newsletter this weekend!

ok i moved it.. didnt take any pics and dont know what to give away yet...
but hey im bringing new items to virgin marys tomorrow and on monday ill be bringing in more LONG NECKLACES ya.
i did this insane cardio workout today and i got really stoked at how sweaty i got. errrr...found it on youtube.. sparkpeople or something like that. the instructor was named nicole.. that was kind of funny... it was weird doing it off the computer though, did it after my walk and pilates. god i am such a nerd. but hey, anything to firm up. gosh i hate looking unideal to myself! ouch. it hurts.
so yeah i gotta get this food thing sorted out. we never buy food or make meals ever. i mean we used to but we burned out or something.
man i hope its sunny tomorrow got lots of stuff to do in the outside land of the actual outside. and i need to take more pics.

just went off and did this yes and no oracle thing where you type in any question and it tells you yes or no. i thought it was hilarious...

my ipod shuffle....
its not working anymore :c

monkeyboner is doing some reiki on it.. learned it from davin....

newsletter sweepstakes draw

yikes. its late.. im being a weirdo again.. its not late, its light. its terrible how my mind goes on overtime when i hold on to a thought.
its the 29th already and im doing the draw and sending out the newsletter later tonight after i upload more items. this weekend!!! this next newsletter will have a coupon code for the shop and when and what the draw is going going to be! so if you havent joined my mailing list yet please do so now ",
i kind of forgot how much work making the stuff and getting it online actually is. wtf.
after listing in the shop, posting on the blog, posting on flickr for cuteable, replying, by then listing on dawanda was chaos for me and i only got two items up! gah. i think its translating the tabs into german then french takes up the most time and concentration. mmmm i always knew i would hate working for someone else, but never thought it would be myself. im having such a terrible mindwalk right now. i am whack and need to sleep...

new necklace designs added to shop

please click on images to go to the shop listing!

parisian love!

this is the necklace i am modeling below...

a long necklace with a heart locket with a rose.... measuring 32 inches

a remake of the 'marsha orange'

blue roses locket necklace with micro faceted chalcedony beads

ive been reading waaaay too much astrology/numerology crap about myself and someone i know and i think its making me go crazy, seriously. must. stop. obsessing. . .
gah i sometimes catch myself being extra emotional support needy and it makes me feel super guilty! yikes. what a weirdo. its gonna be ok. deep breaths and dawanda listing time!


ya! i got my hair cut yesterday by my friend charlotte who i didnt know was working at julies salon (the last time i got my hair cut in a salon) ya! satellite salon on west pender.

so heres a pic i just took earlier. simes liked the pic with my mouth closed better, but i think i look more natural when its open, though i could attract a fly.... you know weirdly enough i never had that mole on my upper lip before.

im going to be adding jewelry to the shop and dawanda now. like the wicked necklace i am wearing...

yesterday i did an hour of pilates and like about an hour of hula hooping. my tummy is sore but im doing it again later coz i really want to have a nicer body. haha. coz im soft and would rather be somewhat firm before i turn 30!

SHOP UPDATE??!! OMG!!!11!!1

blue trees in esfahan....

oh yes see im getting back in it and have updated the shop with new pouches and a bag. will be taking and tweaking pics and posting new items all this week and i swear to allah of all the flaky things i do im not flaking on this. this is true. man midoonam.

ok! click on the bags and pouches pics to go to the shop page or click HERE to go the New products section of my shop!

i didnt iron for the pics and theres a couple wrinkly items so im going to have to iron everything...ugh. but! finally will use the cute spray bottle fabric starch i got in daiso for the spray bottle. hmm. i guess itll take a while to just have the spray bottle but if i start starching the shit outta all the pouches im sure itll get outta there in no time and i have my spray bottle... um, ok.

meanwhile the blim fair was sweet! was freaking as usual making stuff and thought i didnt have enough stuff but when i set up i was totally overwhelmed at how much crap i had on the table jeez! i was by myself coz simon was sleeping and (see story below) so i kind of felt unmotivated to go outside and set up so i was like the only person inside.....

i dont know if that was good thing or not but i guess otherwise id be in the sun, duh, i dont know or think i would have minded actually..... but yeah........
so now i really have to get in touch with barefoot contessa and update shops...
i finally heard from someone that recognized my stuff from plenty! at the blim fair. duh. i totally forgot i was in plenty and didnt tell girls that asked what shops i was in. anyway. also im running out of calling cards. i dont think i want to get moo cards again, i mean i do but they are expensive. so yeah..

updating the shop all this week and will be posting a pic of the new prizes i said id do for this month of may!!!
new jewelry is going straight into and dawanda shop and going to post the blythe clothes on the TIB forum... and im even thinking about paying my etsy bill and listing items on there again. not sure though. i mean, ill pay,but dont know if i want to list....i think i might list jewelry on etsy again when i make 1,500 sales (3 items away) they unmuted my friends and muted someone i didnt particularly like at all and so that in itself really makes me feel heartened an encouraged to relist and sell on etsy again. im so weird and emo and off topic.

~~drunken simon story~~ the other night before the fair, simon went with his friends to see cool herc. so i was like totally up making stuff all night so i was still awake when he got home at 4am completely drunk. teehee lots a laughs and story time then he goes to bed. im still up making stuff and like no longer than 20 mins. later i hear simon get up and move around the room and then i hear PEEING and crinkling plastic sound. i was like 'what the hellar you doing in there simon??!!!111!!!' so i go and check him out and he is standing in the corner where the wire mesh trashbin is at and he is peeing freely and quite happily into the haphazardly placed plastic bag. so of course i am like "oh my god simon stop that right now and go to the fucking bathroom!!!!1!!!111" so then he totally says 'ok' stops peeing and staggers to the bathroom and finishes peeing! he then goes back into the room and im like: 'simes get that frikkin piss bin outta the room it'll stink up the place!' and i go check on him while im saying this but not a second after i finish my horrified whine simon is contentedly snuggling up into the bed dreamily saying 'what piss bin...zzzzzzzz'


BLIM spring market!!!

Im preparing stuff for tomorrow right now....

listing to camera obscura now...

heard it on somafm and found some which led me to find lloyd cole and the commotions
which i dont think ive ever heard before and they are from the 80s. i think im really diggin them...

the fair starts at 12 noon tomorrow at BLIM on main and 17th. free admission and there will be snacks and drinks for sale, music and all around wickedness... please come!!

im trying to make as much stuff as i can ;D
the blim fair is coming up this weekend!

its been overcast the past days i totally missed the sunshine to take more pics.

im going back to the philippines in july or august! that is my plan.

but i have to take the pics to sell more stuff so i can make money to go and for my capital.

i havent done my taxes yet. good thing i registered my business end of nov. so i only like have a month or something.

today i did shipping coz yesterday was a holiday (victoria day) and i totally slacked. ive been having a hard time 'getting back into it' i think it has to do with my unorganized work area. hmph.

i miss manila and the people in it.

ho hum.

after the blim fair this weekend i am doing the fab fair at the heritage hall on june 7-8. i think. or 8-9. ill get back and edit this.

ok seriously im going to take pics of every single piece of blythe clothing tomorrow rain or shine, and some of the bags and pouches for my shop. might as well take pics of those necklaces i wanted to as well. move a mountain, make a million dollars and have the power to be in two places at once. oh yes..........
and! one more thing. this is more a matter of mind over mind. redundancy.i somehow notice myself saying the same thing twice in a row. or bringing up a topic thats been talked about before. i wonder what that means??? might be my botched memory >< or some kind of i need to reaffirm shit coz im crazy ;P

im kind of bummed when i finished reading the witching hour i wanted to read the rest of the series and found out anne rice is like writing christian stuff? or like the life of jesus kind of deal. weird. i got kind of bummed. i mean, it was all there in the witching hour, the reference to the stars aligning into their perfect pattern on christmas (winter solstice)- i get this from the 'zeitgeist' movie, but then now shes like writing about the actual jesus figure. weird. i still want to read the rest of the series though i dont think ill be pickingup a jesus book anytime soon :c no hopes of a more detailed story of the mayfair witches i spose.

im really into saturday being a day of worship for saturn and sunday being a day of worship for the sun. rad-ness.

simon got me to watch 'esoteric agenda' the other week and man was i totally blown away yet again by another one of these conspiracy theory documentaries on 'how the world works' man oh man. what to believe what to think. its good to have as many sides as possible, especially since the sides seen in mass media are not about this kind of stuff.

an african shaman levitates.
now that is hype ass shit right there.
the powers of the mind can really affect our physical being. i also saw (a bit cheese but still good) 'the secret'.
what about sound waves affecting physical objects?
all these and more, in the real world.
its just so much more interesting.
so i get annoyed kids who play endless video games.
specially the violent ones. why dont they just join a wrestling team?
or paint ball in some designated area or some shit?
i suppose id never do those things, i never really want to do what most guys do on video games (kill, shoot, etc). playing a sports video game. i dont know what to think about that, and what about the cute ones. i guess i dont mind them. just not the killing ones. all the time. yikes no.

ok im going to bed i keep adding to this post and im not adding a picture?

its already 1:25
im reading the golden compass series now. im on page 27 and already there are all these discrepancies with the movie. but at least i have that wonderful imagery to draw from :D i didnt even know it was a series till i noticed the ending of the movie was a major cliffhanger and then saw the boxed book set at the thrift store for 7 bucks. yeah. i like fantasy. who the hell am i to get pissed at kids playing video games. geez.

ok so i am going to sleep now. i have neglected my online posting and shopping venues and will not let it go past this month of my birth coz i said so! and coz i really feel bad about it. i want an assistant/maid. is that ok????


handmade clothes for blythe!

these are just teaser shots...
isnt best so cute. shes stoked to sell at the fair! teehee. since velvet got to go to manila best gets to model :D

ok its really sunny today!
im taking pictures after this.
after what????

after this.


