i can crochet!

came from cute knitta fairys house earlier and she gave me all this insane fiber i thought it could be great for the bobbin- you know like the green line on the bunny pouches but then she had crochet hooks and i made a weird bracelet then i made a pretty necklace! i gave it to emmie couldnt believe it it looks pretty good! (i stole some of her pics)

heres the necklace i ended up making at home. well no one twisted my arm or anything. i added some natural beads...one of them is a scull but you cant really see...its much bigger-click click. we mentioned to each other that it looks like hemp. linen looks mmm just thought of nice fabric...this is the woven fabric from my aunt. its a scanned pic and i photoshopped it so the colors are a bit oof. i mean off.

so crazy. i havent crocheted since grade 6 when we had a ganchillo (crochet) project that i didnt finish. i never finished my home ec. projects- look at me now! hahaha!
thanks emmie!

edit: heres me wearng it. im still wearing it now!


  1. you are so kewl girl, amazing!!! I totally dig it. You are so supah talented.... you have to sell these!

    I want to hang out soon too!

    (bounces around living room a few times) Okay, so when shall we hang, this week is not great for me...maybe Fri or Sat? I know you are on right now, crazy nico!!!


  2. hey are you still on here i was just posting it on craftster heh. you know me too well. hahaha!
    simon said he'd stay up with me but hes passed out on the couch with his hands in strange places.

    did you get my vancrafter email? there is a meet on jan 29.

    im going to put up the pics i took of me wearing the necklace now


  3. Love the necklaces - so boho, hippy, earthy, nice! And as my son says --- peace out!

  4. hhaha thanks jessica-

    i was thinking that they were a bit hippy dippy. not really what i had in mind! but it looks cool anyway hehe.