craftster swaps

im such a deadbeat! instead of going to the real library and not the one i set up in the 'bookmarks' ive joined 2 more swaps. the unconditional swap was awsome i sent out the dolls so far and elected myself to send out a mini ipod case as well coz im sposed to get earrings too but they havent arrived yet.

here are the pins i got from sweetie_pie_press in t dot. she has an etsy shop!

ive also joined the unconditional cd swap making an easy mix for bracelet_girl in the uk. i want a cd from lusterbunny and viceversa coz shes the one who introduced this swap to me. i liked her choice of magnetic fields and fisherspooner and neutral milk hotel and..just check the link.

also its the 5th instant swap! this time i 'got' lasandri and she'll probably get a purse! i still have so many left over and no fairs and i still havent gone up main street coz its been RAINING boo.

now i really should start my day i mean its already 11:15 and i still have to eat shower do the dishes from last night and fix the studio so i can start sewing

student art show and sale

i just found out today emily carr is having its students art show and sale in late november (nov.25, 26 & 27). im so stoked. all the dolls will probably sell AT THE CORRECT PRICE!

STUDENT ART SHOW AND SALE! wee! 3 days of free gallery space. its the same time as west point gray craft fair but i really dont care!


meanwhile i really should get cracking on my stuffed landscapes. need. to. go. to. library.
the first crit is on oct.11/oct18.

NEW DOLL OWNERS! (Southlands Country Fair)

click on the pic! click on the pic!
This is Griffin! (smile you're on the Its Your Life Blog) isnt he cute:

These beauties are Amy and mom. They got a weiner dog for a cousin and the last cute stuffie with a bag YAY!

this is Alexa a very cute volunteer. i gave all volunteers a discount! dont her cheeks look like apples? and owlie is lovin the colorful bracelets!

and an owl i gave to michael the birdhouse man. such beautiful work!

here what the table set up looked like. again im wishing i had some sort of a better set up.

and the cutest most special was the girl from the apple farm with her mini baby bunny! o my gosh it was sooooooo super cute~

Im tired of doing fairs for a while. the next fairs Its Your Life will be doing will be in November onwards. meanwhile ill be posting pics of random dolls/bags and/or my present sculpture project for scool.


how exciting 2 dachshunds on the way!
"all ready for the fair tomorrow?"
"(muffled mini woofs)"

new bags for the southlands fair

here are some new bags for the fair this coming sunday (see previous post for date and directions)


Its Your Life is attending the Southlands Country fair on Sept. 25! come ready for a full day of fun!

Southlands Riding Club
7025 Macdonald Street
Vancouver, BC
V6N 1G2 Canada
ph: 604-263-4817
fax: 604-263-1281
e-mail: southlands @


first of all i apologize coz most of these pics are blurry. they are the kind of pics that give you motion sickness. proceed with caution.

this is Trisha from Victoria who got happy panda for her sisters baby (dont they look alike?)
(she also got the belt pouch like simons-see below)

this is harvey with tancat. he bought it for his fiance to be yipee! he also got her the new olive floral messenger bag with pink gingham lining. i hope she likes it!

heres marita and marilena (finnish names! i thought they were hispanic but no!) they were a sweet mother and daughter team. no dolls but they got 3 bags!

it was crazy! for a few hours in the beginning then it was like a ghost town.... all the other vendors left so i felt weird the only one there even though it was only 4.00 i left with an hour to go.
heres my sorry table

heres my view:

and here are some (blurry) pics of simons belt pouch (fits a pack of smokes and a lighter or a wallet and cards and change or a cel phone and lipstick etc etc etc!

i added a silver thingy to this mini clutch now its even cuter!

and heres bunnies sister bunny. shes always eating!

learn how to make a bunny/bear

heres bear brother and his bunny sister. they are cute. 8 inches high.

see my version of a tutorial here

panda family shot

heres reverse pandas new family. they are all brothers and sisters. its a trippy shot coz i am playing with the flash.
.. i guess you can see one of the pandas watching tv only has his features pinned on. might make the mouth of happy bear or eyes? have a bigger also forgot to mention the panda bear that went to portland is noticably thinner than these bears because even tho i realized i should add seam allowance to the patterns i forgot and only just started with these bears. oops. i hope olive + orange (swap partner) doesnt care.and i almost forgot their little nubby tails

no face reverse panda

with the a2z consignment fair coming up (3 DAYS!!!) i need to make more dolls and a favorite of mine to make is the panda. a reverse panda i wanted to try. and see how cute they are! im not sure what kind of face it should have (the reverse one), or weather or not it should be a panda. maybe its just a bear.

were going to portalnd weeee!

