Yahoo mail

Yaho mail you suck. Im so mad!!!!! I hate how they are trying to look like gmail. It is soooo annoying. Im not even going to start what I dont like about gmail. But let me start by saying how much i loved the old yahoo mail change (even after i totally hated it the first time they changed it) first of all ive been with yahoo mail for over 15 years. thats a long damn time. im used to the layout. a lot. so it really hurt my feelings when they changed it the last time. then they changed it again not long after to the shitty interface it is now. WTF thats 2 changes in 15 years and the last two were within a year or two years. SERIOUSLY this madness of always being new new new has got to stop!!!!!!!!! when did it become cool to keep changing something that worked perfectly fine? i bet that started and then the world became the similacra of its former strong and working glory. no, really.

The New Dark Ages

lol at my last posts... hmmm no wonder ive been away. all there are out there are hackers, trolls and stalking debt collectors. gee whiz!!!!! wtf. i was thinking like with the power outage here in the city for some parts for days since that ice storm like i mean this time in life is really ripe for a new era of the DARK AGES i mean seriously no one knows how to do anything from scratch anymore without using the net. right? ok go. not going. im gonna start collecting books on how to do things and science books etc. and stuff of basic medicine and body parts and like you know, stuff like how to sew up a deep gash, how to disinfect dirty water, how to rewire a lamp, fix stuff. you know what i mean? cos like one day these jerks could turn off the electricity and internet and the whole western world would be fucked. we would all go retarded and then what. the dark ages. we would all die of misdisinfected utensils and rat poo. or something retarded like a deep cut that wasnt sewn together properly. cos there wouldnt be a hospital cos it would be the dark ages.

The poor lonely dejected calendar

I haven't forgotten about you weed calendar. I just don't have any peace of mind, a boyfriend to stabilize, cash for rent or anything outside the realm of survival mode, grace and time and my customer service sales smile. I'm so sorry. I really tried when I was feeling so low but it didn't work. I'm hoping to pick up where the calendar project left off at some point in the future when all of those above things are ok. p.s. yeah you bank, read it? im broke. dont call me, jesse. from your freaking harrasment of a blocked number. ok?

Necklace Give Away (help me search my blog)

the lack of TAGS and LABLES and TITLES on this damn blog is MADDENING i cant find the SARIMANOK pics or if I have any of the large BULUL pics gah!!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone can find these pics on this blog i will send you 5 amazing necklaces (maybe more) and a pouch. PROMISE. pls email me the links asap (see profile for email) ps. blogger why isnt the search box working properly, as in, it doesnt come up with any results and just loads into my blog page like it is before i tried searching for anything. has the search box worked for anyone, ever? i think it worked years ago. maybe. EDIT omg!!!!!! someone commented on the missing posts and i got them in my email woohoo!!!!!!! so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! but its only cool if its NOT matt mspaint OK lol you will never be forgiven for trolling me you freak. but anyway yeah SO COOL woo :) oh and also unknown person if you send me an address i can send you your prize! and if you dont want necklaces i can send you something else. xo

carrot cake

You guys!!!! It's almost 2014 what the heck? Ok so I'm on here cos I'm trying to find pics of my old work and I can't find the sarimanok pics or the bulul pics. Where are they??? I know I had pics of them from the show I did when I was in school. mmmm..... Oh yeah so tonight I'm going to make a carrot cake. Maybe. Will see if I find the inspiration. Yes. Oh yeah Im finally divorced. Yipee! I'm never marrying anyone out of pity ever again! WTF! That was a serious waste of life. I could have a really nice boyfriend and a really good life right now but I chose to help a dirtbag who didn't deserve my help. Such is life. Then I decided to stop writing on here and instead took up the most useless penpal in the world who also turned out to be a total moron!!! Sheesh!!! When will the idiocy end????????????/ I do not know. So yeah.. I left my mac charger in Montreal and the one I got on ebay from china broke in like 2 months. GO FIGURE so even if I do make this super delicious carrot cake I wont get to post pics cos Im using this really old ass pc and it bugs me how Im such a computer illiterate. See now here if I had a nice boyfriend and nice life NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE EVER HAPPEND TO ME. Yeah, I know, you might think, Nicole, its ok, everything will be ok. But its the furthest from the truth and quite frankly I abhor liars. And lack of spell check. ON TO THE CAKE!