im finishing up some stuff for pics tomorrow..
am making these custom bears, and bought this patt from richmond but they havent responded to my inquiery of like parts needed i might just have to wing it. lets see what happens!
ok so now the bear parts are sewn but how to!! i emailed the bear people and they dont reply! maybe im too weird. i dont know but ive been searching for how to's for confidence and i think i should just go with my DIY 'flexlimb' made from buttons and wire.!!!!

my etsy sales are down. ;; there is a 3 day craft fair at tinseltown sponsored by ayden gallery and meghan (insert link)!!!

its going to be rad. Dec 15-17.

meanwhile paid tuition today that was fun. but now have to be a bit late for rent! all that lovely money i made is gone. am still waiting on when we can pick up our student sale checks! i dont know how much i made. my celphone has been disconnectedead and it sucks!

yup hope to get back on track. what was i thinking not joining that many craft fairs eh,. schools almost over this sem and have to write a paper and do a last project.

New Jewelry in Shop!

Paper-Ya Pouches New!!

in paper ya later today/tomorrow!! get em while the pickins prime!!

I heart Craft Pics!

my view:

fresh table andrea is beside me! (:) :

natalie (insertlinkhere) and lisa's table '-'/

nat checkin out me taybil

end of day view '-'/

and heres me wearing some gear i traded '-'/

natalies shirt! got an owl one for simes.. mm pics maybe later..with this rad necklace i made him..
lisas moomer (?) doll - i put a necklace on him.
georgie seamrippers (?) screened the idian cotton with skulls so rad- both sides/different degree of bleach/paint :) its spose to be a scarf but..
and rad armwarmers for an anchor necklace to this awsome girl who made wicked nice clothes '-'/

ok im coming back to edit with links still lacking

I Heart Crafts This SATURDAY Nov 25!!

ok i have so many pics to post and really should post them before the get buried...

new pouches in paper ya soon! get them by the end of the month for christmas gifts '-'/

New Vintage in shop!

rings! (stocking stuffers?) im going to list these later.

vintage cameos hair pins on vintage card :) i love thow the cameos are all crazy rough looking and carved like-- soo vintage looking. and the one girl looks crazy! they are holding birds in case you couldnt tell. the setting i left patinaed. so brown and matches the cameo and card!

here are the trend setters== ok theyre not trend setters, they are just plain cool. 8)

and this! lovely thing. it needs better pics.
isnt it pretty?

im such a nerd and called the blue and white anchor necklace 'tribute to owen pallett'
i dont know why tho. i think coz of his myspace fan page pics. haha nerd.
meanwhile dont mind me venting at the post below.

new necklaces in my etsy shop!

go check em out! i love them both gaa. the skull one i made two and am keeping one for myself. the holly hobbie on too actually. haha yes. they are part of the new stuff ill be adding.

meanwhile i heart crafts this weekend - inset flyer here - at the leigion hall on commercial..

more pics coming up soon of new projects im working on '-'/

Emily Carr Student Sale!

here are some pics of the sale :D

Shop Cocoon PARTY!!!!

shop girls! l-r tif, rachel, fiona, lori and brendalyn avender (the super hero)

massive crowds: see that girl making her way through

me, lia, and trudy

there she is! she bee lined to my spot. haha maybe.

trudy and her man, (i want to say sven coz he looks like one) vaughn.

can you see brenda and the modish girls..

val! of hobsnobs

and sam made it! was a dope guest and stayed till perfect timing right after he left simon came. yay.

ill come back and edit the pics and add captions!!!

edit: i saw us on TV!!!! simon was eating a chunk of cheese.

new cameo pretties for the student sale

i love the large pink cameo with white vintage enamelled chain. its going to be at the student sale! 75$.

stuff to do

STUDENT SALE!!!! its coming upon the 17th for 3 days. i need to have 80 items on my inventory- which is due by the 13th.

I HEART CRAFTS 3 !!!!! its coming up on the 25th.

Amber is coming for the fab fair in the heritage hall on main street on the 18th & 19 and i need to give her a small inventory for her shop on galliano.

custom orders- im making some cool teddy bears and hope to post pics soon.
mmm. there must be more stuff i wanted to say.
oh yes.

my sewing machine is DEAD or id dying rapidly.
sucks that its holiday on monday and will have toget it fixed tuesday.
(EDIT: its fixed and purrs like a kitten.)

i have to sew lots of HATS and PURSES. (EDIT: not so many hats and zero purses)
im caps locking for maximum affect.

meanwhile ive been making lovely jewelry.

*i fixed the links now.

i need a worker and have so much to do. meanwhile woke up hella late today coz i spent 4 hours from 2-6 watching philippine idol on youtube. i mean come on its awsome!

snakedog made it to an art show!

heres the snakedog id been wanting to mak for a while now. the show gave me the chance to have an excuse to make it...

heres the opening at school.

shop cocoon update!

shop cocoon on cambie and 17th is a dream! its atmosphere is always changing! see here the awsome new layout.
new its your life stuff in shop '-'/
please come to our shop cocoon party on the 16th! next thursday!! were having a raffle! pop, chips, dips and discounts, music!