blim dream

oh man its rainy today. really super rainy. blech.
so the blim market was on last sunday and as usual i ate too much food!!!
here are some pics...

and here are pics of dream that i didnt post in my last post.
im going to be restocking the shops this week, dream, virgin marys and barefoot contessa. omg. i gotta go back to work now!

i dont think i ever posted pics of Barefoot Contessa? anyway. gee. this is the commercial drive location! theres a bunch of new stuff i put in there as of a week or so ago! i also have stuff in their main street location... that is eva the owner and her cute baby and christina the shop girl:

this is the jewelry display...ooohhhh so much nice stuff ,but of course mine is the nicest :D it's your life stuff located in the first display case you can see it through the front window :D

and im sure i havent posted pics of Dream Apparel & Articles for People aka Dream.. this is the gastown location. some new stuff in there as of a couple weeks ago. there should also be some stuff in the granville island location...
ok i edited the last post. gah what a freak i am sometimes.

ok so a few weeks ago i had a dream of a rat crossing right in front of me.
see sometimes i sit outside my front door with this laptop..and im in the alley, and there are yeah. rats. in the alley. gross right?
anyway my dream, i had one of a rat crossing right in front of me while i was sitting on the step there on my laptop, and THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED EARLIER. it was real calm like and still, you know? it was quiet and as i noticed the rat walking by me i noticed this atmosphere of calm awareness. the rat was just out for a mini stroll, and i just happened to be there too. frik. to top it all off the little guy LOOKED AT ME as he passed by. if he had a hat, he wouldve tipped it.

so here is another DREAM COMING TRUE.

ugh. i need to have better dreams.

PICS from Sapphire Jewelry Studio, BLIM and GOTCRAFT

omg. i have to rearrange these pics and put some descriptions.

This is angelas jewelry studio! there are metalsmith benches for rent, you can use all the tools and equipment! theres a lot of stuff to use in there. its ange! from remember her my teacher!

its got a spiffy door

thats all our crap er, stuff, on the benches for rent...

that bench in the corner is rented

gas, pickling, wire roller, round thing with pebbles for when using the torch, other unknown to me gadgets and tools packed away.

polishing thing! tumbler, other things...

and on to the fairs! hmm. to be completely honest i cant tell anymore which hall is which at the moment,
this is the blim fair ! theres a got craft pic mixed in here somewhere though

Got craft!

so the pics.. there are pics from angelas studio, the blim fair and the got craft, and also pics of amber at virgin marys. im gonna do the rearranging later. ugh. looking at all this code is daunting. ok, so its much much much later and the code is still confusing me like crazy. these fair pics are all mixed up.

hey! guess what. i got into that shop i went to the other day. its DREAM in Gastown. there is stuff in there and in the Dream location on granville island now :D

and there is also lots of new stuff at virgin marys! see ambers got all the new stuff laid out in front of her:

edited on may 11 12:30

i need to make more stuff again. its all gone now in shops!

ok and also i want to share my friend from manila astrids mixtape (DJ Soulflower)
her and her man red were in bangkok and they played sets live on the radio. they are headed to vietnam today (above pic) and have a show with lexie lee on may 9... here is the set to download: it is freaking dope. girls rule.
download it here:
oh yes. computer game dance dub. fresh from the 4th of may.
this is the station they played for:


^ this is alvaro with the anong paki mo sa long hair ko. isnt he dreamy?
'ok, ill be your boyfriend for the summer, if you be my blanket for the winter'....
right? :D
good advice from prince kinetopsya: 'you should never spend money on a guy.'
so nice. zero complaints, i feel so cozy. i ellllllll him.
he is so the best!!!!! aiiiiii :D


omg! i forgot to make a blog post for GOT CRAFT! yikes! it was yesterday.
i shared a table wih jamie again!
i have some pics so i will post them up later.

my birthday was on Friday and now i am 30 freaking years old. old ey?

i also have a new boyfriend! yeah! he is so amazing, like woah and hello, im blogging about him ok. hmm hes mexican, really super tall, and romantic but also manly and feminine, and what a super sense of humor. his name is Alvaro. i think i love him!

oooh there is also NEW STUFF AT VIRGIN MARYS as of last week.
im bringing new stuff to barefoot contessa in a day or two.

later this afternoon i have an appointment at a shop, so i hope i get into it and if i do i will post cartwheels and more pics.