(looks around)

i tried fixing my jewelry work area yesterday to get more motivated. today, it looks like i dumped all what was in the shelves onto the floor.
ugh, ive been completely lazy and havent done much. its already the 2nd week of may!! yikes. i was supposed to add new items to the shop but havent even taken the pictures yet. ok its not too bad when i think of it like that.
ive been reading anne rice. oh gosh its like so hard to stop. im such a good procrastinator. the witching hour.
wanted to do a give away thingy for list members but will have to do it this week. after i get pics up online.

BLIM spring market on may 24th!

the blim spring market is coming up!!
on the 24th of this month, its free admission!

Got Craft pics and a couple of Features!

here are some of the pics i took at the got craft fair. i forgot to take pics right at the beginning and some of the bags are already sold in this pic. they may have been a tad underpriced :D i think ill be taking pics of the 'mini' messenger bags to put into the shop. 28 bucks plus shipping?

yesterday i went to virgin marys with a bunch of stuff to restock :D please go check it out ><

this piece is still at virgin marys! :c its really nice!! would look great on YOU! for this summer and beyond..... virgin marys is on commercial drive beside drive organics :D

its your life featured in the goodie bag blog :D
check it out! its a vancouver indie shopping blog.... click pic:

the virgo locket cameo is also featured in Thats So Boss!! blog :D
click pic:

manila pics

i uploaded a bunch of them to flickr... i think if you click on the pic you go into my flickr and can see the rest of the pics.
or heres my flickr page: see pics from my trip!

the got craft fair went fantastic...omg. super good. paid simon back all the $$$$$$ i owed him :D

so now im still lagging on jetlagged shipping and am preparing that now >< also going to be making inventories for virgin marys and briers tonight so i can bring them stuff by tuesday??? ya!

during the fair i was approached by barefoot contessa so i think ill be having some product there soon ;D

the granny bags practically sold out and im kicking myself for not cutting more. josh was already bugging me after she sewed a few she was all cut more these are nice but spaced and damn.

ok i am kind of stressed out.
i guess jet lag is one way.. and i havent been making jewelry for a month. im going to bring all the stuff i have made already and maybe make as many pieces as i can and know will go right away. fix my display.
simon kindly went down to 4th to go get the product from candice who left the stuff at briers, but shes on commercial drive so now i still need to go down there before 6 to get the risers and i dont know my 4 uear old display.. i am so frikkin stressed out. as usual.

but there is a tonne of nice bags and pouches and mini messengers and i dont know if i should but might as well bring the blythe clothes too.

display! kill me.


click postcards for larger size

the got craft event is coming right up!!!!
i went and checked out their blog which features all the designers and practically spit my coffee onto the computer screen coz the post featuring me is a complete tell-all!! ahah im too embarrassed now to link it, but go look for the got craft blog if you want to hear a classic nicole story. im featured seller #3
ok so i havent posted anything and now im back in vancouver! crap. oops.
too much
lots of new stuff! dudes i didnt make an inventory while down there, i couldnt get my head wrapped around using anothers computer. i dont think i can use a pc coz it took me so long to get used to a mac. so my excuse. and while i was in it, you know i couldnt see it. so im here now in my cozy space with simes and checking out how much lovely i mean super nice product. just like as if i made it but with cherry and joshs' hands. ay caramba. i need to go back sooner. and more organized. id rather do this than not realizing this is what ive been wanting to do. good thing i did it. its a 1 year, 2008 is.

its really nice weather here not too bad.. not too cold but i havent really been outside! eh.
oh yes, its my birthday. after the longest april 30th of my life.
im going to try and get a couple short vids and pics on phone up and get my bro sean to post some of them pics he took to my blog. yes if anyone needs an online assistant i got the guy for you ;D ask me for his resume and skillz....

so the got craft event is on SUNDAY!!! gah. im going to plan then make stuff tomorrow and saturday. i have some stock prepared from what i left with candice :D so ill be using some of that. ahh... after not making jewelry for a month and being in manila seeing manila styles im wondering what ill be coming up with..
def making some yummy incense :D and bringing the bags we made. the blythe clothes are to die for.
i need to take pics. i know picless post sucks. sorry!!!

shop orders need to be shipped and im so sorry for the delay...

happy birthday ><