so christmas is over.
just waiting for the new year.
:taps fingers on desk:

had a lovely so delicious christmas dinner with my two talented cousins... kristine made some kind of amazingly tender french beef pot roast marinaded and cooked in red wine and fresh herbs then the insanity of a gravy, biscuits, salad... ate karen made yummy brussel sprouts with bacon and pine nuts and i brought roasted mashed yams with pecans and an apple pie. white wine and the best egg nogg ever ?? ate karens chef friend or sumting. everything from scratch. so good....


i woke up really early today. like maybe 6:30 and it looked like this:
you could see the shadow of the moon it was too cool...watching it fade....

made some its your life tags! i bought thses vintage brass charms on etsy and used the stamp alvaroo got me to make a set of tags! what work jeez! oxidized, sanded and lacquered and so nice! i did them at night though so i think i couldve sanded some of them a bit more but mostly they are i think perfect.

ugh um this os what my desk looks like.
as usual

omg lol wtf

omg triple rated XXX

i stamped the inside of this vintage brass "my diary" charm i oxidized and lacquered first but you can still see the stamp, though the 'its' part isnt as clear.

ohhhh  check out this vintage trim i found at the fabric shop near my hauz.... i totally bought out the retro dot trim it was like .39 cents a meter!!! its soo cute and cottony i think ill make a trim pouch... like is used to...and the bongga geo tribal shiz i thought of jodee

got my computer back.
i hope no one fux wit it again.... im not going to watch jack shiz anymore i promise. bububut...dexter. i really wanna see him kill colin hanks. ugh i hate that actor.

meanwhile making presents for christmas :)

and have updated the following shops:
(wait lemme link that up in a bit)



VIRGIN MARYS (Vancouver) Has stuff from Got Craft! I didnt take pics before sending :s but Jamie did really well. My faves are the vintage japanese glass fruit cameo pendant necklaces. I love those. I couldnt believe I found the cameos again.. and other pieces.. it was kinda late. I totally slacked and forgot to coordinate and get my stuff to Virgin Marys from the last fair!! But theres some stuff there now.


Pretty freedoms new shiz:
click to see current stock in store now!

click on pic to go to pretty freedoms website! and if you havent been yet, you should!
i am a benevolent creator :D

Nicos personalDNA Report can be read right here omgz stalker friendly!!!

i think the website got hijacked. dont click.

anyway. it was a pretty cool test.

Craft Fair in Vancouver!

come check out my stuff itll be at this years craftacular! chenoa will be selling my stuff for me!