NEW DOLL OWNERS! (Southlands Country Fair)

click on the pic! click on the pic!
This is Griffin! (smile you're on the Its Your Life Blog) isnt he cute:

These beauties are Amy and mom. They got a weiner dog for a cousin and the last cute stuffie with a bag YAY!

this is Alexa a very cute volunteer. i gave all volunteers a discount! dont her cheeks look like apples? and owlie is lovin the colorful bracelets!

and an owl i gave to michael the birdhouse man. such beautiful work!

here what the table set up looked like. again im wishing i had some sort of a better set up.

and the cutest most special was the girl from the apple farm with her mini baby bunny! o my gosh it was sooooooo super cute~

Im tired of doing fairs for a while. the next fairs Its Your Life will be doing will be in November onwards. meanwhile ill be posting pics of random dolls/bags and/or my present sculpture project for scool.

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  1. i really like how you got everyones picture with your goodies! look how happy they are to have new stuffies!