniel is getting its
Canadian debut on CBC on Zed Real at 5:45 on Tuesday,
January 31st.

Watch it if you got em! Can someone videotape it for



whoops days fly its thursday havent posted in a few days. will be posting when were all settled in...

somebody bought something from my etsy shop today. so nice *'_'* noticed something new as well...etsy started something called 'alchemy' where people (YOU) post something that you want made and how much your ideal price is, then crafters (ME) put bids on making it! how fun. i put a bid in already :)

been looking at electrolychee for the past hour and all the links. even found my way back to its your life presents just by linking. insane. me likes pinoy represent blogs.. i likeyd we are analog & littlerocket from out there.

see this site recommended by quilter cindy: uplifting arts

i have the same fabric gasp.

new apartment!

heres the new studio (and thats pretty much all i moved today. that suff with the chair and 3 other boxes. )

see the shiny floor simon did?

living room

modeling monchhichi

Hello Friendly Readers!

were moving its bigger its nicer! today we got in the new apartment tho we havent moved yet...simon took the oven out and cleaned the floor! wOw. that was super cool, then i swept the floor and packed a bit while get this- simes gets on his knees to wipe the floor with murphys oil soap and not stopping here last year i got this product, this acrylic floor coating product from the free bin at school. simon wiped that stuff on and WOW! its like a new floor! so shiny, spotless, smooth....he said it smelled like candy green apples.
were going to get organized. more moving tomorrow. simons at work so i think i will start with the sewing stuff tho i cant move the table upstairs (i wish i could tho...) theres an elevator- or used to be one. its patched up now. mmm elevator... cant wait!


im not sure what these are called...i see the word? MEME. i think me, me. you know lke you, you but me, me? anyway here goes:
tagged me
I’ve been tagged!
Four jobs you have had in your life:
ohh geez.. i havent had that many
1. art for livelyhood volunteer (does this count)
2. live in manager for a backpackers hostel
3. waitress
4. sales lady (this sucked but the owner was super)
Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. the emperor penguin movie (forgot title)
2. waking life
3. anniversary party
4. the breakfast club
Four places you have lived:
1. NCR (Philippines)
2. San Fransisco/San Mateo
3. Puerto Princessa/Boayan Island Palawan
4. Vancouver BC
Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. CSI
2. medium
3. john stewart
4. the cobert repot
Four places you have been on vacation:
1. the islands
2. mountain province
3. sunshine coast - is that gibsons? (does over night count?)
4. hong kong
Four websites I visit daily:
haha. dont think im lame. i swear im interesting and not self centered! blog neighbors myspace (well, most of the days of the week) site meter (when i need a reason to post) yahoo email (for replies and new comments!)
Four of my favourite foods:
how can i not go back to this food list? only 4?
1. anything with rice/asian noodle anything
2. ripe philippine mango
3. steam/fry/bbq light white fish
4. chicken anything
Four places I would rather be right now:
im pretty happy right now, but if i was down it would be in no particular order:
1. new york with paolo, rina and tina
2. london with debra and treesa
3. manila with my brother sean
4. on boayan island with all of the above and then some.
Four bloggers I am tagging:
and i dont know! i dont want to ask anybody else coz im embarrassed.

you’re it!

Helmet on Fourth!

All the new Its Your Life items are now available at Helmet on 4th (2254 West 4th Ave Vancouver BC) !! Yipee. Marjolyn, the co-ordinator decided to take them all- how cool!

this is a link to Helmet Hair Salon and Boutique

emmie and andrew are coming over later. have to fix up- dear me, the studios already neater now that all the new bags are gone! if the bags do better in a shop than on etsy will try to find more shops to consign to!

edit: the bunny clutches are at helmet now for 29$! cheep chirp click on the hearts to see the bunny clutches again ♥♥♥

Red Riding Hood tote and Raccoon purse

two more helmet

this one needs buttons...i think the strap might be a tad bit wide, but i like it :)

edit 9:23
found a lot of new sites! please see blog and links section.

