yippe!! everythings better. i know what i want to write about for history. and simon figured out i made 700$ from the student sale!! that is if nothing got stolen. i was kinda late 10-15 mins?? and i knew i was in trouble when i saw the chaos....so many people taking stuff down. i was scared really when all my stuff was gone! only 2 bags and most of the small aqua pouches (they are going to be free items now in the etsy shop!!!). not a single doll survived??? the worst part is NO PICTURES for the blog!!!! WAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! i hope somebody tries to contact me with a pic of themself with doll.. wink

gulp gulp gulp

i have to write an essay and i still dont have any who to write about yet!!! i thought of a bunch of stuff i was interested in a while ago like mario merz, situationists, arte povera, clas oldenberg i dunno!!!! i have to finish the centre A proposal deadline for their new space is on dec.1!!!!

toronto show

here is the kapisanan center at kesington market in toronto! (my cousins) caroline and christine have been working on getting this show together and i think they are doing a great job! the opening is tonight! i hope people react positively to the artifacts.

new banner


heres a very large cool painting

this is the botique area set up... see my stuff in the corner and on the floor???? i didnt know the installation comittee would do that!!!

here are the new dolls i made for the sale. i think i sold one.

these are the small pouches for 5$....the felt and trim ones the materials come from my ma

here is the hat rack. it was mobbed!

see the before opening (can you see the line up?) and within 10 mins. of opening

here is sam and julia in the line up... the girl in front of them bought a hat too! yipee

my new etsy shop is open!
theres nothing available right now tho i sold out my first 2 items posted!


the student sale is on for tomorrow. there is so much nice nice stuff! i am going to go early to take pics coz i forgot to before i brought all my stuff to the gallery. i made a four cute pouches with the supplies my mom sent me. and 7 new dolls! they are super. simon helped me by drawing/cutting the patterns.

will post pics tomorrow....

meanwhile im feelin the pressure of writing an (ugh) paper on some dead artist. western art. yipee. i can probably find a way to make it intersting but ....

on the heavier heavyest:
R.I.P. Buster. i heard you died. you were such an awsome dog and we had the same birthday therefore i felt a special bond. i hope you are happy in dog heaven. i will miss you cute little buster.


here is the link to the wonderful REVIEW!

sweetie pie press' (who sent me unconditional pins) mom anne garber who is evalu8.org, met me at reily park and gave me her card and did a review on me!!! how crazy small is the world. anne replied to this with an awsome quote "Amazing! Well, I guess in the creative world "water seeks its own level." " and how crazy cool is that!
my first review!!! yipee. *rushes off to make more dolls in dreams*- i have to finish the artifacts first. well send them first. eep! tho. how wonderfully ego boosting (no sales boo good review hurah)

Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design Student Show and Sale!

25th Annual Student Art Show & Sale is happening on campus of the Emily
Carr Institute of Art & Design in the Concourse Gallery located in the
North Building of 1399 Johnston Street on Granville Island in

Friday Nov. 25th 12noon-8pm
Saturday Nov. 26th 10am-6pm
Sunday Nov. 27th 12noon-5pm

new doll owners! Reily park fair

here is a view of my table at the reily park community center fair. i didnt take any photos of the bonsor fair yesterday coz i only sold a couple of things. but naufus came with me and the time flew by so quickly. this fair was good lots of vendors. lots of compliments and looks. i havent really made more stuff so maybe thats why im selling less now? no one bought a hat! i need a better hat display.

here is Hiro ( which reminded me of spirited away's chihiro) who really liked the bear (i didnt know!) and i think she will make him a good pal.

here is the girl from the front desk? she told me she wanted the bear but would wait and see if hiro would get it (cool)! and like right after she left, Hiro came. then she came back and took home the cutest face panda!! (if you read this please post a comment? i didnt get your name!)

this old lady knits. i sent a bunch of people over coz her stuff was unbelievably cheap. and cute!

