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also the reason im trying to do sewing and not leaving the house is cos i got zero money. as in zero. it sucks. i got three vintage 20 dollar bills and thats all i have but i dont want to use them.
heres what i look like these days. no make up and curly hair after my shower, cut my hair recently and its all asymmetrical short and long sides cos like, it sucks now and my cowlick at the middle bottom of my head is so whack these days i think my hairs falling out like i was a bald man. oh well. im all old now at 37 turning 38 in a couple and stuff so what ever. i still feel like not an adult though, im not sure if thats ok but i dont really know what to do about it.

hey i didnt post a single thing in 2015. what a heavy year for me. oh well. hey this blog is pretty old. if i still had my old blogs from when i was a teenager like from diaryland or live journal or whatever that pre-diaryland was... omg. so much nicole. too much nicole.

Faux Fur Hooded Coat - reconstruction from long vintage coat

i have a new project
its ugh
cos faux fur bits everywhere.... omg

im reconstructing this long coat into a shorter one with a large hood.

so far ive figured out the scraps to make the hood. now i just have to find a suitable lining that i have enough of, theres a very soft cottony furry white fabric i got for doll making but white and cream...? i dont know.
and then i have to finish the bottom, the sleeves i want to but a jersey wrist band inside, and close the buttonholes and figure out a closure for it, maybe just hook and eye or magnetic snaps but i dont think those made it through all the tragic 2016 plundering

anyway heres the coat i cut the bottom off
started taking out the collar
then i measured the edge of the neckline and pieced the scraps together to form a hood shape
sorry its upside down. this was the first configuration but it was too narrow
 so this ones better
 this is what the first configuration looked like
so hopefully the hood will turn out once i find a suitable lining

its pretty cold these days, winters delay wasnt for nothing

mini key chain purse

i made this
the other one fell off. the fake leather finish was the first to go then eventually the plastic coating or whatever wore down at the edges, then the top stitching started coming apart and then it just fell off. took a good few years though yay. so i made this, its even better. i have one more key chain snap closure i will make a nice for the etsy shop.
ive been not wanting to go outside from lack of proper gear. its been up to -13 and i dont really have good warm shoes or a hooded coat. im trying to figure out how to remake the longish white faux fur button up coat i got for 25 bucks one year into a shorter zipper opening hooded coat but i havent done anything cept cut the bottom off to the right length.
meanwhile isnt this pouch nice its such a better proprtion from the last one.
i used the last scrap of the japanse tsumugi woven fabric i got off kumi to make the pocket.

i need to be rewriting case studies prontissimo but i want to do sewing. i kinda wanna make a pair of gloves. i havent made a pair that i will wear, the one black jersey glove i made has no partner amd the long black gloves made from those fake leather leggings were stolen lol i also have to repair my convertible mittens. the top parts falling off. amd my little key chain purse has finally fallen off so i want to make a new one. i only have 60 bucks left but i bought all the supplies i need for a bit. and gotta list stuff on etsy. and im supposed to be looking for a job again, which i never get.

taxes in canada

doing taxes is like
woah wtf
i got an accountant again last year when i was dead broke and on assistance
to prove to the lady that was hating on me that i wasnt frauding the government.
holy hell honestly
i wonder what that acronym can stand for h.h.h. it sounds like a ...
someone choking on soup.

turns out despite my chronic broke status, completely addicted to cigarettes, always trying a wine to see if ill like it, always hauling ass on transit, dead broke the whole damn time, i am still owing income tax. really justin? still owing income tax? oh yeah and if i buy weed at the dispensary its also taxed and those ones arent very good. yeah i understand that the roads need to be fixed and stuff like that but honestly putting this burden on individuals is stupid and overbearing. its less worse than the credit card and banks though, for sure. omg those are worse because of their collection tactics. they have horrible collection tactics and that is because they are not transparent. you pay taxes and you can find out where they are going. every cent. and the policies made to pay them are laid out by the politics. its not easy but its available and how the system works. meanwhile the banks and credit card companies are absolute terrorists taking your money and not telling you how its used at all. you wont know how your interest was made and you dont know their collection and information gathering tactics. its unnerving and it shouldnt be normal standard operating procedure.

yup thats my rant for the day while im hold in the hole with the tax people on the phone.