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heres a pic of me at the love a fair at blim last valentines..
from keiko. thanks keiko!

polymer clay pendants by beadbug

these are so cool. i have an etsy 'mom' judy. she is my etsy mom!
click on the pics to go to her listings :D

actually everything in her shop is pretty awesome and intricate- check it out!
i wore mine the other day and it felt awesome. here is the last one:

i wore it to daiso :D simon took me and i bought so many little baskets. and printed mini crates. for organizing my stuff...
anyway the piece is long and lovely and just such a 'feels good to wear something so pretty' piece.

ok so i know my last post was about cheap supplies. but now i want o feature my xpensive precious metal stuff. its still very kitschy despite being fine....i invested in some gold filled chain and findings...
gold and pearls necklace- i went with a simple design.. its lovely...

the next two feature lockets..

holly hobbie on this one- so sweet

and my absolute stunner this necklace is gorgeous! i mean it. its on a slightly thicker chain being heavier and longer that the others, its soooo nice and long, goes to like right between my boObs and is very sexy and luxurious in a 'something borrowed something blue' kind of way... hmmm...

cheap supplies

i finally listed these! from my aunt. they are cheap but good quality!
check them out:

Juicy Locket

this is the twin sister of the green owl locket. they are complimentary twins ( '_')('_' )

The Green Owl Locket and other new

i made another owl locket necklace! this girl ellen bought the last one at the fair.. at blim..and had it lengthened so i made more..this time with longer chain (so you can see your pictures in the locket with ease!) click on images to go listings:
(some of the pieces sell out quick so please check my shop if i have relisted them)

sparrows or swallows.. pretty left and right facing brass bird charm earrings with darling tiny hearts

gorgeous new sailing the high seas necklace!! features cream and gold painted vintage western German glass and lovely oxidized brass filigree

sweet little gardener holly hobbie cameo charms necklace '-'/ sold out for now-but will be restocking the cameos soon!

butterscotch champagne cameo necklace so creamy and dreamy. a lovely color combination for neutral tone lovers out there

Simons Art Show Tonight!!

The Gang's All Here

(click on poster to go to site)

its going to be at LES Gallery

1879 Powell Street

Opens Tonight at 7pm
and runs till
March 17, by appointment

(im having an SNS sale in my shop- go check it out if you want some discount, tonight is the time to buy)

seeing double

look! its buddy. awww carolines dog. catherine bought a daschund doll to keep her pup company and went to visit caro and buddy thought it was for him! they said he cried when they took the doll away. aww so cute.

"mmm hiya there girlfriend, dont you look delectable.."

"*sniff* and ya smell great too"

"juliette!" "romeo!"

"here i am."

"oooh *sniffs again* i like that" (tail wagging furiously)

pirate compass necklaces and cabs

new! new! i made these 'aye love pirate' necklaces from the old design but with new elements :D
only two of each style and thats it forever! Real working Japanese compass (its so small too)!! silver plated skull charm, vintage glass cameos depicting a ship aor a lighthouse and anchor. soo wicked! i mixed the metal colors. oooh its different. if you notice the compass actually has a brass dot holding the hand in place, so mixing metals isnt too far off design '-'/
i never used to mix metal colors, but trudyturned me on to the idea a while ago.
click on images to go to listings

the ship one is sold out!

there is one last light house and anchor left.

i listed some of the image cabs i made!
they are all in my DIY supplies section.

and heres a black rose seahorse skull layered necklace :D the rose is cool and not small.
the seahorse is pretty awesome as well :D ok and the skull rocks. EDIT-i made another one :D

and a new medallion on the 'love you' necklace.. its now called 'love heart' (these sell out so please check my shop if i have relisted them)

Craft Fair at Blim tomorrow!!!!!!!!

laptop slowwwwwwww

why? simon transferred all the pictures from our old computer to the laptop coz most pics are mine anyway. but now i cant use the main computer to list things on etsy coz all the pics are on the laptop and the laptop is so freakin internet sllllloooooowwwwwwwwww. it is so painful.
meanwhile i have a craft fair tomorrow and should focus on making stuff for that instead of listing all the cabs i made. huhuhu they are so cute.

purolator sucks and they can bite my bum. ok thanks.

new fox, flower and butterfly pendant necklaces

i like the little fox. the others have vintage japanese acrylic flowers.
click on images to go to the listing '-'
ok the fox is sold but a sweet bird asked if was making more so soon there will be i havent gotten around the fixing the area to make lots yets..

this pretty thing features daisies and poppy flowers.. with two fluttering butterflies. On vintage cabs '-'

this one is sold

topaz butterfly and vintage acrylic flower..

my stuff made it to new york! yay!

sick and featured

ooh im sick got the stomach flu thats been going around.
last night someone asked if i had anymore skull cameo necklaces... coz i wuz featured in a blog (insert link) and the necklace sold out! so i relisted it but forgot to edit the relisted says its my last one when its not. is that considered false advertising?
oooh pics and more news later!

Scenic Adornment Vintage Glass Pendants

i figured poppy doesnt sell her pendants at a high price and we just traded.. so i lowered the prices to 16-20$ a necklace! they were initially at 22-25$ (so get em now! :D

this is my bee necklace.! its so adore. honey! EDIT-check it out '-'/ it sells out so best to check the shop coz i relist it. in shop now!

and i made more image cabs :D
click on images to go to listings... the lots come with a couple of settings and if you mention this blog post in your purchase you get free shipping!

check it out . com
new cute fox and butterfly necklaces tomorrow!

A Love A Fair at Blim!!

Craft Fair!!!!
i postered around main and broadway a few days ago. it was fun! except like the next day 6 of the 10 posters i put up were gone, trashed or covered. i ripped a poster off covering ours, but later on that day it was totally gone. BOO

ive been sucked into the thread. on etsy. its taking up all my precious idle time (all the time). i tried telling simon about it and he giggles and says i am turning more and more into a nerd now! hahah i totally am. realizing this while telling him of our 'secret chat room meeting' in the middle of the night confirms my nerd status. gawd i havent even made anything new in 3 days!!!! actually thats not true. just not for etsy, like i didnt even take pics of it. yikes.

all your thread are belong to us.

heres my neglected space:

despite being a total forum thread nerd i somehow sold a bunch of lovely one of a kinds and pretties today. i was so pleased coz i spent some money on my honey (it was simons birthday on groundhog day) and im all out, but not now! and also glad coz i really really wanted to buy him a coffee maker.

im working on making more vintage image pendants and fancy vintage flower necklace designs. yipee! bahala na si batman. i wonder what i will come up with.

new vintage glass pendants

poppy soldered these for me! arent they lovely? gosh.

see poppy's etsy shop!

here are fimo pendants i made :D i had a few listed in my shop as necklaces but took them down coz i saw this shop:
jennifer morris beads

pretty fun!