i'm sorry i cant be as vapid as you'd like
show me on me where the world has hurt you
and i will show you how to handle it with no fear

there was this guy walking towards me with this excessively large and yellow tweety bird doll
and i turned my head and pretended not to notice him
then this girl came walking past with a big i <3 almost="" and="" away.="" br="" but="" didn="" give="" i="" it="" l.a.="" me="" saw="" she="" swooned="" t="" tee="" think="" to="" want="">but when i saw the flat bed carrying the old benz i thought of john e. and wondered if i told you that story.

i met a guy on swim and i learned about myself.

x rated poems -

18+ only. actually make that 25+ just to be sure.

You Interrupted My Mowing

18+ only please

i was buying fish in kensington market

18+ only please

True Love


light me a cigarette
put two in your mouth
give me one and
do what you will
with the other.