i just had to and wouldve gotten more but i didnt make enough coin to go off. pink and white caplet so cute 3.50$!. aqua hood. super soft 3.50$. the knit sweater top im wearing, coral colored cotton! with eyelet like holes/pattern 12$! i also got sean new knit booties 3$. in grey. the pic of the stuff on the bed was really blurry!

this is what i bought at yesterdays fair..cute little crochet pin monsters 50 cents each! i got four and they are on bags and a hat now.

these awsome knit finger puppets from peru 2$ each! knit by a montesorri teacher (i went to o.b. montesorri professional high school-hahaha!) there were so many more and they were just so well made.

also i met laurachristine from craftster! she had a table too...

now im just pooped. i think for the student sale i definately have to make more dolls.


this is what the bulul looked like at first....but it looks better now....

new tunturi hat pics

as always click on the image for a larger view!
the site where i found the tunturi hat pattern found here (click me)

bambi chinchilla knit with pink strech brocade and waffle knit thermal lining, black and pink tweed suiting (?) bias cut with pink fleece lining, chocolate brown and white textured knit and white terry cloth lining.

black strech denim with white terry cloth lining.

brown thick ribbed courdoroy (sp?) with pink fleece, and bright orange linings

heres an altered tunturi pattern i made, its two in one kinda. snaps closed...cool! dark dark forest/hunter/olive green with dark forset jersey and bambi chinchilla knit linings.

this ones the 'old' hat from the previous post with a pin from sweetie pie press and a new light beige knit...the knit was double sided...so i used both sides for the lining and outer..basically its reversable but i forgot to take a pic of the other side.

homeslice tries on hats

francis and his brother patrick came into the city yesterday! yes. i love my little filipino friends. were the same size times three. they are so cute! we walked up main street went shopping- oops!! had lunch at the reef and hung out under the heat on the patio-ahhh. and then my house. i really wanted them to model the hats but they were too small. most of them just fit me i spose so now im hell bent on making xxxlarge ones. the largest i make so far is the xl. on francis. hes got big hair apparently!

http://www.livejournal.com/users/frankiss/SEE FRANCIS' BLOG for more cutie pie pics of pinoys in bancuber!!

5 days and an art show

november is a busy month! ive been bad and not been posting.
pics you will see in the next little while will include:
-craft stuff my mom sent from Manila
-new hats (they are so nice!)

im feelin the pressure of 5 days of vending 18th (Burnany), 19th (Reily Park), 25-27 (Emily Carr student sale) and sending the completed artifacts to Toronto by the 20th!!

tunturi/aviator hats for sale

heres a bunch of hats ive been working on. they are so easy to make now that ive gotten the hang of it. the pics are not that clear coz its night time.
top row left to right:
black soft fuzzy/fur, kind of like fake cashmere-the top inside is white waffle knit. melon with gold knit with yellow brocade inside-top inside is white waffle knit. blue sprts knit with silver and gold-reversable.
bottom row left to right:
fake olive suede with shiny bluish/black dot pattern, olive fur- the top inside is white waffle knit. red and grey stripe suiting with dark blue strech denim inside- waffle knit inside top, has red ties for chin strap. mustard and grey suiting with cael and yellow knit inside. black and camel heavy cotton cowboy print with camel and yellow knit inside.

heres me looking a bit too eager trying them all on

i forgot the blue one in the collage. i look really eager in this one no? you cant even really see the hat can you.

fabric detail

if i make a bunch like 20 more i will price them at 10 each at the student sale and call them head panty or top sock!
i think they are also good for under bike helmets.

tunturi hat

its kind of bumpy on me. i made it xl for simes but its too small.

its bumpy on me coz it used to be the bottom of a kid girl denim top. had to take it apart a few times too. also had to replace the first inside top part (it was fur too but too small) i really should PIN my stuff before sewing. ugh.

made with this tutorial: http://www.shelby.fi/kaava/403/403.php

i want to make more!!

more belt pouches for student sale

here are some new belt pouches ive made. so far the small zip one is my fave. it has golden batik lining.

the pics are dark and not focused and my mirror is dirty.

Emily Carr STUDENT SALE!!!