Got Craft! Sunday, May 2, 2010

Got Craft is on Sunday!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!

the day after my birthday. im so old :P
i hope lotsa people come and buy all the stuff i made. that would be the best birthday gift ever. and more $ for my move to toronto.

New Vintage Bird, Owl and Flower Cameos!

been making these cameos... they are pretty sweet!
listed a bunch on etsy. there are way more to list tomorrow. took pics of all the rest of the designs made but accidentally deleted the pics from the camera before uploading them and now its night time so taking pics again is impossible! oh well. meanwhile... check out the ones listed:

click on pics to go to listings.. 25x18mm cameos with owls, birds and flowers... animals to be listed soon...
owls on black plastic cameos... super cool

wicked sandy beige cream cameos with birds. super amazing

flower power
these floral cameos are perfect for your unique jewelry creations.
pink and white flowers on angelskin pink plastic cameos.

gorgeous jewel foil back cameos
topaz with red poppy flowers and daisies

emerald green with red poppy flowers and daisies

frosted blue vintage plastic cameos with an assortment of flower images... these looks best set into an open setting, or a gold or bright silver plated setting.

and a super large mix lot of cameos measuring 25x18mm and one big 30x40mm pink foil back one. the pink one i pretty amazing, i used lots of different flower images layered with a cream and black butterfly...

25x18mm is a popular cameo size. you can easily find settings for this size. perfect for your handmade jewelry making and pendant projects. these cameos will make gorgeous rings and interesting pins.

This Sunday: Got Craft Spring Edition !

hey this coming sunday is the Got Craft spring edition.
heres the flyer!

and heres the back with the vendor list:

Its going to be madness. Heres a picture of the swag I made. The first 30 people in get a bag full of freebies like this, from every single vendor!

Meanwhile yup. Craft fairs back to back. Just did the BLIM fair, then the Got Craft then the I heart Crafts on the 8th. Im trying to make as much money as I can cos Im moving to Toronto! Woo!

Though Im making so much stuff for the fairs, I havent brought the image earrings and new designs for spring to Virgin Mary or Dream yet! I feel kind of guilty. Need to update my site too. I can hear crickets in there.

born free M.I.A.

m.i.a. new track!

love this 3d effect :D

BLIM Monthly Market April 25, 2010! Craft Fair!

The next BLIM monthly market is on the 25th you guys.

Blim presents:
Blim Monthly Community Market

Sunday April 25 | 11 AM – 4 PM | By donation
@ Heritage Hall (15th and Main)

Blim will be presenting a monthly Main Street Community Market this month to take place for the first time, in Heritage Hall on Main and 15th. 2 blocks north of Blim.

This Months market will include 48 vendors, music, hot food, beverages, and entertainment. Vendors will include food, fashion, accessories, supplies, fine art, vintage items and records, and not be limited to crafts, and there will be a focus on nurturing and promoting creative production in our community. We want to appeal to young, old, hip, plain, babies, animals, men, women, everyone.

We are very excited about this event and what it can contribute to Main Street’s artistic vitality, and how it can help support and encourage the local creative community.

Exclusive at BLIM:
Blim (clothing and accessories)
Coco Cake (cupcakes)
Open Sesame (homemade gourmet Japanese cuisine)
Robinson Fine Foods (gourmet foods)

Also featuring:
AJ Brown (cards)
Barefoot Child (books)
Carla Berkun (jewellery)
Cookie Vonster (baked goods)
Daulhaus Art (accessories)
Delainy (gluten free baking)
Dives In
Elina Designs (accessories)
Farmers Daughter (jewellery)
Firefly Notes (paper)
Giulia Fatica (accessories)
It’s Your Life (jewellery)
J’aime Designs (jewellery)
Jezabel (clothing)
Little Bear (hand made dolls)
Maridadi Craftz (african jewellery)
Michael Muscatt (vinyl)
O’tanu Spirit (soaps)
The Paperista (cards and accessories)
Pomomama Designs (jewellery)
Sabbatical (clothing)
Safe Amplification Society (community)
Sandy Somers (vintage)
Soxy Puppet (dolls)
Split Pea Vintage (clothing)
Tomoko Tahara (hats and accessories)
Trudy Ann’s Chai (food)
Vancouver is Awesome (community)
Wikkerink Designs (accessories)
and many more…

hope to see you there, who ever you may be.

edit: here are the pics!!! thanks to all who came!!!