heres our complete finished family.... 'im so excited' said panda bear. 'me too!' said forest owl... pastel owl was busy looking at a pattern book...shortly she piped up and squealed 'eeee! i cant wait to go shopping !!'l

face askew panda

im having trouble making more dolls but now that my school week is over plus the pressure of next weeks fair...
i did tho make my swap partner another owl and a panda whos face i need to adjust before sending tomorrow.


it was so yummy had to post a pic of dinner: pan de sal pizza!

white linen shoulder bag

heres a pic of the second linen bag with a magnetic snap and big flat silver rings. the insterior is black pique cotton.


this early morning we went skytraining to burnaby to register for a handmade cristmas craftfair.. we got there late at so i got number 40. after breakfast got back in wait and chose table 45 in the banquet hall for It's Your Life on Friday Nov.18. bonsor park community center sure is a hip and happenin place. lots of activity! and so early in the morning too...

on nov.19 its Reily Park Community Centers xmas craft fair and since its closer to home.. if i fully wake up today i might possibly haul ass and get there to register today as well but its not like the burnably one its just register till the tables are out..

lets see what i come up with today

ok so i made a bag today.
its not done yet, strap.

SWARM & red and grey striped rounded messenger bag

TONIGHT IS SWARM! see the schedule here:

i kind of messed up with the zipper coz i just added it at the end. might take it off coz i made a flap.
its piped and i used a very very stiff ribbon inside the strap. i think its for mens pant waistbands..

bought patterns

got some patterns. the sucky thing is lots of times i dont really try hard enough to figure out the sizes of bags so i get home and of course there are only 3 normal sized bags out of the like 8 patterns. the rest are HEUGE!

heres the first one. i kinda messed it up. used 1 1/2" silver d rings coz they were all i had so had to make the loops bigger and the strap wider but it turned out too big coz the zip is attached in this wierd after thought kind of way. but its ok.

A2Z Consignment fair is coming up! sept 18 at coal harbour community center.

i love my dog torso!

i just finished the 2nd dog i made it better with seam allowance and it turned out super cute! the ears are bit far back but i think its ok. i hope to remember to take a pic of charlotte!

charlotte and daschunds

today was the first day of school and sam told me that it was charlottes birthday yesterday! as usual i spazzed and forgot to say happy birthday before i skedaddled. im going to make her a daschund! or also known as dog torso. ill post a pic when its done later later tonight. we agreed a leather one would be really cool. but im just gonna cloth it coz a) its cheaper 2) i already have the cloth and c) it will be my second try so i dont want to waste some hide.

mother and new orleans

but on to lighter things like this from Jason,Jason and Jasonoh and jason:

From: Jason DaSilva
Date: September 4, 2005 8:38:22 AM EDT
Subject: Kanya to George

In case you haven't already seen this, on a live nationally-televised
telethon for hurricane relief tonight, Kanye West issued a
racial critique of how the relief has been mishandled, and ended with
the clincher: "George Bush does not care about Black people."

Here are links to video clips, and a transcript is below...

Mike Myers: [dutifully reads canned plea for charity on teleprompter]

Kanye: [abandons teleprompter] "I hate the way they portray us in the
media. You see a black family and they say we are looting, you see a
white family and they say they are looking for food. And, you know,
its been five days because most of the people ARE black. And even for
me to complain, I would be a hypocrite because I would turn away from
the TV because it's too hard to watch. I've even been shopping
even giving a donation, so now I'm calling my business manager right
to see what is the biggest amount I can give. And just to imagine, if
I was down there and those are my people down there. If there is
anybody out there that wants to do anything that we can help about
way America is set up the help the poor, the black people, the less
well off as slow as possible. Red cross is doing as much as they can.
We already realize a lot of the people that could help are at war
right now, fighting another way. And now they've given them
to go down and shoot us.

Mike Myers: [stands frozen in horror, decides to pretend nothing
happened and stick with the teleprompter]


Mike Myers: [descends into complete panic]

the problem with mice & my folk art bag

is that theres always more than one. even if the sticky trap the pest control guy put in did a great job catching the little critter, simon did a greater job and got em outta here, another one got caught in the other trap. we need more traps like that one. yuk. its kinda sad but rodents transmit major yuk.
i cant believe this apartment came with mice!!!

heres pics of my unfinished folk art print bag. i made it with pleats and a middle section that was supposed to continue as the strap but it didnt work and i had to cut it so i added 2 gold d rings and an adjustable strap. i basically followed this and this but added a part in the middle. ill post a finished pic soon:

i-pod case!!!

i made kristine her i-pod case! she didnt want a mesh screen for the round part like simons
so it kind of opens. then after i sewed it added a button hole for the charger part. but its like 2 millimiteres too low. still fits tho!
its super cute: