craft fairs i know about

theres this one from poppy im joining!! its at the western front.
theres another on in the west side at a later date.
go to:
and click on 'got craft'

i heart crafts! deadline submit is due on April 1st.
its at the legion hall on commerch'
email charlotte at : fiveisforriches AT
or go to the blog and check it out!

theres this other one:
call jimbo fisher at 604-726-2010
is for charity, its at heritage hall and its on pre-mothers day -end of aprilish i think.
i still havent called !

then theres the fab fair im joining, but applications are all in and due and whew.
fab fair! at the heritage hall...on june 2.

Beyond Robson Interview

oh my gosh! heres my interview on Beyond Robson:
read my interview here

e.t. and christie

check these out they are fun and fair:

you can see christie who is modeling also made them. new its your life team member.

more new vintage cameo and charms necklaces plus holly hobbie

ok i am totally editing this now for linkage factor. click on the items to go to the listings :D
i made a mini etsy on the side there to the left, :D like it or a bit much? EDIT: i put it below the links now..too bad you cant like, feature other peoples stuff on it...

this piece is awesome. i like the black chain with white chain dangle. plus bead chain. i did that. me! i love it. its like victorian mod, or something.

this one is scary woooo. in memory of coz it looks like a coffin setting, or memorium or something.. with the decaying rose and darkend skull ..

yay holly hobbie :D
lock and key front clasps are so fun :)
bird whistler

ladybug bouquet

and fence jump!


why isnt the blog accepting my pics? darn it the upload window where you press 'done' doesnt show up. grrr.r...

hey there is a clothing swap today!! im not ready! Van Swap

better update later. maybe if i use firefox instead of safari for uploading pics.

new stuff!

hmm.. where to start.
we made our first gocco and its super fun and easy. heres simes inking our first screen.
ill have to update with an actual pic of the finished postcard...

meanwhile the suji fair was great! the group that handled it was very cool and super friendly and supportive yay.
and guess what? i managed to get an intern or i think thats what she is called. shes my mini! her name is christie and i need a picture of her on here. shes going to help me with making stuff and shipping.

ive updated my etsy shop like mad.
lots of new necklace styles and ive put up a few pieces i have remade from before.. like the 'boys who love owls' necklace with the holly hobbie cameo and vintage enameled owl charm...grrr.. ive been looking for more of those owl charms and i couldnt find them anymore.
(click pics to go to listings)

i made the one with the bead chain second! the simpler first one:

new green with envy style-

there are many new pouches...! not all fabric from japan this time, but mostly from shanghai
ive put some lovely japanese prints i got enough of aside, to make some pleated hobo bags. ok pouches!

SUJI: Craft Fair Directions!! Today!

map to UBC international house

> International House Directions
> Getting to UBC By Bus, Skytrain, or Seabus
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> route maps, are also
> available on the Translink Web site
>, or call
> 604.953.3333.
> By Car or Carpool / Vanpool
> - if you are traveling by car, drive westbound
along either 4th Avenue, 10th Avenue, 16th Avenue, or 41st Avenue
into Southwest Marine Drive
(check the UBC Parking Web site for
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new shoes, gocco for simon and craft fair!

i got new shoes the other day! was shipping this large wholesale order to singapore :D and i was musing with shipping it express with full insurance or regular air mail with insurance. the shipping was partially 'on me' so i chose regular and bought shoes haha heres me standing on a flat of newspprint we have in the studio:

and i got this today!
bought it for simon :D he loves it! im so excited.

and im attending this craft fair:

SUJI playground ------- a marketplace/ a
playground for creative artists and ideas

Venue: UBC International House

Date: Sunday, March 11th 10am-4pm

Participants: ~40 Vendors, ~8 music performance,
expecting 200+ admissions.

SUJI is a gathering of local/young/experimental
artists and performers to showcase their works and
talents. It's a market style fair where the artists
will be provided with a space to exhibit their art
works and creative ideas. It's a modern and
contemporary art fair where artists at all levels of
experience can browse and mingle in style. The
atmosphere is welcoming, the work inspiring. Whether
you're an experienced collector or buying art for the
first-time, the Fair is the perfect place to indulge
your passion and catch up with friends. If you feel
like taking a leisurely stroll and picking up some
handmade crafts and art. Art Fair is the place to be
for a day to look, love and be inspired.

Statement of Purpose:
Art Fair is a gathering of local/street artists and
performers to showcase their works and talents to
promote artists' idea. It's a market style fair where
the artists will be provided with a space to exhibit
their art works. (creative display is encouraged)

making tonnes of pouches (have about 24 cut- yeah right ill get them all sewn in one day :P)
fresh! and New! fabrics- soooo amny new cute designs! scottie dogs, monkeys, fruits, bunnies, mushrooms!! eep!
no lables tho, ive run out so they will be cheaper :D
i think i might have gotten carried away with the recent pouch prices ('but theyre my last labels tho' whines the mini bear) and will probably reduce them when i get these new ones sewn :)


i got a german online shop!!
its totally hell! i cant read german and translators suck.. luckily the layout is Etsy's doppleganger and ive already found the forums in english AND a lovely german girl re-translated my shop header (which was previously reading 'New wine accessory equiptment, japanese wovens and the beyond' or something like that)
when it should read: Neue Vintage-Accessoires, japanische Stoffe und Mehr!

right now ive been trying to re-edit the lovely translation that girl gave me but the freaking internet is making me cry. i really dont know why the connection is SO SLOW and im getting those weird proxy time outs forever like seriously 3 hours.

so im going to have to stick with the wine shop in my new german site till the internet starts behaving. its only on the german site tho. ARGH. coz here i am on my blog...

my new german shop:

check it out! its my etsy shops twin.

new stuff! new loves!!

ok so i made the perfect love locket and key cameo necklace and here it is: (edited to add links) click on pics to go to listings:

two new! linen pouches with japanese prints and cute buttons!
edit: im actually going to change this button, its totally been bugging me :D haha i keep thinking it needs to be a wooden one like the other linen pouch... found another lazer cut wood button but its just a weird oblong shape.

then i show you these lovely cameo pins:
EDIT: hey this lovely pin is in Mintage! :D Its $25 Canadian. Go check it out! (see links on the top for mintage :)

and my new favorite holly hobbie necklace with amazing rare vintage chain made from dapped bars with ball points and amythest glass channels:

and hello you cant go wrong with these- price wise or style wise!

im also having a SALE on the older listings in my shop! check out the items that have been marked down... and im not offering this usually, but make me an offer for any of my older listings! meaning: if you dont like the price, ask me if ill like your price! xo send me an etsy convo with the item titles or links and the price you want to offer! only for older listings (from january- last year)