you were never just another.
if you ever were something
it would be nothing
that could be described.
this intense feeling, longing
songs, poems, prose.
the flow, our fountain,
the garden, our enclosure.
lets hide in the bushes,
hide your guns, hide your ammo
there is no need for such displays of violence.
my temper curbed, my life washed
like my hand after touching your spot
how much can one laugh with another?

when we see each other
i feel our souls glow
they sense, they call out,
they combine in colour.
its doesnt happen like this,
no never,
burn it so slow
i didnt know
this is what i had to go
on to the next day
the next page
the next chapter.

ill take you there
ill take it easy.
but where will i take it,
where will you please me.

this infinite question
do we follow each other
i see you, i hear you, but is it another
voice in the hum, voice in my head
conversations overheard left for dead
unable to discern the different threads.

chastity fetish? i commit to you.
but what level of commitment
keeps you from blue?
id like to warm you in red.
now get cosy, dozy and ready for bed.

will you cook with me will you watch a movie
a silent film a book of poetry
our nights multiplied by the hours of honesty
lacking and wanting to know our modesty.

what is who
where is you.
is your job transferrable
am i to blame if i do this, do that,
try and not break the camels back.

i pat myself, it feels good
not knowing its the lack
of concentrated respect
and mystic guidance slack
that which brings me here
to look for you again
to find your words that may not be yours
to read and love you without restraint.

come back, come back i always yell.
but do you hear me can you tell
im asking you for a date,
i want to wish you well,
in my arms forever, a day, a spell.