Generation X

I might be one of the last of generation X still tryna grow up, so to speak.

I like my generation. Of course I think it's the best one. It's the only one I know and refer my value system on. It seems to be the happy place, the sweet spot, the best seat in the show.

i dont know how disappointing life can be because im still here. it hasnt disappointed me to death, yet. but im not too sure about people sometimes. this blog, my name, who knows me and how i know myself and the world. everyone has their own shit to deal with but then you have to deal with other people. ugh. lol. no, seriously. specially people who are working for other people. the worst.
this is why i like working for myself. despite other people doing their best, over all, its obviously not good enough. i guess im sleepy and disappointed that morons run this place. i can say id do a better job at running the world. yep. just gonna end this post with that thought. just think! nicole, running this shit.


Wtf you guys???????

Check this out. I can't tell if I've been transported to an alternate universe of the lamest kind or if I actually did finally die.


Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III celebrated this morning's decision by the Supreme Court of the Philippines to uphold as constitutional most aspects of Republic Act No. 10175, or the Anti-Cybercrime Law, which has been under a temporary restraining order since its passage on September 12, 2012. 

“I am vindicated,” Sotto said in his office today. In September 2012 he claimed responsibility for Section 19 of the law, which covers “the unlawful or prohibited acts of libel as defined in Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code committed through a computer system or any other similar means.” 

On today’s ruling, Sotto said, “I am so super excited about it, my birdie refuses to sit down. It’s three quivering inches of cybercrime-busting virility. Really, I can’t leave my desk because I might jizz my jockey shorts. Helen will ask me tonight, ‘Daddy, why you blowing again your sipon (snot) in your underwear?’ Nakakahiya naman, ano? (How embarrassing, right?).”

The comedian-turned senator was quick to deny that the inclusion of the provision was related to his being, as he’s previously said, the “favorite neighborhood cyberbully whipping boy.” More than a year ago, Sotto came under criticism following his turno en contra speeches on the Reproductive Health Bill after he was found to have stolen from several blogs, research papers, and a speech by US Senator Robert F. Kennedy. 

In an interview at the time with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Sotto said of his critics: “The problem with them is that their minds are quite dirty. They have a propensity for making up things. Somebody comes up with a tweet, everybody believes the tweet.”

“Now the world knows I am right,” Sotto said today. “So tanginamo (so there)! I can go back to writing my book—a Tagalized version of The Bible. But I wrote it, ha? Kase (because) even God plagiarized. But this book’s completely mine, because it’s in Tagalog.”

Under the new law, the original author of online libel via tweets, comments, status updates, blog entries, memes, and other popular forms can receive penalties twice the magnitude as the same act committed through traditional media. Filipino nationals can be charged wherever they are in the world and face six to twelve years in prison as well as hefty fines.

“Ha? What does a tire have to do with anything?” Sotto replied when asked how the law affects parody or satire, which are protected under freedom of expression. “Look for my driver downstairs. Magaling siya sa tires (He’s awesome with tires).” 

The senator continued: “I’m just glad attention will return to me again. As in, I’ve been totally trying. Number one, I recently said medical marijuana can’t cure diseases. Letter B, I called for the reinstatement of the death penalty. Fourthly, I proposed Ping Lacson as drug-czar, because no one knows drug dealers like him. But nobody paid attention! I’m not KSP (an attention-whore), but why have facial hair like mine if nobody looks at me? I super enjoy looking at me, so should you. At me…That stupid pork-barrel nonsense…and Vhong and Deniece… I should pimp my name, too... lechengyawa (milk of the devil)…” the senator trailed off, adjusting his pants.
(Filed with reports from netizens everywhere.)
yeah so my neighbours did move out i asked the super. i walked in to check it out, its being all cleaned up. its a 2 bedroom! damn. i wish i was in a two bedroom. during troubled times it would be easier to get a roommate if it was a two bedroom in here. damn. its the same size though, just a totally different layout. i want a two bedroom! maybe i can just get myself a new tent. i lent the tent away and it got thrown out :( thanks guys, thanks.

yeah winter sucks. i do not like it. it looks messy in the city. lol. i complain about the piles of snow instead of piles of garbage. will i ever be satisfied?

found this article and thought of some kind of super hero league of philosophers philosophizing about the morality of what would dictate news angles.
 (they could be introverted super heros i guess, or journalists with philosophy degrees? artists and general, like michael angelo and beuys)

that would be cool. here is where i got the idea

Super noise next door

next door is crazy loud. its not even 9:30 a.m. yes i wanna get drunk, i wanna leave, i wanna die. wtf its so LOUD
they are re-doing the apartment next door and are using some kind of suicide inducing loud machine making intense vibrational sounds. maybe some kind of mega sander whatever it is i wish i wasn't living. wtf! what the hell am i gonna do now? this sucks.

