i sent it out! did anyone get it yet? simon did not yet get his! dont worry he is not included in the draw. what happened!
i dont want to send out two.
maybe it is delayed.

??????? :c ????????

edit: ok i sent out one from my email! sorry if you end up getting two :c


omgosh! i made incense and it works and smells really nice! yay!

i got charcoal sticks from bittercreek (but not again coz i had to pay 20$ shipping for usps i thought then it was sent ups so i had to pay another 20$ to the delivery guy @@)
and the fragrance oils i got from save on scents are here, finally :D no charges, usps priority mail, i like it!

i made about 3 sticks last night and they dried overnight it seems, now they are totally yummy!! im burning strawberry musk sandalwood right now and its really quite nice!!

totally reinforces how much candlesoylutions products totally sucked for incense coz all it did was reek the house and provide me with migranes due to its fierce toxic fume cloud.
i even tried a candlesoylutions fragrance oil again with the new charcoal sticks. total waste of a stick! omg i really dont know why their oils and incense sticks are like that when burned.

ok enough whining. im supposed to be taking pics of some new stuff... but today its like, totally snowed over. i kind of just wanna make some incense and finish reading the lord of the rings. im on page 400 something. i read almost 300 pages last night. sometimes i cant stop reading till the book is done. bad.

just checked my notifylist and i am really impressed with my little mailing list! i mean like WOW!
you are all super swell for joining. lets see who wins the 2 goodie bags and $25 gift cert. and ive decided to give a free shipping code to all who joined before the 30th. so do it now!!

later... o k itook massive amounts of pics. might upload them later today. reading today. got some secret meetings today and tomorrow. sekrit!!!!!!!!

its over!

my vacation from making new jewelry designs.
i havent been designing anything new really since november? december?
so now ive somewhat managed my work area and im going into full new designs mode this week.
oh yes.

have you signed up for the newsletter yet?

the first one is coming up on the 30th of january!!!
it will have free shipping coupons and the details of the $25 gift certificate draw :D
im also going to be giving away a couple goodie bags with some jewelry, supplies, incense (not made by me!), and some kind of sewn thing from my old stock :D


go go go!

in the makes

omg ive been sewing little clothes today. i was supposed to be making new jewlery designs :D ahah k these little dresses for my blythe are cute. ill rezize pics later. meanwhile i reading about the RSS feed. i think i turned it off for this blog. forgot why, so im turning it back on again :D
meanwhile new sugarmag outfits for the girls:

oh yeah: and i added two items to my shop! go check it out??

ok i just checked my prices again and the bags are hella cheep@@ because i made them a while ago k!! im working on this new style that is kind of complicated and am hoping to sell it on dawanda for about 70 bones! it is awesome :D and though i fudged up i fixed it and its like better than ever :D :D...hours later..
omg! i finished it kind of. and fudged again but its ok ill handsew a bit. it was like giving a bag. need ironing but heres what it looks like now:

i guess if i keep making them ill get to make them faster.

here are some of the blythe clothes im working on.. im also 'working' on making them less cute and more grown up, but i have tonnes of cute fabric so ill just keep going with it.

you can see the little mini kitchen set simon got me in spain!!! when i make doll house for the girls ill make the kitchen first '-'

edit: ok they are done now :D

the cherry blouse is now sold.
im having a sale in the This is blythe forum:
but if you like any of them and want to buy one send me a message or leave a comment here :D

see bigger sizes on my flickr: here


for the first newsletter to go out.

its going to be sent out on JANUARY 30.


as it is there is a very good chance you will win the $25 gift certificate or one of the 5 free shipping coupons!

OK GO!!!

sign up. its on the left side.
<-----over there

ive added a bunch of items so there will be lots to choose from!!!


i hadnt checked out michs' shops blog in a while and i really want to buy a bunch of the clothes!! ak. so cheap. hello its only 21 CAD ???
im totally saving as much hella money as i can for when i go back home!

check this: its da scene
and cool manila style blog:

omg. take part in the adventure that is me going back to manila and blogging the crazyness down there by buying my stuff! seriously and please :D :D

new items added to my shop!

ahhh.. i still have the bags i took pics of to add! i almost forgot about them.
ive added one tissue holder.
new bags in shop
click on pics to go to listings :D

jack in the beanstalker

lucky bear says peace man

funfun eggs go postal

tissue case? ya!

