no sleep


i couldnt fall asleep!
um, someone got shot in my building yesterday.
isnt that insane? thats not the reason why im still up tho.
the guy who shot was real nice guy too, he and his girl decorated the front entrance for xmas by themselves, and simes remembers him mopping up a leak in the basement helpin the landlady. he was reallycheerful and stuff i remember him around the building and during our yard sales.
cripes crazy place this crap building.
he was a weedealer. the crazy part is like it was just weed. some stupid teens. they were really stupid and left their gun. there were two ambulances when i got home then, it *just happened. there was pot ALL OVER the front entrance and first floor. so insane! cops, neighbors the works. if i had come home sooner, gawd.
the story is so crazy and ive been filled in and all but am too lazy to type it out in detail. just that his dude got shot. in my building. remeber when i got the peeping tom on the first floor? first floor here sucks. good thing we moved upstairs.
poor jessie i hope he recovers ok and does not go to jail. and hope he finds a place if he gets kicked out. well, i guess he should get kicked out, but so sad and weird and crazy.

i sent some stuff fedex to the u.s. coz im in a shop over there, but its like stuck in limbo or something and am worried about that.

poppy groovyglassgirl soldered some glass pendants for me and she is crazy and i dont think i gave her enough stuff in trade for the AMAZING so awsome work shes done. ill take pics tomorrow. im pretty excited about it.

went to blim earlier and saw julie who cut my hair-- she is going to euro and was busily exacto-ing platic sheets to silkscreen on glow in the dark ghosts to install in random european cities. ! so awsome its about her concept/observation of 'ghost bags' those random flying around empty plastic bags. they will be on telephone wires. if you are in euro and see anything like that you know it was julie. i think the only city i remember her mentioning was stokholm which i cant spell.
was at blim tho coz i paid and picked up posters for the love fair on the 11th and i suck coz i never go there and its so cool. i plan on postering tomorrow and hope its sunny so i can take pics of like the area near my house.

hmmm. too lazy to go resize pics for the blog. sorry. pics late.r

Large Vintage Rose Necklace Series

I love them! I bought these super big vintage occupied Japan plastic rose pendants... one of each color that I really liked. Now that they are necklaces I want more! poo. sometimes i buy stuff i think ill love then i get it and eh, i barely use it.. then theres stuff that im so unsure of but buy it anyway then when it gets here im in love. like these roses.

for valentines day?



pink fairy

more more and moor

i remember when i was a kid i read the secret garden so many times. i wanted to see what a moor was like. i wanted to live in a moor. weirdo :D

here are moor jewerlry i made:

im not sure but i think im having a bit of trouble with the color balance and must be new on this computer. which makes me think about how others see the pics i work on making 'just right' but maybe its 'just right' on my monitor. maybe. they look weird and over saturated to me then when they are listed or posted they look washed out. or maybe im just being awkward with the screen tilt. ah. whatdoyousay?

hey valentines craft fair coming next month at BLIM on Main..!! ill have to make a special post about it. and will be putting up posters. would be nice if i rembered to bring camera to take pics, like outside, other than stuff i make :P

new pendants necklaces coming soon! with simons and surprize guests art work. hehe

i made simes two man necklaces and he likes em! i think he does. pic soon. he got this great boat thingy i wouldve sold but im glad i get to give it to him so i can still borrow it now.

catherine and caroline have an esty shop now too so go check it out:

see the super stunning bold and sexy waterfall necklaces made by the tribal women in the mountain province.
(click on pics to go to catherines listings)
i like the green ones but they come in so many other colors :D

EDIT: etsy is being a snob and there will be no reselling on etsy so hurry up and buy the rest of these before you cant buy them anymore: katherine posted new colors:love the black one!!!

new addiction

ok so simon and i are like, addicted to the computer. its really terrible coz for me, its like, um, fix the apartment or mess around on the net. hello!
i listed few things but am waiting for the photoshop o be installed by simes. i used i-photo on the pics and it kind of really doesnt have many features and i cant get he background color white. but! the pics are fine and divine...
image links to shop listing '-'
here here! i discovered a polyurathane varnish for these:

and the other day i decided to go buy some fimo. i got a pack of all the colors and a pearl and a cream. it was actually really theraputic and could see myself getting more into if like say, my wrist totally give ups on me.

a couple cameo necklaces..

did you know you can oxidize raw brass using vinegar?
i fumed the filigree used for the bails. cleaned the brass wearing gloves so my hands dont touch it, made a like a double boiler using a plastic lid container and some mesh, add like an inch of vinegar and close the lid and watch it every 15 mins. it gets oxidized!

and this awesome kick butt cutie ring.

mmm cant wait for the photoshop color pop '-'


we bought a laptop!!!!!! its for me!!!!
oh my gosh its so nice!!!!

just going to upload all the programs and its all set! yipee!

its totally awsome. and goes perfectly with the ipod shuffle i got for xmas. i love my electronic devices.

simon says to wait 14 days just in case we return it-- 14 days till i can
cover the whole thing with stickers and decals. hahah :D

YAY! im going to list all the new stuff tomorrow :D


dumb apple

our computer broke again!!!!
i thought macs were supposed to be trouble free. not our lemon. oh no, that would be too normal.
our mac is apparently defective according to apple. its a pioneer model with defects. oopsie. the lamest thing ever is that even tho they said its defective they wont replace it till it breaks 4 whopping times. anyless forget it. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH
its at the repair shop but they are so busy it wont get looked at till friday. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
im so annoyed. my etsy valentine showcase is up in a week.
AND of course the timing is shitty. I havent been listing much new things, but have been making some. so of course it breaks the night before I even get to take pics and list all the new pretties. grrrr.
i need to get a computer. me and simon are just so always totally devastated when this happens coz we share. its actually just his. i share. simons got an art show he has to make all these computer collages for etc etc.
apple sucks. they are rich and have many computers. if they say a model is defective WHY DONT they replace them? they are too greedy and i cant believe that shit about it breaking at least 4 times. thats FOR REAL. i cant believe those stupid guys. ok heres a computer its really expensive at 2 grand and a year later it breaks down and they tell you it is defective, 9 months later it breaks down again, and then they say ok we cant do anything till it breaks down 4 times. WTF????????? stupid corporations robbing the world and its people. damit!!!!
i just want to list stuff in my etsy shop.

im in the convienence store i have to grab all the address i need to ship to and print it out here, then go home, then go to the post to buy stamps and ship them.GAWDFRIKKINDAMNIT!!!!
ok. rant over, nico out.

flirty girls disco

i bought make up and stickers today. fun! lip liner and taiwan birds at the $ store.
the other day i bought mascara not at the $ store. im going to revamp my look this year.
starting with my old friend make up.

i made some heart stuff for valentines and learned how to use the drill. its not as scary as i thought just heavy.
theres this heart for peace one with a pink vintage glass pendant of a dove holding an olive branch (i didnt drill this tho, the black hearts, the black ones below)

and these i love these!
some blueberry muffin bought a few pieces which made my day :D
the latest deer one...

the owl one- owl heart pendant for you icon lovers out there. its like an owl shrine at our place, so its totally from ours to yours.

the squirrel and mice one.

and the deer ring of course.. the ring sizes were a bit big- so i made it smaller. to a 7.

and i listed this necklace :D i made it a while ago it seems and ive petted it long enough '-'/

new owl pendant

new owl pendant. it took me a while to list it-- its nice. it turned out perfect and is securely pronged in place.

heres the purse i made.. i ironed it wrong and shouldnt have ironed it with the pleats lying flat you know? so i probably need to retake pics. its reversable! :D

and this lovely necklace. its a long one. dont be fooled im looking intently at the bookshelf.


im sewing a very nice purse! i received some fabric in the mail today. i must be thinking of valentines coz the whole thing is fully pink.
and yay! i was able to snag the absolutely LAST space in the etsy showcase!! how rad is that. so im on the main showcase on the day before valentines- 13th of feb. i woke up so late- 10 am here-- it meant that showcase spots had been on sale for 3 hours already- i almost died when i saw there was literally only ONE left. for me. yeah! i also have a valentines showcase for jan. 30. located on the top of the page..for the valentines showcase i chose gifts for girls. doy :D

t-shirt to go with the sweater!

monchichi! and cute japanese fabric sewn onto very wearable clothes ak!
the shirt is nice and long and the stripes peek out from under the sweater yeah!

click on image to go to listings:

woodland ceatures vintage pendant necklaces!

check it out! i almost listed em all today.. oops.saving a few for tomorrow.
all in shop!
so beautiful vintage mother of pearl with kitschy dreamy vintage Hand Screened (!) images!! on vintage gold plated settings and new gold plated chain.
so delightfully yours for only 18 bones.

vintage bird pendant and cameo bow earrings

new in shop!
click on images...11 more vintage animal pendant necklaces listed thruout the weekend!!

Little Red Riding Hood necklace and some

check it out! CUTE ak. little red riding hood necklace. i like how the flowers dont cover her face!

EDIT: i made this too :D and its in shop for only 10 bucks. (click pic)

and this darling vintage pink cameo bow pin. kitsch-tacular!

i made another roman chariot pendant with the nice oxidized brass filigree (click on images)

owl and robin pendants plus!

my dream realized! i got these so cute vintage decals. and ive gone mad decaling stuff. eep the bear is cool. its on a plastic glass.. while the kitten head is on our sugar bowl lid. theres another bird covered glass container but i cant find it now. um, dont mind my ratty long johns!

here are new things in shop.. image clickable :D
i made these two rad vintage charm pendants. owl and wren or robin...? they are faceted foil back plastic bright saphire with the opaque image on top it is rad.

anchor necklace with vintage filigree plastic bead and large red anchor and awsome white enameled chain

new turquoise pendant necklace so pretty!

blog friends

Dear Blog Friends,

Im sorry Ive not been visiting you. Ive been busy with orders and my only child, Confusion.
I miss you all dearly and hope to see you soon.

Your fan,


Vintage Charm Necklaces on Etsy

ive got some. lots actually. my necklace section is blasting all my other sections out of the water.

i made a couple more new favorites! check it out.

etsy went down for a couple of hours and now all the views are down to one. show me some love and click on stuff. pleeeeeeze? :D (duh! i just remembered how to link the image- so all images in this post -and the next if i dont get lazy- are clickable links that bring you to the listing.)

Follow The Brass Bunny

new in shop!!
click on images to go to listing :D

Vintage charms necklace featuring a lovely vintage japanese porcelain rose set on filigree, a brass puffy heart, a cute super kawaii little vintage brass bunny charm, a glass cameo decaled with a pink rose-- its the bunny alice followed down the hole!!

vintage enameled heart charm necklaces in shop! 3 designs to choose.

a lovely high fashion new vintage style necklace! ive called it the devil- theres an angel style too with a vintage ivory rose charm...

(can you tell im maximizing search words:) click on images to go to listing :D

new jewelry in shop!

ive made a harajuku fruits section ( '_' ) check it out

lovely new necklaces in shop now '-'/