craftster swaps

im such a deadbeat! instead of going to the real library and not the one i set up in the 'bookmarks' ive joined 2 more swaps. the unconditional swap was awsome i sent out the dolls so far and elected myself to send out a mini ipod case as well coz im sposed to get earrings too but they havent arrived yet.

here are the pins i got from sweetie_pie_press in t dot. she has an etsy shop!

ive also joined the unconditional cd swap making an easy mix for bracelet_girl in the uk. i want a cd from lusterbunny and viceversa coz shes the one who introduced this swap to me. i liked her choice of magnetic fields and fisherspooner and neutral milk hotel and..just check the link.

also its the 5th instant swap! this time i 'got' lasandri and she'll probably get a purse! i still have so many left over and no fairs and i still havent gone up main street coz its been RAINING boo.

now i really should start my day i mean its already 11:15 and i still have to eat shower do the dishes from last night and fix the studio so i can start sewing

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