Penpal writing Political Prisoners

I was inspired by OpValentine

to make this post and came across this

for valentines day. the second post has a bio of each prisoners crime
some of them are stupid and long. most of them are lame and ridiculous.

prison is messed up. specially if you are set up by an undercover. wtf is that and why would you even do that? wouldnt that make the undercover operation guilty of committing the same, if not worse of a crime? idk. kinda, right??

weird. It's just so unjust! all emo with a sweeping motion and little foot stamp.

thought killers

ok so right now i was gonna write about bitcoin. but then google asked me if i wanted change and if i wanted to change my blogger profile into a google plus profile. and i had to stop and think about this and just why are they asking me this now, because i *just* wrote about wanting to change my profile pic? so realizing this i say out lout: thought killers.
can't you just keep everything the same for a while?
i mean seriously the time spent remembering passwords and keeping up with the login technology just kills thought.

ok and how apple has now removed bitcoin wallet apps completely from their phones.
and how russia banned bitcoin yesterday.
this article used the word deluge and i thought of all the bad apps stealing data and how that could be a problem.
what is the problem with money like this?
thought killers.

seriously the world is a great and only place to live. if the world didnt spend all its resources ruining it, imagine the quality of life worldwide. we would be an advanced world. everyone would be advanced. lol
you know what i mean?

that would be cool.

we could be all like those humanoid species on far away planets that willam shatner would go visit with spock and shit.
those planets were freaking awesome ok.

i remember one of them like, everyone is hyped to be fit, theyre all beautiful and positive. so when kirk, spock and the gang land, the humaniod beauties are like HI! Everything is awesome! Let's run! ..and they literally run to like, their leader to present the visitors. lol. Let's run! all cheerful and shit. I mean, come on. That's kinda cool.

Yeah so sometimes I think that the forces that be is this dark evil pit of bored and vapid people compressing cash into furniture they don't sit on or something.

I think having a money that you can make go around without banks is awesome.

And I think rich people should do something more with their money than compress cash into furniture they don't even sit on.

I don't have any money really but when I do I just want more of it. It's horrible. I would totally just make a little stack of it and pet it. Like a weirdo.

who knows who runs shit? these weird ways of harvesting energy = resources = cheap labour = food manufacture as opposed to harvesting renewable energy = regrowth and propagate new species = food growth = cultural labour... its easy to be idealistic. if everyone was and had a further capacity for understanding each other and themselves in that context wouldn't everything be all the more awesomer?


this is the other thing i was thinking of when i said thought killers.

nudge unit? doesn't that sound super creepy?

it sounds super sci-fi paprika/inception based and the one with the pale twin in water or is that inception? anyway yeah nudge unit in the u.k. aka behavioural science unit covert, in the public. sounds creepy. as if it doesnt exist already. snoopy much? rcmp over here (actually its something else) in a church basement?=what is seen vs what is not seen aka titanic iceberg.

because how is that any different from undercover police or government infiltrator/instigators going after organic food shops and what not?

they were acquitted but whatever. its there. been there all along most likely. wouldnt put it past the powers that nudge... or is it be?

they sure dont let anyone else be. seems like the only people who get a free ride are the mega strange things these people are against - lets look into the organic food shop down the street = no small independent businesses = everyone conform to a limited diet of regulated and altered aka patented version of the natural world as we know it and you'll feel fine.

should i change my blog pic? its so old. that was in the cemetery up on 33rd and fraser with ange back in van. that was a cool cemetery. one time i hung out there with an old buddy, we bike rode up there and had a picnic of sorts, we were topless and we were wearing plastic bags tied around our foreheads so we could look like pirates or gypsies or something. they would blow in the wind and the crinkling rustle sounds were a comforting delight.


manners are for the birds.

you know what it is, its knowing what manners are and playing with the fine line.

but what if you dont know what manners are.

or your manners are of a different ilk ?

how to navigate?

top to bottom is how it always goes down.


how does this translate to gender awareness

How To Buy Bitcoin in Canada with your debit card (or cash)

I used and you can use your bank card with that website.

You have to get a wallet first. Thats where your bitcoin money goes.

You can get one online, say, coinbase or blockchain.

Then if you wanna use your debit card to buy bitcoins you need to be confirmed as a real person, submit your i.d's and wait a day or two and then you're set.

Send money to the bitcoin people using your online banking, give them your wallet address and then send them money by adding them as a payee and paying that way, and then its done.

I don't know how helpful this guide is lol but that's what I'm writing and I'm sticking to it.

oh yeah for cash, you can go to the bitcoin bank machine on king and spadina and then pay cash into the machine. you still need a wallet and you need a smart phone cos it uses those crossword looking things (i dont have a smart phone cos im smart) (no)

Creepy Men On The Internet

DAMN!!!!!!!!!! Creepy men on the internet. SO GROSS!!!! Haha thank god for saints like Bullyville and this wonderful mother.

but you know whats really creepy?????

so i was looking through bullyvilles page on that creepy fattie slob man and i clicked on this moms link... then the leprechaun woman called me!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!


holy crap.

this is so gross.

just like that creepy guy matt mspaint stalking me like a crazy person omg WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE GUYS

I think they are sexually frustrated.
I don't know.
There is something wrong with them.

I think they lack love in their lives or something.