wow i hate the new dashboard interface

hate it

meanwhile everythings going the same.getting victimized stolen from and mentally raped every night by ANYONE i know in the "community" of homeless people mostly drug addicts. go figure. im exhausted my money is finished i have lost so much time

i am literally getting mentally raped daily though


once the abusers find out what i want they will manipulate situations to make sure i am DENIED and REJECTED at every turn


not only have been emotionally humiliated by megalomanic owen for 11 months straight, everyone else decides to join in and take advantage, victimize, gossip and rumour monger, bad mouth, steal from, and lets not forget everyones favorite way to victimize me: prolonged mental rape follwed by DENIED REJECTED REFUSED

 i wish i could smoke a huuuuge bowl of fentanyl and just get it over with and finally die. after all when your entire immediate family has literally tried to physically murder you with extreme violence, and all your old friends and relatives your age only gossip and mock, then anyone you met recently does the same only worse because they are strangers, whats the point? i dont have a washroom to use. i have a urinary problem. not a single day went by did owen ever consider that he needed to help me and support me with getting a place. not constantly mentally rape me. im so tired i dont know what to do. lets just hope i find that fentanyl dealer soon.

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