crafting japanese compilation

the second dog i made
here is a pic of the dolls on a table at a fair
here is a picture of a duck in my august archives! i found this duck thru the crafting japanese blog months ago when i started crafting, those blogs are so freash and clean and were such an inspiration to me '-'

here are some art stuffies...part of my art piece called 'new philippine artifacts'
my beautiful sarimanok which i sent to toronto for a day i will get it back along with the large stuffed bulul ...
'ang sarimanok'
click on the main images:
'kalabaw' water buffalo
'anito' diety
'sarimanok' mystical bird/chicken


yehey! my craft book arrived!!! with it came some nice creamy floral cotton print ♥ thanks lee!

♥♥♥ i love it ♥♥♥ this is the very first japanese craft book that i really really wanted. i love aranzi aronzo!

there is only one pattern with any sort of english. while stuffing the monkey he seems to get overwhelmed. hahaha

impatiently waiting...

listening to red house painters...

about time!

it was hard to get the two newbies to pose... lucky grey neko was around to help them:


heres bear brother and his bunny sister. they are cute. 8 inches high.

see my version of a tutorial here


this is the drawn tute i was asked to write for the drawsring pouch!
so lovely.... a traditional Japanese drawstring pouch thats been changed a bit...
japanese site of traditional pouch tutorial
here is the link to the japanese d.i.y. links on craftster
i can not read japanese i just followed the wonderful detailed pictures. i tried to draw my own but ended up copying the flower drawings.. and im really sorry i have a hard time simplifying instructions!
anyway heres my english version lost in translation:
click image for full page view-no squinting! ahhh...
first page

second page

third page

fourth page

  • more pics in this post

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    an awsome lady emailed me her shop in gastown called 'occupied'. guess what dear vancouverites... i never knew there was an ARANZI ARONZO outlet in gastown!!! yay! its cute. heres the shop page, and they have awsome pics on flicker...
    occupied shop page!

    heres the adress:
    221 Abbott St.
    Vancouver, BC
    V6B 2K7


    2 dachshunds on the way!
    "all ready for the fair tomorrow?"
    "(muffled mini woofs)"

    here are the dogs again

    here they are on simons sculpture in progress. they look like theyre havin fun (woof! lets meet on top of the hill woof!)

    and the whole owl family. the only one left is the one with the biggest nose. can you tell which one it is? heehee


    more links

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  • monchhichi official homepage!

  • 'shit happen' misaki kawai

  • here are some kanzashi links
    -about kanzashi flowers:

    -my first introduction to kanzashi flowers was from pucchimaiko:

    -japanese site with amazing kanzashi: