ok new designs be in here!

will add pics to this post later.. gotta go pick up a check at cest la vie, get money out for rent and buy some groceries.

so i had the hackers come back to my site and got on it, blue fur and my cousin jerome in manila combined = yey! my zen cart version has been updated, it was so old its no wonder the hacks were able to get in it. now im just having problems with the images layering... something to do with all the 120+ numbers doubling up in 12 and so on... so im gonna try to figure that out. but its ok for now, as the newer items are not affected by this.

i exercised today and feel pretty good. so see you all later and cross fingers everything works out, as it does.

new steam punk robot necklaces by mucho muchacho!

pa dah!

here are some necklaces for guys. man jewelry. wonderful, manly, hard stainless steel necklace, mini robot pendants (look like lego men) with vintage watch parts. super cool!

alvaro has listed these in his etsy shop: MuchoMuchacho

this is a really great compass necklace for $20

here are a couple of the robots he made:
they are $35 each plus shipping...

this one is $40.. gorgeous detail on the brass part...

the rest are in his etsy shop!
oh man. i just spent a long ass time adding captions to the new stuff in virgin marys album on my facebook fan page and then forgot to press save! so i tried to do it again but did the same thing omg!!! sheesh they were really detailed captions of all the new designs and even had prices. what a waste. im dreading editing again but will do it again later  :rolls eyes:

heres whats available at Virgin Marys as of today:
  if you can see this album, great!

and this is the new stock i brought in to C'est La Vie! :
theres a new amazing gold plated bird cage with white bead chain and gold rose charm :D
here is the album link

there is a coupon code for the online shop on the fan page.. lasts till the end of june :) will be adding new items tonight! tomorrow all day. i hope it rains. too tired now :) zzzzzz
hey i dont have photoshop on this computer. bummer.

took a bunch of pics yesterday and today and made some cameos. did the shipping and went to my appointment. didnt call cest la vie though i totally forgot. should go there tomorrow. working on my inventories now, but also waiting for some supplies to come in from the u.s of a.

im going to be sending my stuff to pretty freedom very sooon!!!! cool beans my stuff will be in toronto.
 the more i write on here the more i remember what i said id do (and i can see it written down)
i should get on my blog more often and reorder my life. its my life after all.

man do i wanna photoshop pics right now. weird cos when i have photoshop i dread the task. im such a weirdy.

ok so the BLIM fair last sunday was pretty fun :) i added pics to the blim market group page and the event page and my facebook profile and should add some pics here too. i took loads of photos of lots of vendors but i forgot to take pics of the new stuff ive made (duh!)

i pretty spent all the money i made (and some) on buying new supplies. its so annoying to buy some stuff and other stuff then they dont arrive together then when one thing arrives i realize i need another thing so i hve to wait till i get everything together before ican actually make what i thought would be amazing then by the time everything does get here im over it.

ive done my taxes! well, i gave it some guy. pretty easy! actually alvaro printed everything out for me.
so it was really easy. and it wasnt as meticulous as i thought. paypal, etsy, bank statements and receipts from the stores and thats it. well he hasnt called and asked for anything else so i think thats it. (this is going to bite me in the bum)

so my toronto move date is a bit delayed.. but i am sending stuff to kapisanan center soon cos they are opening a store there called http://ilusmalaya.wordpress.com/'pretty freedom' and i will contact mayas friends store which is conveniently located right beside my cousin kristines apartment on bloor.
yeah im pretty stoked to get my stuff into new shops over there! i really like selling/consigning to stores. i dont have to take super great pics, just enough to document the design (and i forget a lot of times to do this), and i dont have to do shipping or packaging other than put it on a card and slap an itsyourlife sticker on the back.  and then about a month later i collect the money from the sold piece.
oh geez i just realized i havent gone to cest la vie in ages and i think they are giving back some of the unsold from months ago.

so today after i get my lazy ass off this chair (my lap is getting hot) i am going to:
ship a couple of things
call cest la vie (and apologize for not keeping my stock up to date)
take some pics of new stuff to put in the online store
make some new cameos for etsy
go to this appointment i have before 4
make an inventory for:
 - cest la vie
 - the goods (needs an update)
 - dream
 - virgin marys

ok wow what an ambitious list.  might only get up to the part where i have that appointment :P
I has a bad speling!

gee man i really should spell check my shop listings before setting them free on live interwebs. gorgeouse. that just made my skin crawl yet there it was, doing its little slither dance behind my eyeballs and under my heart.

anyway, hey ive had some fairs. they are almost all done. blim fair this last sunday of may. im moving to toronto and havent even bought a ticket. which i will, soon. like this week. i think for the first week of june. virgin marys and dream will still carry my stuff which is super great! and im going to ask heather over at the goods too. 

i cant believe its thursday. i need to finish up my inventory for virgin marys i was supposed to bring yesterday. but ill bring it today. i hope gosh its already 4. im so slow this week. oh gee i think i was supposed to pick up my check at dream today too.

will add some pics here later of the peacock earrings ive been imagining for over a month now and one sold at the i heart crafts fair! the first fair they were put out. so stoked. theres that, and a picture of the magazing i was interviewed for. oh yes print edition! plus some of the pics posted in the facebook fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/ITS-YOUR-LIFE-HANDMADE/223517912669 i should add em up here.
anyway, fan us! i sometimes post discount codes on there (which no one ever uses, ehem) but delete them when they are done.

tick tock goes the clock i need to finish my work :S

I Heart Crafts Bazaar Tomorrow!!


the i heart crafts bazaar is back!

I Heart Crafts Bazaar at Toast Collective!

On the Saturday before Mother's Day we are excited that the next I Heart Crafts Bazaar is going to be at the Toast Collective - if you haven't been to this neighborhood at Kingsway and Fraser lately it is becomming a very interesting intersection. Several neat little businesses have popped up here in the last couple years: including a lovely french bistro called Les Faux Bourgeois, Erin Bonifero's shop Collage Collage, a new "sewing lounge" called Spool of Thread and the awesome arts and craft supply shop Ruby Dog. Come spend the day, have lunch and explore.

Tomorrow! May 8th
648 kingsway@ fraser
dance party from 9-12.

hope to see you there!