apple necklace -also available at virgin mary's!

butterfly necklace too!

sign up for the mailing list, you might win a $25 CAD gift certificate and free shipping coupons! i havent figured out yet how or what to actually write in the newsletter. we will see. last week of january. i should make a date.
ive been meaning to pick up list making again. forgot to buy a calendar. mmmeanwhile got an adjustable dressform at dressew and finally set it up. need someone to measure me properly though. got this beauty with an 8 part body 50% off during boxing week at dressew so it was about $150 CAD with tax. ya! id been wanting it since a while ago, dint it know it then, but you can fit pants :D so its kind of set up now and its got a bra and shirt on. i think it looks like me? will start altering and making the clothes ive been meaning to make 3 years ago??? we will see...
ok my site shipping is till 'in progress'

ay naku

so i was talking to a friend earlier and wondering why im like freaking out so muchrecently and i narrowed it down to basically experiences relating to online transactions. what the. well, i do get freaked out by other things in real life, but i didnt think 'too' bad. anyway so im not going to be buying as much crap online as i usually do this year im going to try and stick with the bare essentials. like supplies i really need only. and projects i know are good to go only. etc. uh, yeah... plus the fact that i keep not receiving items i bought like months ago. then the sellers get mad at me for getting pissed about me losing money. what the crap.

i need to figure out my shipping for my site. i dont know how to do it. right now i figure since its all jewelry i can charge flat rate of $5 (it used to be 2.50 shipping per item). but if someone in like singapore or europe buys anything id be somewhat screwed and even more if they bought a bag.
i guess the cart is useful for the jewelry. gonna have to check it out again.
lia sent me this wicked list of web sites i can submit my site to (thanks lia!!) but havent gotten around to really checking em out yet. i did a couple, bust, and indie something but im not approved yet over there.

i have a long list to inventory tonight!! virgin marys update including lots of different little cameo earrings. very sweet '-'/

i think i got good pics. my friend helped me and there are over 45 pics now @@ i dont know what or where to start. the best pics were of course the ones we took indoors. her apartment has much better light than mine! too bad almost all of them were taken outside ><

ps. my coat is too big. i want a smaller one.

incense update like what the crap!! the incense i first bought from candlesoylutions SUCKS ASS
first of all it does not dry.
2. it changes color and the oils turn red. not a good sign.
3. the binder of the wood pulp loosens and the sticks are easily compromised.
4. they smell like $H!T, like BURNING HAIR when lit after adding fragrance. no feckin way am i ever selling these, EVER. what the hell was i thinking buying form them. they are selling toxic fume emitting blank firecracker punks and selling them for making incense. totally bad. im tossing it all out.
the saving grace was buying an incense kit off Ebay! can you believe it. i figured i needed to check out what other sticks there are. and i can leave feedback on ebay. anyway i got the little kit from ebay about the time i was going nuts trying to figure out why the first ones i got were not drying.
the new sticks i got were un-uniform in size with varying stick width. a good sign i think.
anyway so last night i add the oils and the new sticks are like, absorbing the oil in a different rate then the other crap. another good sign i thought. then i notice there is no color changing reaction and the sticks remain brown, a very good sign i thought.
i drained them, and i put them beside the other sticks in the studio for drying in front of the fan. a full week of drying and the first sticks i bought still appear wet and smell like shit when lit.
this afternoon i go check on the new sticks and they are practically dry!!!!!!!! YIPEE!!! and they smell heavenly!! OMG!!!
when lit these new sticks have NO toxic smell at ALL!!! YAY! those fuckers at soylutions totally screwed me over! thank god i have a sensitive nose, can you imagine if i didnt and just sold them anyway @@ , as ang tells me 'they smell like incense'

another thing i noticed was with the toxic sticks, they were very uniform in size. the actual stick part looks like bamboo and has a fine cylindrical uniform thickness. they had a faint strange 'carpentry' smell out of the box. (an early warning sign they are crap)
the other blank sticks i have from ebay, and the hand dipped sticks i bought from other crafters have an uneven appearance, and even the stick part looks like finely split wood as opposed to a bar-b-que sticks' consistent size. also the pulp of the new sticks is more like a powder consistence and doesnt shake off while the toxic crap from soylutions is more like sawdust that falls off easily when shook (ie. sawdust everywhere).

ive been punked!!!

edit: im terrible, but i think i got the dude to email his supplier. i cant believe they were selling these and didnt even test them themselves. if they did and thought it was normal?? what the pfunk? i sent pics and finally calmed down. bastards. o well another one bites the dust. now im really apprehensive about getting sticks online and have been trying to find a supplier in van. DUH. im so lazy ><
--i found a messageboard for with someone affirming no color change. whatever. edit: the dude says his supplier from china (hmmmm......) says its from darker wood pulp and is more favorable (eye roll), but when i use his oils on the other sticks, it STILL smells weird when lit, like blowing out a candle. yuk! both products i bought from him to make incense; sticks or oil, especially combined are absolutely unacceptable. Im feckin serious.