New necklaces in shop!

new! new! new! and i still have a couple more to upload :D
click on images to go to the shop listings for more pics and detailed description...

multi cluster designs are a bit harder to arrange but when its done, its so worth it! sea life. i used a vintage brass gothic seahorse, a starfish, matte glass beads that go bigger, a lava stone, a filigree locket and a long figaro chain. love love love
this one features a vintage style brass mesh bow with tassel, and a gorgeous heart shaped vintage reproduction locket with a blooming rose design. i have varnished and oxidized the locket. its on a long figaro chain....
bee locket! this one features a different bee... and i used the copper side of the vintage locket... with champagne pink luster renaissance cut firepolished Czech glass beads.
super fine cameo set onto an ornate vintage brass setting... there is a key charm and a round filigree locket.. on a long figaro chain with a single black bead. super perfect for white tee, blazer and jeans.
i love to love... two hearts vintage reproduction locket paired with a crown key charm and a matte black rose... shorter and adjustable. this item is SFW :D
a vintage green cameo and a brass sparrow charm. dangling below is a feather. sooo cute and a favorite design. a balanced three charm cluster for me, is perfect.
This necklace is featured on Lyre Bird Finds :D

ive also been working on some cameos for my supplies section on etsy..

oki here are the owl cameos! black and matte varnish. super great. these black ones have one heart already yay. they are on etsy as a set for $20

here is another set of 3, at $7. they are so nice but i dunno. maybe people wont like the lavender owl and green stag head? so i priced it low.
 click on the above pics to go to the etsy listings :D

New Stock in Virgin Marys!

here is some of the new stuff i brought in earlier. 

brought in one pair of the new image earrings..the only silhouette pair.. im going to make a batch of anchors, bows and silhouettes in different colors for virgin marys and will bring it in mid-next week.
some of the stuff in my online shop is now available at virgin marys. like the sweet escutcheon earrings called "Eternity" in my shop. cute little key holes for your ears... the large rusty bird cage necklace "Summer Song" and the mini bird cage and bird "Cloud Bluff", the charming bird cage and bow necklace "Spring Song" and a longer version of "Lotus Song" hmm lots of singing going on here ;D well there is a lot to be happy about! Sunshine, and lots of it!

check out the new goodies at virgin marys... its at 1136 commercial drive north of charles st... see the facebook fan page!

Nautical Bows and Anchor Earrings

hey these turned out great :D so happy about them. alvaro bought a laser color printer about a week ago and these are the first completed pendants made from them.. tried to follow pantone spring summer 2010 colors  the old laser printer i had kind of finally died.. came with a sticker that says its the 'smallest' laser printer but its kinda big and heavy. was totally on clearance sale for $150. tried out an iron on transfer too (burned the shirt a bit though oops) made them last night through the wee hours of the morning.. will list them on etsy. i was thinking 15 bucks. i have a bunch of new necklaces i need to recolor and resize to list onto my shop !
meanwhile here are the ones ive put up on etsy: click on images to go to listngs...
these are the rope knot / bows
lavender and dark silver:
a light bright green paired with antiqued brass
bright capri blue and light silver:

then here are some of the anchor colorways...
i really like these yellow ones: 

bright blue and black anchor earrings on oxidized silver settings:
light seafoamy aqua and black anchor earrings on light silver:

violet and black on antiqued brass:

just realized the reds and coral colors didnt make it all the way into completion!

short trip somewhere

ive been looking for a place to go with alvaro for a 2-3 day trip near vancouver. found hellobc to be a pretty good starting point. might need to ask people where to go too cos we dont have a car. but tomorrow tuesday is his day off and i am going to ask him out on a date to the planetarium. i have 60 bucks and it'll only be 30 for the both of us plus transit. i hope it rains. hah.
- insert pictures of us in space suits here - we didnt end up going to the space center. yet. went to stanley park for 6 hours running around the forest and pretending to get lost, dodging pairs of happy men, and made new wildlife creature friends. while we were eating chips i started to notice my, my. how friendly these creatures in stanley park are. this squirrel was alvaros favorite. mine too, in very future retrospect. we named him nibblet. when we go back we might feed the racoon and ducks. real animal food. not mini oreos and potato chips. but i did notice how fluffy nibblets coat is, and assume its from his diet.

blog update

hey i was looking through my links and a lot of them are way old. ive updated it a bit and will continue to add sites of friends, cool stuff, interesting stuff, make new lists etc. i made a press section too. checking out all these old links and things i added to my old blogger template is pretty funny.. like this 'SpamPoison' thing i added back when i first started blogging.. um, fake much? anyway it was kind of disappointing to see some familiar peeps stop blogging, or let their sites go offline. i guess it will happen to me one day. ohno.

new stuff at The Goods

here is the new stuff ive brought to the goods on broadway:
(click on image for larger view)

its across from kingsgate mall on broadway, close to main:

new on etsy

meanwhile ive listed a couple of new necklaces in etsy... click on pics to go to listings

this one is a filigree locket, vintage glass flower bead, and a 3D bird charm. closes with a front toggle clasp. this cute necklace is short, chunky and serene.

a cute buletit bird on a turquoise briolette. gold wings and a lively vintage glass flower bead.
this long necklace is colorful and fun.

new template new life new stuff

ok picture first.

its a kingfisher turquoise bead necklace in my etsy shop. im trying it out. i have another one but its not listed yet.
i discovered this new thing with beads and jump rings. well its probably been done and done better by someone else but you know what i mean. its really nice! its actually really nice. i dont know if it translates in the pics. i guess you might have t be ok with a kingfisher bird. or you can wear it with the the backside of the bead (i chose the nice side for the back side,its got a really nice natural pattern which you cant see)

what a crazy couple of days its been.
my site was totally used by some freaks adding malicious content. its all fixed now though. like, really fixed! yikes. scary. poor lias site (webdesigner) had been totally deleted by the hackers. really keeps you on guard. im so relieved lia was able to fix it so quickly! edit: oops the stuff was still on there but my lovely cousin jerome was able to get it all off my site. YAY thanks jerome :D :D :D

you might have (or not) noticed that ive changed my blog template. will slowly readd the links i had on there. now its back to its original linkage from years ago.
there are even little icons that disappeared with all the edits through the years. there are probably a lot of dead links and old abandoned blogs.

ive been thinking of my stuff and how i need to change it up or just figure out if im really going to do this forever. if not, i better get cracking on what i will be doing forever. im turning 31 in may. like, seriously that is majorly old and responsible time.
the studio is looking super amazing. alvaro and i (mostly him) fixed the whole place and now its getting cozier. i dont know if we will move anytime soon. i really want to get in a nicer place but i also dont want to deal with moving again!
ive listed a couple of insane destash jewelry making supply lots on etsy. click on pics to go to listings.
this one is super good:

this one is chain:

local pick up would be perfect for these ehem

here is the new stuff to Dream:

and will bring new stuff to The Goods tomorrow. Alvaro will also bring some of his MuchoMuchacho stuff to The Goods too :D

its super crazy windy rainy today. i will try to list more stuff online. meanwhile im working on my Virgin Marys inventory..

ok im going to try reinventing it all over again, again.