when i walk blog

my friend jason dasilva has a blog. its about his film, when i walk. hes been diagnosed with ms and the film is about that.
its such a nice moving blog. jason was one of the first people i met in vancouver.

love you jason!


hey check this out. i found this CURE FOR AIDS patented and proven in 1997.
there has been a single injection cure for aids for over 12 years now! WTF?

United States Patent 5,676,977
read on...

and what about this most important discovery of electrocuting blood to rid one of MALARIA, HEP A,B,C ??
read this post

now its time to ask ourselves and those around us, why are cures and these types of simple treatments not publicized and made widely available to the general public?
mannnn ok i gotta get to work.
so i uploaded a couple new necklaces in my shop. they are lovely and i would keep them for myself.
but i keep fudging up on the pics uploading. gotta fix that.

so this weekend, on the 14th which is SUNDAY i am doing 2 fairs. Andrea of GotCraft is going to be selling some of my stuff for me at the GOTCRAFT fair at Little Mountain Studios while ill be over on Main St. for the Car Free Day at BLIM. I always used to do the car free day on commercial drive with amber at virgin mary's but now she is beside the portuguese club and she told me they have a sausage pit going on for the duration of the festival. and its a hundred dollars to set up outside (your own) shop-it was free before. so as not to smell like sausages ill be at blim. also alvaro is going to make some food for eating (at blim)

flat broke right now. i am. lazy. need to get into more shops and make more stuff but i am lacking supplies like gold chain. looks like ill be oxidizing charms like crazy and trying different stuff.

so now i gotta get back to work. i think i need to make around 120 pieces of jewelry. id love it to be more, though. but i wonder if i can do it. 40 for barefoot contessa so i can pick up a check, 30 for andrea, 50 for me at blim.

last week we went to the peaches concert which was so freaking rad and then starved for like, 2 days. heh


1. new place, twice.

2. got craft june 14 at the little mountain studios, andrea will be selling my stuff for me.

3. car free day june 14 ill be at blim on main and 17th. hmm alvaro is supposed to make food.

4. need to update my site like super crazy hello. features, and should be posting flyers of fairs on that blog section.

5. we have no furniture and i havent finished setting up my studio areas. its carpeted and in the living room.

6. i rewatched donnie darko but its the directors cut which i thought was kinda weird, i think i liked the original better.. anyway i watched it again cos im gonna watch s. darko and didnt want to lose the thread cos i hadnt seen donnie darko in a couple years.. but then i checked out message boards and reviews on it and i guess i shouldnt have done that yet. but im gonna watch it later and hope its not so bad as they say. >>>>>EDIT: its was pretty bad like a teenage movie so we stopped watching after like 20 mins of asking each other if we really wanted to watch the whole thing <<<<<

7. all sewn items in my shop are a crazy 50% off till the end of the year. i have more to put up and they are all going on sale cos i wanna make messengery bag style bags again. if you bought something sewn in the past month and are bummed just ask for free shipping.

8. i am going to sell one of my blythe dolls. i think best is gonna go. velvets got all her make up scrubbed off by me. lets see though.