Virgin Marys update coming up as in this weekend!
New travel tissue holders '-'/
Pics of BAGS yah its HELLA sunny today!!! WEee :D


my blythe

i got them lip and eye stickers '-'/
so this is how velvet first looked when i erased her face and painted new make up.

then eventually i lightly erased myumis face but she seemed to get lighter :c

and now they got some darker eyes! i used them on their lightest eye colors
(VM- apple green and pink, MBF- light brown, pink) i think it looks much better. because velvets eyes look downwards more than mayumis the gradation of the eye sticker with the darkest part on the top of her eye, it makes her look like shes looking straight instead of shoegaze :D like gaze correction without surgery :D :D
and now mayumis got amber/hazel eyes instead of light brown :D

more in my flickr .


i have added the je t'aime necklace and busy as a bee design to my online shop!
please click on images to go to listings '-'/
sign up for the newsletter and you may get a chance to win a 25$ gift certificate or a free shipping coupon!

also relisted the je t'aime in dawanda, and the bee on etsy. in case for some reason youd rather not use my site (ill cry though)

use : 'your blog' as a the referral code and get a nifty gifty '-'/

ok im going to do my best and get GOOD SHOTS OF THE PURSES I HAVE HERE. im going to do it till i get clear accurate pretty and bright true colored shots damnit.. hope for sunshine. i may go to the park. (edit: twas absolute shit weather)
so in the meantime check out this sweet bag! its the only one available in my online shop!

DaWanda, you ROCK!

ok can i just say how effin gorgeous it is to see real names beside user names in my dawanda 'orders' page? TOTALLY helps to match up orders with paypal payments.
i mean are they just brilliantly reading my frazzled emails or what!
i love them.
woohoo i took pics. its getting dark already at 3 ;c plus its overcast.
taking pics of bags is frikkin hard meng. i need like a full back drop and lots of good light. yuk. the pics i took of my bags are dark and grainy and not clear and the subtle colors of the fabric look like techni-color. i have about 5 bags here. gosh. i totally forgot to clean out my craft bag i bring to fairs. found all kinds of items in there O_o
meanwhile im going to be resizing and posting the pics here and in my site.

did you sign up for my newsletter yet?
i havent given any out, but will in the end-ish of january when i get more items up. gonna be giving away a gift certificate for 25$ and free shipping coupons (even for bags!!) so come on and sign up! im a slackerbracle so dont expect spam ><
(the sign up box for my newsletter/mailing list is on the top left side of my blog under my shop link)
<----------------- there

ive added a few more necklaces to my shop!
the bags' pics really super suck! yikes! after looking them in actual pixels jeez. nevermind. im going to figure something out. might ask angela if i can use her light tent at her work.
meanwhile i made a love letter locket necklace (2 of em!) and they are only available in my online shop:

click on pic to go to snazzy listing (its $36)
edit: of all the featured items its gotta be the wonky one. ok lemme try again....
egyptian styles necklace-silver not listed yet-$16

daisy and mushrooms delight -$32

light and incense

ag. i forgot to take pics earlier, and i already said 'im going to take pics at 3'. its 4.30 now and hella dark already. *grumbles* well, i guess ill have more to take pics of tomorrow.
going to add a couple BAGS! and new jewelry designs to my site.

meanwhile... ive been making incense! yipee! its actually what made me forget my picture taking. so now its all soaking and it will take a day or two to soak, then i dry it, and try it! ya! new category in my shop? we will see...

also been sewing up some new blythe clothes. the pattern pieces are so small and quite hard to manipulate on the sewing machine so ive been (gasp!) handsewing most of the dresses.
ill have to set up a photo shoot with my dolls.
ive renamed Best to Mayumi (which means demure) but im not sure if the name will stick.