new vintage necklace favorites

all these are in shop right now :D check it out theres more! and check out my new BANNER YeAh! simon made it for me. my old one sucked! haha nah, it was just real low tech. not the banner ninja one tho. anyway simes made it for me while i was feeling sicky earlier.. i took a nap and when i woke up i had 2 new banners! gosh what a sweetheart surprize. meanwhile its 6 am and couldnt sleep after my sicky nap! hhhaa

Tha Lady of Deer Lake is a one of a kind piece. Click me to buy now.

Romantic Rose necklace featuring a vintage glass rose cameo and red glass heart! Charmingly yours

Its fun to be in love, and this charm necklace proves it! Promise me you'll love Its Your Life forever, coz realy, my time is yours. creamy irovry roses! mother of pearl inlay gold plated charms! vintage love declarations on a brass medallion! no ones bought it yet (scratches head) maybe i should raise the price... haha nah, just kidding. i did already :D ! i loves this and made one for myself, so there.

Monotone Garden for the Modern might be a one of a kind piece coz i dont know if i have any more of the grey glass... it took me forever to design this, and i love it.

Greek Luau!!! gotta love the black, white, pink and gold no? its soooo rich and dreamy kitschy and loves it!


loved these guys.


i didnt even get to step into lee valley yesterday coz across the alley along southwest marine drive there was a gawdang liquidation sale of an old sports clothing manufacturing place...! my gosh. i bought 50 bucks worth of KNITS! yay jersey. and rad ribbed knits in like small rounds! you know, like small enough for me. ive been wanting to make clothes. like simple jersey tops with the ribbing on the bottom to hug your waist, you know... i think i like that style coz its flattering for my tick hips and legs.

mm music stopped. i was listing to m.i.a.'s grapes

hey you know what i think is weird? sometimes i get to catch Magandang Gabi Bayan or whatever, um,, TV Patrol pala and the other day i saw the u.s. marine, from these old posts that one guy/john smith? i think that is his name? how generic, one is in jail in manila now, and he has freakin fans. masa appeal for the pogi kano rapist marine drive.. women fans who write him letters, supporters. weird and kinda sick if he is not innocent. too easy.. i mean why not just leave him in jail like erap? i mean hes all in a nice jail yo.

but that aside, im going to have to resize the pics of new stuff before posting on here. haave you clicked on the pics of my last post? they are too big no?

and pics of the bears of ben!

lee valley

were going RIGHT NOW! yay its sunny. !!!! mad beautiful pics of pretty super special necklaces coming up later tonight!

ill also be adding a sale section in my etsy shop for bargain hunters out there...

vintage charms and cameo necklaces!

hey come have a look at my newer blog posts!!! this is from 2007!! eveything is sold out already!

holly hobbie pendant necklaces with silver plated settings and chain '-'

cameo pendant necklaces in shop! ive made two necklace sections now :) the limited edition has mostly one of a kind, or so few of a kinds :D , or styles that i love so much i wont be repeating often. the regular section has mostly necklace styles that are simple and classic, styles that i will be repeating often and making my signature least i think thats whats going on now... im hoping to revamp my whole shop and figure out how the make my sections more special by grouping the jewelry styles..

in shop now!

Lil' Gardener Holly Hobbie Necklace on new gold plated chain $24 in shop

'Girl Fight' earrings feature vintage facing black cameos and a tangle of assorted vintage chain $38

sweet 100% vintage enameled yellow bow pin with a red cardinal filigree set cameo only $9 in shop

one of a kind! its our friend Dinah Deer! A vintage 'donkey' game playing card made into a lovely glass pendant necklace on vintage brass chain. $28 in shop!

Harajuku Style Vintage! Single fruit pendant necklaces in shop '-'/ only $9 in shop now!

and more pendants '-'/ see the supplies section in shop

and lets not forget these necklaces '-'/
winter cardinal necklace- its a long one at 25 inches.. at a resonable price of only $19
(edit on june 2 2008!!-- is someone hotlinking this image? me no likey why is that? makes me think someone made the same necklace and is using this picture????? i changed the picture to the listing page on etsy so i hope that screws it up a bit. )

this beautiful one of a kind vintage image pendant! Lovely love. blue butterfly with firepolish and swarovski crystal gosh it is gorgeous!

sweet holly hobbie pendant necklace with charm bead loves! so cute. in shop and wallet friendly!

bird lover cameo pendant necklace. so lovely! click here to see listing

come have a look at my online shop!

* i accept paypal, local pick up ok!

ooh and look out for 3 new t-shirts ill be adding when i get nice pics!

new vintage inspired necklaces in shop!

oh my goodness i got these lovely old old old tarnished brass wire mesh roses and they are so pretty. they grew on me so bad.
see my shop

my necklace section.

i actually tried to post pics but i think they are too big and ive got much to do tomorrow--so no pics yet. see the necklace section tho, im really proud of how it looks right now.

new glass wrap and man stuff!

ooh peek at my messy work table..i wanted to show you the lovely new black and gold pendants. i love them so much :D
i also made a cufflink and tie pin set. ya- for the guys. simes loves it! i guess i could give him a set for christmas :P
check out the cufflink and pin set for $19 in my shop!

yaya edited writing rules!

yay thank so much kristina!!! my pal the new york free lance writer saves the day!
check out my statement now:

Ironic Hipsters and Bulul Woman and Child

Criteria for viewing the work:
Indigenous empowerment
Historic/Cultural commodity

In the past two years I have been sewing Philippine artifacts based on my memory of real artifacts and on artifacts I have found auctioned online. In making ‘new artifacts’, I am nullifying the practice of exoticising the ‘indigenous’.

With Bulul Woman and Child, I wanted to recreate an ancient artifact I encountered while living on a remote island in the Philippines several years ago. The artifact I recreated was a replica made from memory of a carved, wooden statue/deity found in a nearby village. It was a powerful, small-scale statue; its age commanding reverence and retrospection while its simple native craftsmanship called attention to the traditional.

Homesickness drives my desire to recreate these artifacts. Although homesickness, even for a distant country, can be eased by watching imported local news on cable; satiating appetites for familiar food at immigrant shops and restaurants; and communicating via internet in real time video messenger conversations, by free phone calls (skype) or by instantly posting photos (myspace).

The Internet is an excellent tool for finding artifacts. For tribal/exotic artifact collectors, it provides an abundance of ‘authentic’ carved statues and ancient beaded betel nut bags for sale. For the homesick researcher, it is a window to the homeland, the past and all its ideals.

The problem with finding images of artifacts for auction online is the complete lack of education, scholarship or published reference about these artifacts. They are presented only as objects of commerce.

The homogenizing of ‘native/tribal/indigenous’ people into the lump category of ‘exotic’ is also reflected in the piece with its mish mash/inaccuracy of native costuming. This lack of knowledge of indigenous culture enables me to produce my artifact.

Sewn out of fabric and listed as an auction item on EBay, the piece mimics other cultural artifacts that are auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The nostalgic intent of the piece comes from my desire to live the idealized past as present. My adherence to the traditional form it mimics combined with it being auctioned online, draws attention to the commoditization and plunder of traditional artifacts of cultural significance that occurs on a global scale.

Dec. 2006
Nicole Tirona


new x 2

ive been polishing this extra fine brass chain ive had for a while and im like, gosh this stuff is awsome! coz before i was like eh, its kinda not good being so tarnished the links would stick and did i say it was real tarnished and pink looking. now its back to its gold tone brass color, the links flow more smoothly now that they are polished too yay! worth it.
here are two new necklaces i just made.
they are in shop!
i was inspired to make a 'charms' type pendant-- and remembered this pretty gold plated leaf a favorite supplier of mine had given me for free. the two bits of chain were really an after thought which im so glad i thought of! it made the whole piece change and gave it a cascading look. the necklace is so delicate and fine:

this one super divine! at least i think so. vintage west german decaled cameo paired with vintage japanese coral rose-- so NICE! they hang perfectly together. perfectly!

more new! new! new!

i listed lots of new stuff in my shop!

made some AWSOME KITSCH SUPREME pendant necklaces with vintage cards! i applied adhesive to the glass, and stuck the cards on there- a bit of color bleed but you cant tell coz i fixed it '-'/ they are so nice! fabulous.

i also listed another holly hobbie cameo pendant necklace! i just recently learned holly hobbie had been newly revamped, redesigned and relaunched-- i like the old one better, obviously! i think they are so much cooler :P the new ones just look kinda boring bratz like. these are authentic holly hobbie cameos circa 1960's-70's!

and what about this vintage dove bird brooch i found? gleep. so cute.

im having a pre christmas sale in shop! 30% off all orders over 50 bucks!
im also selling this cute gift certificate worth 50$ for only 45$ !! its not included in the 30% off deal tho :)