monchhichi belt pouch


i made these two monchhichi pouches with boys in mind but i wonder if they will be into it?

this is the smaller one with metal zipper
... i would never put something for sale on bare belly hairs

still no snaps too...i wasnt sure how big/small. but im just going to put snaps on the one end.

from the huge sack of scraps i recieved yesterday there was nice green, red and blue gingham which i used for the lining here and the perfect flower trim!
bought out all this fish trim it is too cute.

new bags

sack of scraps! from a friend of cindy....

lots of furry terry cloth for dolls and some trim...

hansel and gretle fabric ;)
am bringing all the new stuff to a shop/salon on 4th? maybe on thursday.. edit: on friday! ill post what happens cross your fingers for nico '_'

added a button:

new links :)
im getting way too many people with shops themselves asking where i get my fabric and how i make my stuff.
i am not going to respond anymore! i cant take it its me driving insane. the stuff i make is already super simple. they are coming from all places etsy, craftster, flickr. but none on my frikkin craft blog? what is that??

daiso bag with linen

oh! i was surprized myself at how nice this one turned out. no closure yet. i dont know what to use. and its a bit late for a magnetic snap...

goodbye eric - mail art?
eric hood on his way to Iceland. readers over there mark your calendars and look out for this guy. compliment his hat and do art with him.
checked out lovebugcuties site today and found this. im bad these are sins mind you gosh ! haha putcha ang sama ko pala!
Wrath:Very Low

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz
my cousin catherine ( just uploaded all her pics on flickr from her trip to the philippines! WOW! i so want to go back.
want to see what the philippines best looks like?
see her photostream here:
Catherines Philippine Photostream Dec05-Jan06
found this quite easily:
Upload Video and Images - Putfile
I uploaded some video of Francis' open mic tonight! YIPEE! i found a video hosting/uploading site that works with our computer! cool! i can upload the m.i.a. concert.

meanwhile click here to view and listen. hes got a killer voice and who can resist his cute little face and big hair? not even simon can stop himself!
click on francis cruz in the friends section.
cant see it? dont have quicktime, on a pc? free quicktime download for A Pentium processor-based PC or compatible computer

today felt like such a BOY day. spoke to francis when i got up for a while...then eric came over he is going to iceland tomorrow for 2 months! I must remember to drop by tomorrow morning with a couple of art mags for the plane ride. thats andrew by the window then he dissapeared. sewed a bit, went to the open mic with simon but unfortunately he lost his wallet! so he went to look for it, then after the the open mic all of us walked (my male crew?!) and walked and finally found the ex british servicemens association or whatever its called- pool/dart hall! where erics despedida was held stayed for a bit and then we all split ways.
when we got home checked the mailbox and oh boy-got my fabric from korea :)
which leaves me back here. on the computer. found that uploading site, took more pics of the stuff i sewed and posting on the blog.
red and black one for a friend:

two cute bags:

one side

the other side

4 new bags

i made more trim pouches. ones a bag! the two green ones are the same. no zip/cottony handles.

i can crochet!

came from cute knitta fairys house earlier and she gave me all this insane fiber i thought it could be great for the bobbin- you know like the green line on the bunny pouches but then she had crochet hooks and i made a weird bracelet then i made a pretty necklace! i gave it to emmie couldnt believe it it looks pretty good! (i stole some of her pics)

heres the necklace i ended up making at home. well no one twisted my arm or anything. i added some natural of them is a scull but you cant really see...its much bigger-click click. we mentioned to each other that it looks like hemp. linen looks mmm just thought of nice fabric...this is the woven fabric from my aunt. its a scanned pic and i photoshopped it so the colors are a bit oof. i mean off.

so crazy. i havent crocheted since grade 6 when we had a ganchillo (crochet) project that i didnt finish. i never finished my home ec. projects- look at me now! hahaha!
thanks emmie!

edit: heres me wearng it. im still wearing it now!