Little Red Riding Hood pouch trade a success!

edit at 10:53 pm:
ive finished it! its lovely. its perfect. i made an applique by cutting the wolf out, ironing it on interfacing, adding fray stop all around and stitching it on the pouch. the loops were replaced by narrow trim of houses-there is a light aqua highlight that matches the garter perfectly. the top of the lining is a bit garterized to accomodate the stretch of the knit and is a bit larger than the measurements of the pouch (to fit more stuff). the cotton rope was part of the trim bag find.
ill take better pics during the day. i dont know what to do with it! its too cute.

edit at 6.45 pm :
im going to do it again, the loops shouldnt be garter!
i garterized the top of the lining (the aqua) its cute but i want it a bit lower. im not adding a zip anymore...


today i met up withEmmie at SOMA for a trade: earrings for a knitted pouch. its going to be the little red ridinghood pouch. hehe heres a pic of it that Emmie sent. im so excited! its such a nice little knit pouch!

while we were chatting in SOMA this asian guy named Ron who writes freelance for ricepaper mag in Totronto came up to us and had a nice chat...then I find out he knows ®omeo and others (hey how did i do that registerd trademark symbol?)
6 degrees of seperation- going back Emmie and chatting with her (she is so super FUNNY and nice!) were talking about how few Filipinos I met here in Vancouver that I can vibe with...
emmie: "Allan?..."
nicole: "Cortez?..."
emmie: "..."
nicole: "His girlfriends name is Ji-..."
emmie: "Jill!"
nicole: "OMG I dont even know that many Filipinos in Vancouver!"

Emmie and I plan on doing more trade/ collabo crafts? itll be awsome knit with sewing sewing with knit.

now must finish the tutorial Its Your Life's nico was asked to write for the quilted japanese traditional pouch...


  1. Looks so good! I am so excited! I love this (leaps arouns, like a bunny on speed)Off to bed now!!!!

    What shapes did you want me to knit for you?

  2. i know! its so lovely- i was jumping and spinning around too gosh. im so insane coz now i still want to do it again! theres something else wrong now...this is going to be 150% perfect. heh!

    oh...ill send you a message. i guess flowers? i dunno. i really like this first pouch/bag collabo!

  3. Nicely done - collaborating is very smart. Love it!

  4. ooo thanks jessica! it was really lovebugcuties knitted pouch that made it work

  5. ***blushes profusely***

    Thanks nico :) I think you had a bit to do with it too! ;)