and now its been a whole month!!! gee i dunno whats wrong with me ive abandoned my blog. its a tad depressing. lots has happened to me. i went to montreal and got a new shop. (insert promotional pics and location of Quartier Mode here) i got into the 5-10-15-20 popup shop and sold my stuffz for two weeks and also co-hosted a sewing workshop with Jihan (of Hedj) and lots of other things i might have forgotten already. meanwhile yeah im broke. no big deal? pfft. big deal. about a month ago my dad got a heart attack and then a couple weeks later he had a stroke. so i has a major concerned. money. ticket back home. see pa. now i know im always saying yes! im going! im on my way! but it never works. i somehow manage to never get it all the way through. so am trying other things. meanwhile the biz did not recover from the move, from last october-decembers black hole of depression........... im doing my best its very hard. my love life fucks with my head but i might have found a way around that. now to find a way around my lack of bills. oh yeah. please SIGN THIS by August 7th! please, i implore you, it is of the upmost importance!!! this is regarding the basic access to reproductive health in the philippines. the RH Bill has been passed over 14 times!!!!! WTF? clearly, most filipinos want this. the ones who arent religious zealots. or stuck in the dark ages. you know, our kind. not the priests. definitely not the government.